Thea Chase Reference Picture

Thea Chase Reference

General Characteristics

Name: Thea Elsa Andromache Chase

Symbol: I’m often seen with a pair of wings as a symbol. Either that, a pineapple or a perhaps a silhouette of a horse. Mostly wings though.

Pronunciation: Th-ee-ah El-s-ah An-dr-oh-m-a-kee Ch-a-s-e

Name Origin and meaning:: Thea, and Andromache are Greek Thea meaning ‘Gift from God’ and Andromache means ‘Battle of a man or warrior’. Elsa is of German and English origin and means ‘my God is an oath, pledged to God.’

Other Names: Thee, Chase, Snow Queen, Elsa, Pineapple Smoothie Addict, Superhero Geek, Bird Brain, Death on Wings, Assassin of the sky, TEAC, TC, Superhero Nerd, Guardian Angel, Feather Brain, the list goes on and on

Alternate Forms: I have wings magically grafted onto my back that can disappear at will. Does that count?

Theme Song: I have quite a few.

· What I’ve Overcome by Fireflight

· I Will Not be Moved by Natalie Grant

· Not Done Yet by Superchic(k)

· Perfect People by Natalie Grant

There are others.

Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: May 24 1997

Birth Name: Thea Elsa Andromache...well, I am not tell you my real last name

Primary Objective: the world?

Secondary Objectives: Stay alive while doing it

Priorities: My brother and best friend(s)

Motivation: The lives of those innocents who cannot protect themselves. And my brother and friends. Although my faith in God may be considered a motivation. I know He has a plan for me, even if I have no idea what it is.

Accomplishments: Seriously, do you want an essay? Not to brag, but I have been through a whole lot and there would be a ton of things to list.

Greatest Achievement: Survived what life has thrown me but honestly I haven’t achieved saving the world yet. And I guess that is the ultimate achievement for me. If I do it.

Failures: That is kind of a long list. I’ve failed a lot of things and a lot of people, not to mention a few homework assignments believe it or not.

Biggest Failure: When I couldn’t prevent the man that posed as my father from beating on my brother. I felt like I completely failed my duty of being a good sister, one that can protect those I care about-those I care about the most.

Self-Confidence: If the weight of the world weighed on your shoulders how self-confident would you feel? Yeah my self-confidence ain’t too hot at the moment.

Traumas: Cyclops attack at age ten, running away after Castor almost died at age 7-8, sphinx attack at age 15. Numerous chicken attacks at ages 3-18. Not to mention almost dying on a daily basis. All in a day’s work.

Afflictions: Besides my supposed destiny about saving or destroying the world? Feelings about a certain someone. I’m not sure what to think anymore.

Embarrassments: My fear of chickens. That is the worst embarrassment there is for me, not to mention extremely ironic.

Worries: Do you have another book? I worry about the world, my friends, my brother, my best friend, my life, safety, and everything far and near between. I’m full of worries, believe it or not.

Soothers: This is going to sound stupid but number one-Adrian’s eyes. They are the ultimate symbol of trust. Otherwise, the ocean, pineapple smoothies, holding Castor’s hand, drawing, music...

Instigators: Try having a Cyclops as a doctor or finally finding out that my fake-father hurt my brother. Or your best friend’s ex-brother that really isn’t his brother going under cover and giving you something to slowly fall in love with him and then turn out to be evil. Blake threatening the world. Stuff like that. Traumas suck.

Earliest Memory: Music. I don’t remember the song but my earliest memory was music.

Fondest Memory: That is really difficult, it depends on what time of my life. Before running away, during running away, after running away or my current life. Before running away, well, I don’t remember much so not sure there. During running away it was Castor and I singing and playing guitar on a subway station. After running away was when Castor, Aaron and I went to the Fairgrounds and Aaron bought me my boots. As my current life probably playing Monopoly with Adrian. Now that was interesting.

Worst Memory: Either being almost eaten by a Cyclops or the moment when I thought I was going to lose Adrian and my brother.

