Get Out Alive Picture

So, some of you might possibly remember that I have talked about this thing before, but never actually drawn it digitally. I have some old-ish sketches in my sketchbook though.
Anyway, when it comes to vampires versus werewolves, I sit squarely in the were-corner. But I sit there on my own terms. This shark-faced possum-man is my werewolf, with his own little story to go with it.
The story itself is based on some old European tales about werewolves. I know a surprising amount of European folklore, mainly thanks to this old Swedish-Sami lady I knew. She passed away two years ago at 91, and I still miss sitting down with her and listen to her fantastic (and often creepy) stories. She was old enough to be my grandmothers grandmother, but a friend is a friend regardless of age.
So, this one's for you, Siri!

Anyhow, this werewolf (Often called the Hound or Elder Hound) was created sometime during the Black Plague that decimated Europe during the 1300's. A man who, in a moment of total despair, embraced the primal beast who lives deep in the heart of humanity. Completely out of control, the creature could only be harmed by silver, and only emerged during the full moon. Anyone bitten who survived would inherit the heart of the beast, and turn into the creature instead of the previous host at the next full moon.

As the creature grew older, it grew smarter, stronger and faster then others of its kind, until it transferred itself to an old woodsman in the early 1900's. This woodsman, immortal for as long as the beast resides within him, has taken it upon himself make sure that the creature never harms anyone again, and roams the desolate ends of the earth far from civilisation. And he intends to do so until the world stops turning.

If anyone actually read that, I truly apologise for the inconvenience.
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