HWE Quillin Picture

HWE Quillin

Alias: Kirin, Chinese Unicorn, King of Holy Beasts

Alignment: Lawful Neutral – True Neutral (AKA “Pompous Prick Neutral”)

Rank: 2 – 6

Race: Yokai


Height: From feet to Antlers, a Quillin can range from fifteen feet tall onwards.

Length: Quillin from snout to tail can average of about thirty feet in length, but have capacity for larger size:

Weight: Over Five Tons.


Weightless Step: Despite a Quillins size, it moves gracefully and silently. Its step is so light it does not even trample the grass beneath its feet. It also never steps upon another animal not even the lowliest insects, although in the off chance that does happen (often due to size) the animal is not crushed but rather cushioned so when the Quillin removes its foot, nothing happens to the animal.

Holy Fire: The Quillin, much like other Holy Beasts, is encloaked with holy flames and smoke of which harms no living creature but rather is the anathema to all wicked creatures and Yokai as the Holy Flames are of such a pure, untainted energy, many Yokai who get entrenched in these flames are instantly purified and destroyed by being reduced to a state less than a Hitodama. To Non-Yokai, it’s a powerful attack which can singe the body of the attacker exclusively but nothing around the attacker leaving no collateral damage. Given its body is often doused in Holy Flames, every strike can deal a deadly blow to lesser Yokai. Those of good nature and good will however are utterly immune to the Quillins attack.

Golden Existence: Lesser Yokai (see: any Yokai other than a Dragon, Ho-O or Kami) will have any attack dampened against a Quillin. An Oni will have its strength and will to fight sapped in the mere presence of a Quillin. Similar effects happen against all other Yokai as well.

The Incorruptible: Despite their massive egos, Quillin are utterly immune to any sort of corruption, taint, wicked whim, or even control from another Yokai. Not even the curses of the "Abyss" can taint or dismantle a Quillin. One Quillin boasted that it could shoulder "all of the evils of the world" without taint and boasted further that the gods would need to "triple the amount" for that to even have an effect on a Quillin.

Beast Kings: Quillin are considered the "King of Beasts" in that all terrestrial mammals in their vicinity flock to a Quillin and can be used as its small army if need be. This applies to Yokai as well as mamallian "animal" Yokai listen to a Quillin without question. "Holy Beast" Yokai are also direct servants or at least directly obey or listen to a Quillin when it so arrives.

Prancing the Heavens: A Quillin can quite literally walk on air and clouds. It often is seen prancing from cloud to cloud.

Holy Touch: A Quillin can cure diseases, bless with incredible luck and rid curses by simply touching someone, in addition plants begin to grow wherever it may step. Due to the sheer amount of positive Enigma being exerted from a Quillin's body, a Quillin is often a mecca for mutation in humans with those who touch a Quillin becoming what was known as an Onmyodo, or Enigma Sensitives as we know them today.

Golden Age Herald: Quillin bring an aura of good luck which is the reverse of an Onryo Grudge Curse in a sense, whenever a Quillin appears, energy blesses the land and those who bear witness to the Quillin. Those born in the Quillin's wake often grow up to be a great, wise and powerful leader of the people.


Elitist Pricks: Quillin can be compared to the “1%” of the Yokai world, and most certainly act like it. Quillin care not for affairs of other Yokai and see most world affairs as “beneath them”and refuse to make dealings with it unless specific conditions are met. Namely 'World Peace', before a "golden age", empires ruled by wise and benevolent rulers, and many things which are not realistically obtainable. Unless those high standards and criteria are met, Quillin often remain exclusively in their paradise in the Toho Plane, away from potential conflict.

Mongrels!: A Quillin is easily offended, being anything less than "good" in alignment is enough for a Quillin to not even regard you, and if you are of "Evil" allignment, a Quillin will get so offended by you being it in its presence it aggressively attacks you. Not paying your proper respects to a creature of its "holy standard" is also considered a major offense. Lesser Yokai are either ignored or destroyed on sight.

Animals: Quillin will not harm any “natural” (non-Kaiju) animal or anything born of nature for that matter.

The Good and Pure: Those who are truly good and pure are immune to a majority of a Quillins attacks in that their flames simply have no effect.

Dragons and Pheonixes: Quillin begrudgingly respect the Dragons and Ho-O and consider them and "Hoshoku-no-Okami" the only creatures truly their equal.

Negative Enigma: Negative Enigma counter-acts the sheer amount of pure enigma being exerted from a Quillin and siphons away their own strength.