Favorite Dream: Dreams? Hah! I wish

Worst Nightmare: Being locked in a cell with a metal table in the middle, Adrian lying on the top-motionless. They tell me my name is Andromache or Andromeda or something. When I go over to Adrian, the walls are painted in blood that spells out ‘Your Fault Thea Chase’. At first Adrian is dead but then, when he awakes, he has this terrible pain in his back. They attempted to graft wings on his back.

Desires: The chance to live and love. Adrian says sometimes I am in love with the idea of love. I think he is the only one who really gets me besides my brother (sometimes even Castor doesn’t get me) sometimes so talking to him about stuff is easy.

Wishes: Having a normal life, raising a family with the love of my life (soul mate?)

Regrets: Having that fight with Adrian and practically ignoring him for four-five months.

Secrets: I have many secrets and that is why they are called secrets...

Confidantes: Mostly Adrian, he is the most trustworthy person I know but I tell my brother many things as well. Aegis, Alese, Jinx.

Soft Spots: Abused kids, street kids, horses and some birds (I know, I’m such a softy argh).

Cruel Streaks: Movement agents, demons, and Blake (not to mention Axel and possibly Reiko depending on the circumstance)

Musical Instrument: I can sort of play flute but I’m not that good.

Quirks: Besides the fact that I have freakin wings?

Dominant Hand: (Mostly right handed but I am somewhat ambirexerious

Catchphrase: Oh Joy, Joyous (sarcastically of course), aloha loser(s). Do your best, Stand the test, god will do the rest. Sometimes song lyrics and phrases.

Autograph: Don’t ask. You’d never know it was my writing. Please, you wouldn’t even know it was my name.

Mental Characteristics

IQ: unknown

Known Languages: I mostly leave the language thing to Adrian but I can speak fluent Spanish and I’m learning Russian. That and I know a few phrases in Italian courtesy of my best friend.

Manias: I’m obsessed with pineapples and super heroes (apparently)

Memory: I have a photographic memory, making it impossible to forget but oddly enough I don’t remember a ton of my childhood.

Phobias: Cyclops, sharks, loss of loved one, torture, chickens, being alone

Savvies: I can draw and fight and fly. Do a little singing I guess. Can’t dance, that is really bad. I have pretty good aim (mostly because of my patron) and I cannot throw knives. At all.

Ineptitudes: I’m not good at understanding love. I don’t get it. Even logical Mr. Spock Adrian knows better than I do. I have problems with accepting things, especially if I am wrong.

Hobbies: Riding horses, drawing, star gazing, bird watching (guilty), hunting with Adrian, monopoly

Pet Peeves: Everyone going against me

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: HAHA! Nope, not me. Adrian is logical and smart.

Spatial: I have a photographic memory

Linguistic: I’m a fighter not as much of a talker. That’s Castor

Musical: Excellent. If there is one thing I can do, it is stuff with music

Interpersonal: I can understand where people are coming from and I try not to be biased but interacting is a different story. I’m not always sure what to do afterwards.

Intrapersonal: I don’t know anymore. I know I am untrusting and reckless but what else? Things have just been so…crazy.

Naturalistic: Perfectly. I can use more than 10 percent of my brain, therefore being able to ‘feel’ things around me. There is good things to this and a downside.

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: I’m a Christian so I follow the Bible and the Ten Commandments. At least I try to.

Etiquette: Forgiveness and mercy

Attitude: I’m going to be perfectly honest I am cold and distant and wary. Reckless, calculated and some could even go as far as emotionless (I’m not though) but on the other side I’m loyal, protective (slightly possessive when it comes to my friends). I’m also respected and respectful for those who deserve it. I try to do the right thing but I am rarely apologetic. Gain my trust and you have a friend for life but break it? That just makes everything worse. I’m smart but not book smart as much, mostly street smart. When it comes to guys, things get complicated.

Outlook on Life: Hard to stay alive and faithful

Perception: Depends on the situation. I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid of what comes before it.

