Proxy Blood - de Sangriffe Picture

that's Daniel (dan-yell) de Sangriffe. most French werewolves that aren't solitary have a 'de' name to denote their pack.

race: Werewolf
age: 25
height: 5'9" (human) 6'10" (werewolf)
weight: 160 lbs (human) 505 lbs (werewolf)
homeland: Ardenne Forest, Gaul

He was once a mercenary, specializing in putting people off-guard with this appearance of a gaunt, scruffy, barefoot man on the battlefield. His heirloom moon stone allows him to transform at will, and keep most of his wits about him in wolf form. After all humans disappeared, he had a lot of free time on his hands and few legitimate paying battles to fight, so he retreated to the forest of his birth, rejoined his family, and became a lumberjack. That is, until a diverse pack of trained war-monsters converged on his new home and burned it to the ground. He could stay away no longer, and joined in the Struggle.

when he wins, he and his pack move to North America to live peacefully away from the savagery of the world. Soon despite all expectations, the werewolf people develop into the noblest race one could hope for. They live in harmony with their dual nature and truly become the heirs to humanity.
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