High Enigma Upkeep: In order for Quillin to manifest, they need a high enigma cost and upkeep to stick around in the material plane for extended periods, one reason they are almost always seen in the Toho plane.

Day 30: Holy Beasts: Kings of Birds and Beasts.

"The Kirin! You mean the holiest of Japanese beasts?"

"The Quillin would surely have you believe that, yes. It fits their chosen narrative rather well.
" Kaitheros rolled his eyes.

"Narrative? I am going to assume they are like the Dragons and they aren't what the myths say they are as well?"

"In a way. Remember, Dragon myths are still accurate, but the contemporary notion that they are all benevolent guardians is not. The Quillin... is more...tricky."

"Tricky? How so?"

"Let me put it in the bluntest of ways possible..." Kaitheros took a deep breath, there was no sugar coating this. "Quillin are the most infuriating, insufferable, aristocratic, self-righteous, egotistical, narcissistic, arrogant, conceited, haughty, pompous, elitist....PRICKS I have ever come across."

Ruki burst out giggling.

"Wow... hi-hi... out of all of the Yokai we have covered so far...I never-- heard you use such colorful language before..pffft. Even after all of the rape monsters we have been over...these have really got you flustered."

"I didn’t have to work or deal with the others as much by far. Being one of the Holy Beasts, and arguably, the Holiest of them, I have had more dealings than I would like with Quillin. Half of the time it is like negotiating with a wall. Quillin act and operate much like Yokai nobility or as what I have heard of European nobility in the French revolution..."

"OH wow...just...wow. They sound like real pieces of work."

"That is not the half of it. Quillin are a complicated subject indeed. But let’s start from the beginning. The Quillin Clans are by far some of the oldest of Yokai who, along with the Ho-O and Dragons were the three clans that emerged as major powers after the...death... of Yamato no-Orochi thousands of years ago. The Quillin quickly emerged as one of the strongest clans with the Dragons still feeling the stigma of their connection to the Orochi and the Ho-O having their own issues. This perceived sense of holy duty and divine right inevitably went the Quillin's heads as they became more and more...snobbish in a sense. They could no longer tolerate the mere presence of any one less that someone of true good will or greatness, and the mere presence of lesser Yokai was enough to disgust a Quillin into stamping out its existence."

"So much for the holiest Yokai of all, these guys are just assholes!"

"To be fair, they didn't start off that way, and their king, the White "Tiger" Byakko, first born and avatar of Tsukiyomi, is rather agreeable, granted like most leaders in today’s contemporary society, he is not liked by his people, but Quillin nowadays are unappeasable in any sense. So much so, in fact most Quillin refuse to even step foot outside of their small paradise in the Toho Plane, making them a rare sight indeed."

"Yeah, they sound more and more like a pompous aristocrat alright."

"That is not to say all of them are like this. You occasionally get one young, idealistic upstart trying to change things, but they never get anywhere in Quillin politics, shame really, a Quillin can be a real cause for good if it desires too, as even though they are indeed the highest class of bastard, their myths are far from false, it takes a rather powerful skill set to create such a class of snobbery."

"For something that snobbish, they have to be near gods. Or demi gods. Or 2/3rds god..."

"The Quillin will certainly lead you to believe that they are kami in of themselves, but that, thankfully is just them projecting their egos. Only their king, Byakko, has any real power in that regard, but that isn't to say that Quillin themselves aren't pushovers. The Quillin are rightfully known as the King of Holy Beasts."

"King of Holy Beasts? Does that mean they hold dominion over the dragons?"

"No, thankfully. Holy Beasts implies any sort of holy mammalian Yokai such as Baku, Hakutaku or Shisa, which are some of the only Yokai that Quillin can really stand in any measurable fashion. While such Yokai can't be controlled by Quillin, the Quillin does have substantial sway over them that said.... it’s not just the holiest of beasts that a Quillin has sway over. In fact, any beast, or rather, terrestrial mammal Yokai, and even regular animals all head the call of the Quillin and obey their call."

"So you have a bunch of noble dragon-deer who are pompous pricks who lead armies of animals? Do they open up mass golden gates and fire them like bullets?!"

"As…amusing as the sounds, no. Nor is this the Quillin’s only major trait, the Quillin, as typical for a true celestial yokai clan, have a myriad of abilities and traits which make them some of the most powerful Yokai in existence."

"Well, they certainly have a lot of competition, it'd be sort of hard to top the likes of Umibozu."

"Indeed, but would you believe me if I said they surpassed such creatures?"