Taboos: Murder in cold blood, smoke, drink, have sex before marriage

Spiritual Characteristics

Animal: Equine. Although I want to be with others, there are times I want to be left alone and I can get lost in a crowd or ‘herd’. Loyal and intelligent, I’d like to think.

Religion: Christianity

Devotion: It varies, I’m trying the best I can

Virtues: Justice, Loyalty (not to the point of Adrian’s THC), Mercy, Compassion

Vices: Pride, Envy,

Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: Slight hydrokenesis and telepathic abilities with my brother.

Element: Water

Origin: Although Thea has been born with her telepathic and slight hydrokinesis, her wings were given when she was seventeen. ,

Source: My body…

Highs and Lows

Likes: Music (Christian and some Country), Drawing, Birds, Horses, Stars, Water, Pineapple Smoothies (pineapples in general), Super heroes, Monopoly, 20 Questions, the Cat Isles, my friends, Pillows, CIPD, Library, books, sunglasses, flowers, hats (snapback, baseball caps, military style hats), Adrian’s piano playing, Castor’s guitar playing and voice, silence (unless good music is playing),


Favorite Actor: Jeremy Renner, hands down (He plays Hawkeye and Aaron Cross amazingly) but then again, I don’t know many actors.

Favorite Animal: Equine or a bird. Equines probably Fresians or thoroughbreds (maybe a cross) but with birds I’m not sure, mostly birds of prey

Favorite Arts: Digital, colored pencil, pencil, painting

Favorite Band: So not fair. Probably...I can’t do it. There are too many

Favorite Book: Uh… I read a lot of books

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Favorite Country: America, Australia, Greece, Italy, Poland (I was born in America and despite our problems we have it a lot better than others, Australia cause I want to go there, Greece because of the beauty, Italy because Adrian was born and somewhat raised there. His family lives there and Poland because of the equine stuff)

Favorite Drink: Pineapple smoothies (and sodas)

Favorite Excuse: Sorry I’m late the world needed saving

Favorite Food: Tacos and lasagna

Favorite Flavor: Pineapple

Favorite Movie: Almost any Marvel movie, the Bourne Legacy and Hidalgo

Favorite Musical Genre: Christian Rock

Favorite Mythical Creature: Uh…most mythological creatures try to kill me

Favorite Number: 42

Favorite People: Adrian, Alese, Jinx, Jace, Castor, Tony, Elizabeth, Gwen, Kat

Favorite Place: My lighthouse on the beach of Campus

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Restaurant: Writer’s Corner Café

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Song: Just like with bands, I can’t….just can’t…too many

Favorite Store: DO I seem like the shopping kind of girl?

Favorite Story Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Mystery

Favorite Subject: Art

Favorite TV Show: Psych or Castle

Favorite Words: Kilimanjaro

Least Favorite Actor: That dude that plays Peeta in the Hunger Games. He annoys me

Least Favorite Animal: Chicken

Least Favorite Arts: ……….

Least Favorite Band: Some of the modern pop stuff. It’s vulgar and not uplifting.

Least Favorite Book: I don’t think I have a least favorite book but the second and third books of the Hunger Games did not make me happy.

Least Favorite Color: light purple

Least Favorite Country: Don’t exactly have one

Least Favorite Drink: Plain water

Least Favorite Food: Gum (can’t stand it)

Least Favorite Movie: Eh…

Least Favorite Musical Genre: Modern pop or whatever you call it these days

Least Favorite Mythical Creature: many of them

Least Favorite Number: 3s and 7s

Least Favorite People: Blake, Reiko, Jamie (even though I have no reason not to), Axel,

Least Favorite Place: The cell I was held in by the Movement

Least Favorite Season: Winter

Least Favorite Song: Same with genre of music, there is no specific one

Least Favorite Story Genre: Pure Romance. Gag

Least Favorite Subject: Math

Least Favorite TV Show: Master Chef

Least Favorite Words:

Apparel and Appearances

Body type: lean, muscular, large ribcage, um…shortish (mostly average)

Face shape: Slightly narrowed

Hair color: Lighter brown mostly Chestnut(y)

Hair style: Wavy/Curlyish

Skin color: Tan

Eye color: silver blue

Type of eye: Large but normally narrowed

Eyebrows: thin but not really thin, sharp I guess

Eyelashes: long

Nose: I got a small sharp nose

Chin: a bit longer

Lips: average, slightly on the thinner side

Hands: small, long fingers

Nails: normal?

