All 5 of my Homestuck oc's thus far Picture

Jfs I have 5 oc's.
I don't know why this picture took so long to make >.<
I'm not comfortable with releasing my HS oc's but I decided, why the hell not? So here are all 5 of them with their strife specibus'.
The shortest one, keep in mind, is actually my trollsona, so it's supposed to look like the admin. It was based of this randomizer on tumblr xP But I really liked the way it turned out so I kept her. cx
These are all beta trolls! I only have Sirona's dancestor and ancestor designs done so far. xC

Keep in note that these are still kind of works in progresses, seeing that all the info isn't here. I'm also having trouble forming a few ideas and things... >.<

Prepare for a lot of info!
From left to right:

1. Name: Pozhar Kolelo (In Bulgarian, I believe it means “Fire Wheel” )
Title: Prince of Mind
Age: 7 Sweeps

Screen Name: defiledGyration

Typing Style: He types in normal case, though types his n’s, e’s and r’s backwards. Though it’s nothing big, it throws people off at first. Punctuation and capitalization are usually correct, though syntax can be off at times.

Example: Hah, his dэath was a fяickэи mastэяpiэcэ. I ca’иt эvэn BƎGIИ to imagiиэ what’s iи stoяэ foя thэ яэst of us.

Symbol: Ixion. In Greek mythology, Ixion was a mad man expelled out of Olympia by Zeus because of his wrongdoings and bound to a flaming, winged wheel that constantly spun.

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Spikekind (It's a giant spike... I have a gif I'm working on to explain the motion.)
Fetch Modus(If they have one): Hash map

Dancestor - N/A ((still working on a name >.< ))
The Revolver - Ancestor

Planet: Land of Judgment and Coals
Likes: Spiked objects or spikes, the feeling of flying or falling, instrumental music (particularly strings)
Dislikes: Fire, clouds, thunder/lightning, restricted movement, tight spaces.

Personality: Quirky, and awkward. He has an "off" sort of personality.
Luscus/Kernelsprite: Hippogriff dad
Blood Color: Red. (Rustblood)

2.Name: Sirona Animus ((Sirona was a greek god who used snake eggs and poison to heal people. Animus means heart, intelligence, and soul in Latin. )) ((She is the first OC I ever made actually ^~^ her original name was Lambda Animus ))
Title: Seer of Void
Age: 8 Sweeps

Screen Name: thebesGalateas

Typing Style: Sirona uses the prefix ‘~~<’ which looks somewhat like a snake. She doubles her cc’s, and for her s’s, she doubles her s’s and makes the first s capitalized. Other than that no capitalization is present except for *EMPHASsISs*. At the end of every sentence she uses three periods, and rarely uses exclamation points or question marks, which can make it hard to trace the tone in her typing. The only punctuation she uses really are apostrophes and periods.

Example: ~~< aSs interesting aSs the offer appearSs... I’ll have to deccline... if we had met on other terms maybe Ssome Ssort of treaty ccould’ve been in line...

Symbol: Serpens the Snake. She is based off the constellation Serpens located in the zodiac constellation Ophichus, which is why she has many snake-like qualitie. (Hence the elongated fans, slightly stilted eyes, dyed underside of her hair that represents a snake belly, and her tall, thin stature.)

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Double Scythe kind/Chain scythes kind
Fetch Modus(If they have one): Abacus. Her fetch modus is an Abacus, which has two levels. One divides items by *weight (10 being heaviest and 1 being lightest), the other, by **value (1 being most valuable/rare 10 being more common or invaluable).
Example: Gold ring Value: 3; Weight: 2.
Cellphone Value: 6; Weight: 4.

*She will often switch system of measurements for a certain item if it doesn’t fit at first. Kilograms, Pounds and such. For liquids she can even convert to liters, etc.

** By value, she can mean literal Value, LV or personal value, PV.

Caueta Animus – Dancestor
The Diseased Beholder - Ancestor

Planet: Land of Warmth and Poison.
Likes: Warm clothing, the feeling of sunlight (she hates the sun in any other sense), rocks, puzzles of all sorts, music and poetry.
Dislikes: Loud and sudden noises, jerky movements, gun-like weapons, crowds.

Personality: Calm and cautious. Can be jumpy and over analyze situations.
Luscus/Kernelsprite: Cobramom
Blood Color: Limeblood.
Other: Sirona has a wooden, specifically hollowed sphere attached to her scarf that contains beads. This sphere rattles as she walks, symbolizing a snake rattle. There is a small opening, smaller than the beads within, that she puts a pin in to turn a mechanism to trap the beads. This allows her to be more silent, and keeps (most of) the beads from rattling.

3. Name: Maarna Othisi. (( Maarna, in Punjabi means “to kill or hit.” Marna, (A Swedish, or German based name if I can remember...) means “from the sea”. Othisi, in Greek means “Impulse”, which describes her impulsive nature.
Title: Maid of Rage
Age: 7 Sweeps

Screen Name: impetusXiphiidae

Typing Style: She speaks in normal case and doubles her a’s, but doesn't double any other letter for any word. If a word normally has a double letter, she only types one.

Example: It's not like I caare... Hey, don’t mock me! I won’t hesitaate to slice thaat prety litle neck of yours cleaan!

Symbol: Egyptian symbol for Sesen. The Sesen represents the Lotus flower, at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again.

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Fish-hook kind
Fetch Modus(If they have one): Chain and charms.
Items capchalouged turn in to uniquely shaped charms and automatically attach themselves on a necklace she wears. She has a limited number of charms/clots available. ((This changes as she add's add-ons/extra chains to her necklace to allow more, or take away ad-ons to have less))

Dancestor - N/A ((still working on a name >.< ))
Ancestor - N/A ((Also still working on ;~
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