"You’re joking."

"I am not. The Big three clans, Quillin, Ho-O and the Dragons hold onto their power often through immense, absolute power. Umibozu come close, but otherwise, most Yokai cannot reach the power of a Quillin or any of the big three at all for that matter. Those that do are often outliers of the main Yokai clans and are full blown kaiju in of themselves and appear almost out of nowhere."

"Any examples?" Ruki probed.

"A few. A lot of these outlier Yokai are single, standalone entities with no prior ties to other Yokai. Case in point the Oomukade, a giant centipede like monstrosity that devoured even the Dragons."

"WOAH! A giant centipede that ate dragons? I thought Dragons didn't take kindly to things that attacked them?"

"The Oomukade was a rather special case, but that is something we shall discuss later, you really do like getting off topic, don't you?"

"I'm told I'm a master of going on tangents, he-he..." Ruki remarked self-depreiciatingly.

"I certainly wouldn't doubt it, anyways. Despite some particular standalone entities, there are no Yokai which can rival the big three clans in power. The Quillin are a prime example of this and my oh my, the sheer utter power the Quillin alone possess..."

"Shame they’re a bunch of a pompus assholes." Ruki snided.

"Oh, indeed. Being absolutely "pure" has its side-effects, often in negative personality traits. But it also has its own brand of positive benefits. For one, they are completely and utterly immune from any sort of corruption, mind control or taint. There has never been a case of a truly evil Quillin as a result. No curse or hex has ever afflicted a Quillin, needless to say, this compounds their egotism immensely."

"Not even Onryo Grudge Curses can hurt them?"

"Nay. Quillin would be completely unphased to an extent it’s even said that a Quillins mere PRESENCE can mitigate a grudge curse like that. I am unsure about the sayings validity of course, the Quillin are capable of many things true, but in conjunction with their ego and mythology... it sometimes gets hard to discern fact from fiction, especially given Quillin are prone to accept any sort of praise they can get, they practically view themselves as living gods, hells, they essentially view themselves as living Kami."

“Wow, I can see what you mean, so they are the purest of pure creatures? I imagine that makes other Yokai steer clear of them if the other holy beasts are anything to go by.”

“An apt conclusion and spot on. Most Yokai do avoid Quillin like the plague or at least submit to a Quillin’s presence. For like the Hakutaku, a Quillin is consumed with holy smoke and flames of which whose mere presence can siphon away a Yokai’s strength or utterly destroy them in an instant of being within the Quillin’s presence. Any Yokai lesser than a Quillin and who is not a holy servant or holy beast is in serious trouble as utter destruction of the Yokai in question takes mere moments.This power alone is enough to make a Quillin something to be truly feared, but there is of course more to a Quillin.”

“Really? These things are pretty much broken at this point!”

“Broken?” the onyx theropod raised an eyebrow.

“Uh, over-powered? Game-Breaking so to speak?”

“Hmph, I guess that sort of makes sense in regards to the Quillin. As in their mind, they don’t play a “game” by the rules, they *ARE* the rules. This makes dealing with or negotiating with them a major hassle… if they even wish to be negotiated with to begin with, their massive egos are quite something to behold.”

“Now you’re the one going off on a tangent!” Ruki giggled “We were discussing their powers, not their crazy ego!”

“You sly little miko, you suckered me into going along that route!”

“But you fell for it!”

“And you are continuing the route!” Kaitheros laughed. “Anyways, yes. The Quillin possesses much, much more in regards to its power than just its holy flames and absolute purity, there is a reason it is considered the holiest of beasts in all of Japan for a reason… for when a Quillin decides to…ahem… “bless”, a land with its presence it brings a sort of absolute peace to wherever it goes, droughts end, illnesses cured, good luck abounds, etc. For when a Quillin appears, it brings about a golden age due to the sheer amount of enigma it exerts from its body… in a sense it is, for all intents and purposes, the antithesis to an Onryo’s Grudge Curse.”

“SO wherever Quillin go…good luck and such follows?”

“In a loose sense. Quillin are considered heralds of a golden age often preceding the birth of a wise and powerful leader that they give their approval too. However, given that Quillin, are, well, Quillin… they are very, very picky on when they choose to appear in the material plane.”

“I assume their disgust with lesser beings also applies to humans as well?”

“Not to an extent as other Yokai, but yes. Quillin when on the Material Plane act as if they are the holiest creature in existence, never hurting any natural being, human or animal. Their mere presence causes plant life to grow and animals to flock to be in the Quillin’s presence. Every step they take leaves no imprint or crushes not a thing, despite their size.”

