Kyra's Application Picture

Quote: “Don’t underestimate my abilities please?” (usually followed by a sweet smile )

Name: Kyra Clayworth

Age: 23 years old

Nationally: Greek/British

Height: 5’7

Cult: Royal Navy (no cult)

Job: Night Lookout

Weapon: A gun, sword and a dagger in both her boots

Personality: Kyra is a very calm woman who has a nack for spotting things that some people can’t see. She’ll normally come off as lazy but she’s very…insightful and smart. She can be a tad nosey and if it’s called for she’ll get snippy and “inform” people of what’s going on; but does so respectfully because she views manners as important; but just because she likes politeness doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have fun.

Likes: -Sleeping
-Reading mythology
- Animals
-Cloud watching

Dislikes: -Cheaters
-Clueless people
-Slimy things.

Bio: Kyra was born to a Lord and a greek woman who married her father through an arranged marriage. Even though her parents quickly fell out of love with eachother, they did love their daughter very much because they saw her as a rarity. At first she was raised as a dainty princess…which she was okay with because she like the dancing and music side of the lessons then when she was around 10 she demanded to learn like a boy would. Her father did not like the idea but her mother was ecstatic about it.

So after a while of her mother and father debating what to do (aka Mama took charge) her father agreed as long as she agreed to one thing, to join the Royal Navy one day. To please her father she said yes but never intended to go through with it. So from the time she was 11 years old to 18, she learned how to shoot like a man, ride like a man, fight like a man and many other things that boys were taught.

Then when she was 20…the day came. Her father asked her to join the Royal Navy so that someone couldn’t get something…she tuned most of the stuff out but said she would, which led her to what she is today. So…she’s just going with what the day throws to her.
Additional Information: Has really sensitive hearing which she got from her mother’s side. She could hear a pen drop in a loud room and know exactly where it is…very useful skill.

Extra Stuff:
Very good at telling stories and holding her liquor.
Can speak greek, French, and italian
Has a pet cat that likes to sleep in weird places when it shouldn’t be able to get into the room.
Loves Astrology~
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