Scars/tattoos/marks: The scar that most people see is the one on my cheek

Accessories: I have a silver band around my left bicep and a treble clef necklace. Sometimes my hair is in a ponytail and I normally have a gun strapped to my leg.

Dress Style/Wardrobe: T-shirt, jeans and boots

Equipment: Sword (in necklace form), my gun

Most Prized Possession: Probably Alese’s gun. It’s all I have left of her. But my boots remind me of my old life of a normal person and my necklace of Adrian’s friendship and dedication for me to trust him.

Most Valuable Possession: Nothing really holds a lot of money value. Perhaps Alese’s gun but I would never give it up

Trinkets: Nope

Social Characteristics

Communication: … Er that is a bit difficult for me, communicating

Criminal Record: You have no idea

Dominance: Extra, extra firm

Emotional Stability: No matter how emotionless and cold I seem to be, I can break down. I just don’t do that in front of others.

Expression: I am very open with my opinions

Humor: I’m pretty sarcastic

Mannerisms: Once more, pretty sarcastic unless the person has earned my respect.

Patience: Depends. If I am waiting for something, I am not patient. If I am keeping break downs or emotions in I can be real patient.

Reputation: I’m respected mostly, maybe a little feared but I try to be nice and warm

Sociability: I’m not a loner but I’m not a social butterfly.

Style: T-shirt, jeans and boots? Category normal?


Compliments: Good fighter, I guess. Sweet wings

Insults: I don’t mind insults that much, they don’t really get to me. Insult my friends though, then you are in for a beating. But somehow, insults about not being loved or being a complete monster by those I care about kinda get to me.

State of Mind: Annoyance

Words: Dude (guilty)

Farewells: I hate good-byes

Greetings: Uh...hey? Hello?


Income: I don’t get paid to save the world, unfortunately.

Intrapersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Never met my real dad, barely remember my mom. Raised by a dude I thought was my dad but turned out to be evil. My closest family is Castor, my twin brother.

Allegiance: The Cat Isles (and maybe the world on the side)

Allies: The Cat Isles, Halo, Thorne, Alex Kendall

Enemies: The Movement, Blake’s forces

Friends: Adrian, Castor, Jace, Dagger, Alese, Halo, Thorne, Jinx, Tony, Elizabeth, Gwen, a few others.

Heroes: Problem is, people look up to me

Inspirations: I try to be as much like Christ as I can

Rivals: I’m not trying to kill Reiko at the moment. But Jamie as well and perhaps Grace at one point

Role Models: Adrian, Castor, Bellatrix, God

Subordinates: Cat Isles Military


Angry: I blow freaking up or I stay silent, tense up and glare.

Anxious: A lot of tapping. Alese’s gun mostly

Conflicted: Rarely am I conflicted. I am reckless, I will admit.

Criticized: My jaw tightens and I tend to get defensive

Depressed: I break down, curl up in a ball and start rocking. Normally I don’t cry but I will mutter song lyrics to myself and stare straight in front of me.

Excited: okay, sometimes I get bipolar and start jumping around like a kid in candy store. Sue me.

Frightened: I freeze up

Happy: Smiling, I guess?

Humiliated: I get angry

Instincts: They just take over and I move

Mistaken: I’m prideful and hate being mistaken. I try to twist it to my advantage where I don’t have to apologize and admit I’m wrong.

Praised: Depends

Sad: My breath gets a bit heavy and I just want to be alone.

Stressed: Pacing, shooting range, drawing, music, sparring, Marvel movies, pineapple smoothies, perhaps even Monopoly with Adrian


Signature Move: Anything to do with flying in one some dude and kicking in him in the face (not neccasirly the face though

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