WoM- Afilokerdia Picture

Yay! A character! WITH HORNS!

Name: Afilokerdia. It's from the Greek word "afilokerdis" which means unselfish.
Nickname: More like honorary title derp. The Great Mother. Or Kerdi!
Age: 2500! She's been around for a long time!
Gender: Female
Guardian: of Love
Species: Gazelle

Personality: Afilokerdia loves to laugh, she finds many things humorous. She's very hard to anger as she usually takes a calm approach to tricky situations, but as she is also very protective, the best way to anger her is to try to hurt a) a person she holds dear or b) a child.
She is very affectionate and loving (duh) and likes to give advice. She loves playing with children and cooking great meals for her friends.
She is also very trusting to the point of being naive.

Hobby: She loves to cook, as said before, to knit, and to hang out by riversides and talk to whoever is in the water.

Story: As would be expected from the guardian of love, she would take people under her wing constantly, whether it was an injured man or a teenager seeking love counseling. She also had many admirers who sought her love in romantic terms, and she offered herself to many of these many, later bearing plenty of children who are scattered about. Or were. Even if she never saw them again properly, or none of them knew she was their mother, she loved each and every one. (Hence her title.)

Upon the destruction of Mana she did not just feel sadness, she felt...Disappointment. Where was the love she taught all her children? All her lovers? All her friends?

She withdrew herself for days before agreeing to recreate the world, deciding to give it a second chance.

Additional info: -She also enjoys singing!
-She uses affectionate terms like "my darling", "my child", "my love"
-She loves some good hanky-panky! (ehehehe you could tell)
-She's inspired by mythology.
-I love horned creatures with white hair and I owe those eyelashes to the great
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