“Wait, so they can step on things and not crush them?”

“In a sense yes. Quillin attempt to do no harm to any creature born of nature, human or animal. However, due to a Quillin’s size, that doesn’t always work, however when a Quillin accidentally lays a hoof or talon upon a small creature, the creature is instead cushioned between the Quillin’s foot as opposed to be crushed…. One of the more…bizarre aspects of the Quillin to be sure, although it has no real affect outside of not killing a thing.”

“For something so egotistical, they sure seem to take an uncanny respect for the natural world.”

“I will give the Quillin credit for taking that responsibility, however even then they take it too far. A Quillin consider themselves gods of nature, so as such they feel they can do whatever they please with the natural world when they so arrive, often throwing off the natural balance and order. While a Quillin is often never around long enough for any long term calamity that might ensue, it is a potential concern I have that the Quillin callously dismiss.”

“I can see why that would infuriate you. It’s like when people regularly feed animals, the animals then become dependent on the people.” Ruki observed.

“Exactly. Quillin see nothing wrong with the natural world being utterly dependent on them, which ties back into their sheer narcissism and complexes. In their eyes, everything wrong with nature is theirs to burden and as such they completely dismiss any and all consequences for their actions. However, that is just for things in nature. Humanity is a bit more…tricky.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Quillin only choose to appear in the Material Plane when any manner of “factors” are present. World Peace has been achieved…”

“Pfft! How full of themselves can they get? That’s pretty much saying they never will appear in the material plane!” Ruki balked.

“They are very full of their own inflated sense of grandeur, although that is not the only condition. Quilin can also choose to appear to bless the birth of someone who is destined to be a great and powerful leader, such as the Yellow Emperor for example, needless to say your ancestor was especially surprised to see a Quillin of all things there to bless her child.”

“I’ll bet… say, how many of my ancestors have actually been visited by a Quillin?”

“I can only count three. Kushinadahime, Huang Di and Himiko. The Former for being the first in your line and the latter for essentially laying the ground works for what is now Shinto, the Yellow Emperor is self-explanatory.”

“So a Quillin hasn’t visited one of my ancestors for little over two thousand or so years, eh?”

“Yes. Even outside of your line, Quillin have been very picky on which leaders to appear before. I hear one even appeared to bless the birth of Temujin, the man who would be crowned the great Khan.”

“I didn’t think the Quillin would bless a tyrant!”

“Genghis Khan, for a time, unified much of Asia, connected it further with the west, and helped spread the influence of the Toho Plane unwittingly. That said, the Quillin have a bit of strange morality in regards to which leader they consider to be “wise”, “powerful” or “benevolent” in that Quillin see greater goods in the world, to a Quillin mass death and conquest can be easily justified if it in some way can benefit the Toho Plane’s sphere of influence. Hells, some Quillin considered utterly purging the eastern hemisphere of all human life leaving only the strongest and most “pure” survivors behind once.”

“Why would they consider such an awful thing?” Ruki was aghast.

“It was a small minority of Quillin to be sure, but those few Quillin desired to bring humanity back to its routes. This was the height of the Meiji Restoration and various other issues going on in China and Korea. The Quillin felt humanity had lost its connection with the Toho Plane and concerned by creeping western influences, so they felt that the best way to handle the situation was to, in short, “burn it all down and start anew.””

“That’s sort of horrible… what stopped them?”

“Well, the Quillin were getting sort of desperate as were all Yokai, for that matter. As Enigma around the world was dying out at the time, and the Toho Plane’s influence was waning. So I think that particular group of Quillin’s desire was to prevent that from happening by any means necessary. What stopped them was one of your ancestors, the miko before you, deciding to leave a normal life somewhere in China, as the Quillin would not DARE risk harming someone of your bloodline, as such if she were to live a hidden away, normal life in the Material Plane, the Quillin would deem their purge plan far too risky.”

“I see…so she sacrificed her own happiness for saving countless lives…” Ruki muttered to herself, remembering the miko with a love of the Tsukumogami.

“Wait, what makes my bloodline so special? It can’t just be my connection to you.”

Kaitheros was silent, ominously so, as if he were remembering something unpleasant.

“That is something we shall cover when you are ready as it deals with the how I got involved with the Yokai themselves and the big three as a whole.”

