Portraits - Webster Picture

Webster, whoo. Updated and altered a few things, his hair is a lot more grey and well, streaked.. his eyes are darker and a more natural shade of green and I drew glasses that actually LOOK LIKE GLASSES! yay me!

Portrait 4/13


Full name: Jonathan Webster Marsianos

Nicknames: Web

Known as: Web

Gender: Male

Race: Kevali/Satare' Hybrid.

Nationality: N/A

Place of birth:
City: Andhakaar'a
Planet: Kevali

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 06/06/1785


Apparent age: Mid 30's to early 40's

Height: 6'4"

Weight: around 140lb

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black, greying at the front. Waist length and straight.

Skin: Olive tan

Build: Slender, willowy

Posture: Stooped but with a noble air.


Diet: Carnivorous

Blood type: AB-

Handedness: Left

Cut/Uncut: Cut (Desert planet... desert planet)


Piercings: Labret, Left upper ear

Tattoos: Symbol of fate between shoulder blades. Sataré rune K'tar ("stranger/demon") on left wrist.

Other markings/distinctive features: Wrists terribly scarred from teenaged self- (Web's life has been plagued with chronic pain, a side effect of his empathic abilities. He has a near constant headache and his fits leave him in agony. As a teenager, the pain at times became overwhelming; he was and indeed still is, prone to self-destructive behaviour as a result. As he grew older he simply found alternate less obvious ways to numb the pain). Deep claw marks on back. He's ashamed of his scars and does his best to hide them.

Clothing: Always dark colours. A long priest style coat over a simple black shirt and trousers. Heavy steel capped boots, tinted rectangular glasses. He always wears a coat, regardless of the weather. (Maybe he just doesn't feel the heat; maybe he's just overly attached to his coat, who knows)

Jewellery: A small silver disk pendent engraved with the symbol of fate


Physical description:

Tall and willowy, despite his terrible posture Web still manages to have a regal sort of bearing. His sloping eyes are deep green and almost always concealed behind glasses with tinted lenses. His thick waist length hair is jet black and streaked with white, especially the strands framing his face. His skin, though a healthy olive tan colour, is still slightly ashen, a side effect from almost never seeing the sun.
Web's features are sharp and angular, his elongated ears tapering into two distinct points and upper jaw jutting forward slightly to accommodate a vicious set of teeth. While he lacks the horns of his father's people, there are residual bumps at his hairline, barely noticeable unless you're looking for them. Sharp bony spikes protrude from his elbows and knees, his clothing cut to accommodate them.

Though physiologically more like his father than his mother, Web stands a good foot above the tiny, pale Kevali. His night vision, though sufficient, is barely any better than a normal human, which makes life in the dark caverns that make up the underground city less than ideal.
Unlike the people he rules, Web dresses in fairly modern attire. Usually entirely in black, Web is never seen without a priest-style coat, regardless of the weather.



Web is a polite kind hearted man, though prone to depression and melancholy which he tries to forget through drinking. Fiercely protective of those he cares for, Web is loyal to the end. Like most empaths, Web hates to be touched and will never shake an offered hand, his unusual abilities can be overwhelming and more often than not, painful to deal with. He takes himself rather seriously, much to the exasperation of his twin brother Matt.

Web could be accused of caring too much, certainly he has a tendency to over analyse things and takes things to heart far too easily.
Web dislikes being treated as nobility, especially not by people who aren't his people; it just seems so fake. He'd rather earn respect than have it granted by way of his birth. He's learnt to tolerate his own people's fawning, but strangers who seem to think the title of Lord warrants automatic grovelling just exhaust him.


Mannerisms/Habits: Web shies away from most physical contact, he never shakes hands but instead bows his head politely in greeting, a typical greeting amongst his people who aren't particularly tactile anyway.

Manner of speaking/accent: Most of the time calm, level and gentle. Web has an accent but it's mostly implacable, a strange mix of Arabic maybe and possibly German?


Education: Though Web doesn't have what humans would consider a formal education, he has over the years learnt a lot about diplomacy and politics and unlike many of his people, he can read and write.

Occupation: Technically, politics.

Social status (if applicable): Lord of the Sister Races.


Skills and talents:

- Reading/writing
- Occult
- Politics (Sister Races)
- Diplomacy
- Melee - Stave
- Leadership
- Music - Trumpet (yes, believe it or not, Web can play the trumpet and no, that's not a euphemism)

Mother tongue:

- Kevali/Kalvair (the language of his people)

Other languages:

- Sevai
- Sataré (sounds like German)
- English
- A.S.L/S.E (One of his foster brother's is mute, it's the easiest way for them to communicate.)

Racial abilities:

-Keen senses
-Slightly more resilient to temperature change than humans
-Elemental affinity - Fire
-Slightly slowed metabolism (He eats fairly seldom but tends to gorge himself when he does eat)
-Space Shaping - A form of innate teleportation. He steps backward into nothingness, least that's how it appears. The Sister Races have the uncanny ability to actually fold space around themselves
-Light - Like most Kevali, Web weighs slightly less than he looks like he should. He's still underweight though.

Other special abilities (non racial):

- Empath/Seer - Webster can not only sense and project emotion and sensation he also has excruciating prophetic visions (see disadvantages)
- Status


- Prone to depression
- Poor eyesight - Severely short sighted - Wears glasses
- Slightly photosensitive
- Limited colour perception - While Web isn't completely colour-blind his colour perception is muted.
- Dislikes physical contact
- Fits - His visions take the form of horribly painful fits that leave him disoriented and weak.
- Lactose/gluten intolerant - Like most of his father's race, Web has trouble digesting anything that isn't meat.
- Memory loss - Web claims good-naturedly that it's because he's getting old, but in reality it's likely the decades of fits have taken their toll. His memory isn't what it was and he's beginning to show the early signs of senility. He tries to make light of the situation but he isn't fooling anyone, he was always a terrible liar.

Interests: Occult/supernatural, his duty, reading

Fears: His friends and family being hurt, Being helpless to protect those he loves, His son never forgiving him, war.


Name of father: Khalbin Marsianos

Name of mother: Ilhana Ackermann

Name of legal guardian (if different): Olin Freidmann

Number of Siblings: 2 (+ 2 foster siblings)

Names of Siblings: Jessanna, Mattias (Kaylr, Stevisk'
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