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Jane "Foucault" Shepard inspiration meme

1) Michel Foucault : A contemporary French philosopher who believed that 'beneficial' institutions existed primarily to restrict power to one specific social class -- leaving out other social classes entirely. My Shepard is not only named after him, but pulls deeply from his philosophy, especially in an age where the Galactic Council exists primarily to keep power in the hands of the few (Salarians, Asari, Turians) and is wary of Cerberus & the Alliance's intentions. She's a renegade through and through, with minor exception (Destroying reaper base, etc.)

2) Sarah Connor (Terminator) -- She has a mission and serves it with the same straight forwardness and no-frills-about-it approach that Sarah Connor does in the Terminator series. There is no stopping by to make friends, not when a Galaxy desperately needs to be saved.

3) Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) -- Intelligent, sharp, badass and not afraid to cop an attitude when she needs to. Foucault is nearly just as antisocial, hard, and secretive as Lisbeth. She has to be, she's been betrayed, rejected, and abandoned enough times over the years that 'waking' up in Cerberus has been the last straw. Doesn't help that The Illusive Man is still manipulating her. Tali and Garrus are as close to her as anyone could ever be, and she's still a hard nut to crack. You'd be too if you knew that at any day the events of Virmire could repeat itself, and instead of Ashley, you could send Garrus to his death.

4) Xena: Warrior Princess -- Prefers to solve the situation through intimidation and knocking her fist in someone's jaw. Just as forward. Gets the job done.

5) Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) -- Espionage and Interception are the name of the game. Brilliant tactical insight, and her relationship with Garrus is very similar to Motoko/Batou. She's also incredibly philosophical, and has taken up an almost Kantian / Cartesian model of thinking since adapting to her cybernetic body after her revival. Her perception of reality is pretty confused these days.

6) Dr. House (House) -- Doesn't get close to people, and frequently insults them in order to maintain the distance between personal and business. Garrus is as close to her as anyone has ever been able to get, and even he is frequently challenged and insulted by her blunt and distant attitude.

7) Athena (Mythology) -- Warrior goddess / Wisdom goddess. A nod of acknowledgment. Foucault also has Athena's 'flashing grey eyes'.

8) Trudy Chacon (Avatar) -- Face paint / No nonsense attitude / general disdain for authority. I imagine Michelle Rodriguez would probably portray her onscreen.
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