Beatrice Strauss Picture

Name: Beatrice ‘Bea’ Strauss
Age: 17
Father: Elfman Strauss
Mother: Evergreen Strauss
Height: 5’ 11”
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: White
Guild Mark: Green, Upper left thigh

Magic: Elfman and Evergreen had a long and loud argument over which of their magics their daughter would learn. Bea ended up learning Mystic Soul, a takeover specializing in woodland nymphs, dryads and the like. This effectively blends the two, and Bea spent a lot of time creating a Fairy takeover (since the creatures are mythological) to be a perfect blend of her parents.

Likes: Bea has an appreciation for fine dining, nurtured by her mother. Her father’s appreciation for giant slabs of meat appals her slightly. Still, Elfman is a surprisingly good cook when he can be bothered to do so. Which is often for his demanding ladies.

She loves Laura dearly, being slightly younger than her. Since their parents are related, they are cousins, but view each other as sisters. Whenever Laura changes her hairstyle, Bea copies it.

Dislikes: Bea inherited a great deal of her father’s height, and it makes her feel ungainly and awkward. She wishes she could be shorter. She never notices that none of the boys judge her badly for it.

Personality: Bea is elegant and refined, shunning crude things. Still, she has her father’s earnestness and straightforwardness. In everything, from height to crudity, she and Aiko are opposites, and don’t get along well with each other.

Background: Elfman was late to the birth, and arrived after Bea’s birth. The doctor congratulated him on having a healthy girl. He took one look at his new born daughter and said: “You’re wrong. She’s a Man.”

Bea’s household is one of the more turbulent ones. Elfman and Evergreen argue a lot over little things, being very different kinds of people. This has made Bea quite used to fighting, and is able to pick out the pointless banter from the serious arguments. Ninety percent of the fights are storms in a teacup, and she’s learned that it’s how her parents show their affection.

She’s reasonably strong and capable, and tries to get along with people, knowing that she can be aloof at times. She gets along well with her uncle, Fried, since they’re similar kinds of people. Fried believes that Bea might be gay, but doesn’t say anything on the subject, since everyone else seems oblivious to it. If she is, she can tell people in her own time.

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