Ginta Celestine - Sketch Picture

And behold! Ginta Celestine, once again!
Explanation for people who know stuffs about mine and Ai's chars. If you don't, save yourself about 15 minutes of life and skip to the bottom description XD :

The son of Satoshi Kusanagi and Ai Celestine (© to
This young prince of the Twilight is a very powerful dragon, like his father, and goes by the name of Necros while in his true state. Ginta is quite a quite, calm and polite person. He's quite the romanticst though, without even realizing it. He's very protective of all people, especially his friends and family. His mother Ai is the most important person to him, as well as his wife Harumi (©

The swords his wields are two different weapons of the Twilight and Jinsei. The one in his left hand(his left, not yours XD) is his Jinsei weapon, his Shinsetsu rather,
Arcadia. It was once the Dreadnought weapon Arcadia that Satoshi used to wield, but he gave it to Ginta before he left on a journey. Ginta then engraved a Jinsei crystal within the blade and used his reality munipulation abilities to change the sword to form his own Shinsetsu. The spirit within, Arcadia (hence the swords name) still exists and still comes out to talk to and sometimes play with Ginta. The swor din his right hand is Alviss, the same as his own Dreadnought weapon. Ginta used his knowledge of creating Jinsei crystals to make his very on Twilight crystals in which to power himself and his weapons with. He engraved it into Alviss and it transformed into it's new state, looking more like a Bleach, Final Fantasy and Negima weapon than ever before *SHOT* I mean gaining incredible powers that would easily shatter the very fabric of reality in any world if used accordingly. When his Twilight and Jinsei powers are fully syncronized with one another, his "Sacred Twilight" state is activated and his weapons combine as one to form his Final Fantasy and Ragnarok tribu-- I mean his ultimate weapon, Fenrir.

Due to the fact that only certain friends of mine would know only half of what Im talking about, and only Ai would know 100% what I'm talking about, I'm going to stop and make a shorter version for you other people XD.

Ginta, he's Sato and Ai's son. He's nice, sweet, romantic, a gentle, and very hard to anger on most occassions. XD Very caring and protective of friends and family, especially his mom who he loves so much. He teams with Vaan, Sousuke's (or Zack's) son, and Kaito, Wavebreaker's (who I've yet to draw for the last 5 years. XD) son when not travelling alone. He travels to different realms, worlds and universes so oversee how life is different in places other than Yukai, and to solve any problems going on when his dad is busy.

Ginta is very powerful, trustworthy, and someone you can always count on when things get rough....

And I'm bored now. Maybe I'll put up more details later. XD This is the sketch and I'll color it soon. Alviss is actually supposed to have "Twilight" engraved in large letters in the large empty area of the blade, but I decided that I'll put that in when I color it. XD As I've mentioned before, the names of most of the weapons my characters have come from some form of Mythology. I'm not sure about Arcadia though o.o; And I got Fenrir from Ragnarok XD
Edit: Also, about the chains, at the end of Arcadia's chain will be the symbol of the Jinsei in the colored pic and at the end of Alviss will be the symbol of the Twilight. Ginta may also have a "Sigma" necklace on in the colored version too.

That's about it for now. Bye folks, I need sleep XD

Ginta Celestine © Other chars/weapons ©
Next up, Vaan Kusanagi!! And a couple of colored pics. XD

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