Yuki-Onna Picture

A new OC based on Japanese Mythology. VwV Yuki-Onna means Snow Woman.

Yuki-Onna appears on snowy nights, but is not seen on the ground. She floats, leaving no footprints. She kills travelers by freezing them with her icy breath. She's sadtistic because she enjoys seeing her victims die but she has a soft spot for children. She also let a young man go because of his age and beauty but promised that he must never speak of her again to anyone or else she would kill him.

Since this one is my OC, Yuki-Onna's eyes have no shine. VwV She can also be friendly but she won't hesitate to freeze someone to death when angered.

Time: 40 minutes
Music: Emilie Simon - All is White
Yuki-Onna/Art (c) Me
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