“I get a sense you’re hiding something from me…”

“I won’t lie. I am indeed concealing it from you, as I have with all of your ancestors until their education, age, experience and wisdom reached an extent to where I felt it they were ready to find out the truth, as it is also for your own safety. You may hate me for it, but I apologize, it is not something I feel comfortable sharing with you as of this time.” Kaitheros stated with utmost sincerity.

Ruki was torn. On one hand, he was keeping some very vital information from her which was about her. On the other hand, he was upfront about it and knowing him, he was definitely doing it out of legitimate concern for her wellbeing.

“Hmph.” Ruki huffed, looking away in a snooty fashion. “I forgive you, but I don’t have to like it.” Ruki opened one eye as if to gauge Kaitheros’s reaction.

“So be it. When you are ready, I will tell you everything. About your heritage, the distant history of the Yokai, my own history, and how it all ties together.” Kaitheros promised.

“I’ll hold you to that, ya old lizard… so is there anything else to note about the Quillin?”

“Yes, actually. The Quillin can also fly.”

“Really?!” Ruki exclaimed in disbelief.

“Well, more like “prancing on air in a manner that might as well be flying”, but yes. They prance the sky as if it were solid ground and often prance from cloud to cloud looking down upon the world below.”

“That must really contribute to their sense of superiority.”

“I imagine it factors into it, yes. As really, being so high above those who you feel are inferior would stroke its ego yes. In addition, Quillin have another trait which make them considered the holiest of beasts… for merely touching them can bless all manner of traits.”

“Like what?”

“Well, every step a Quillin takes, flowers and other plant life begin to grow at its feet due to the sheer overwhelming enigma it exerts. This also applies to humans as well as any animal or human being who is pure enough to lay hand on a Quillin can receive all manner of benefits, from never getting sick again, good luck for the rest of their life, or even becoming an enigma sensitive themselves. That is… if you can lay hand on a Quillin that is.”

“Oh yeah, they are enveloped in Holy Fire aren’t they? How DO you touch a Quillin without being burned?”

“Simple. Be as spiritually pure and as good as you can be. For while Quillin fire can dispel lesser Yokai or severely burn someone of a wicked persuasion, someone who is spiritually enlightened and morally pure can lay hand on a Quillin without fear, as the Holy Flames of a Quillin would have no effect.”

“So you’re saying, if I find enlightenment and be as good as person as I can be, I can touch a Quillin?”

“IF they let you touch it of course. Quillin do not take kindly to those they view inferior to them laying a hand upon them as they view it as a sign of disrespect. While Quillin do not harm animals, they have no issue in snubbing a human being or making an example out of them if they do not pay their proper respects, although these cases are rare as you would have to be completely ignorant or a moron to try and snub a Quillin in such a fashion. The best way of dealing with the Quillin Is to pay your respects, and treat the Quillin as you would a respected elder and the Quillin would likewise respect you in kind as a respected servitor of the gods.”

“So, I assume the Quillin had a similar PR campaign as the dragons did? As the Quillin seem to be like total dicks.”

“Not necessarily. A Quillin’s rarity and its choice times to appear and what good it does bring have made any record of a Quillin’s egotism and other more colorful traits not exactly recorded, as such you won’t find records of Quillin’s acting the way they do in scrolls or myth, I’ll tell you that much.”

“Hypothetically speaking…if I have to fight a Quillin… how would I do that?” Ruki probed

“Ideally you don’t. Quillin are not a Yokai a mere human being can take on their own as it would take either another one of the other great holy beasts, being the dragons or ho-o, a kaiju, or a standalone entity Yokai. Although Quillin do have their fair share of weaknesses of course.”

“Besides their giant ego?” Ruki asked slyly.

“Besides their giant ego’s, yes.” Kaitheros chuckled. “Quillin, much like the other Holy Yokai and other similarly powerful creatures require a large amount of Enigma upkeep to stick around in the Material Plane, further explaining their rarity and why they are almost exclusively sighted in their own domain within the Toho plane.”

“Don’t see how that helps me any if I do encounter one.”

“Outside of reaching enlightenment and being morally pure which negates their holy flames, there isn’t much you can do against a Quillin if, for some reason you come into conflict with one. Although, being you, a Quillin would not engage in conflict with you.”

“Why? Something to do with my bloodline?”

“Partly. Also because you are my shrine maiden. The Shrine Maiden of the Hoshoku-no-Okami is not something a lesser Quillin wishes to harm as that means immediate reprisal from Quillin hierarchy or the other two clans which Quillin begrudgingly admit to be their equals.”

“Dragons and the Phoenixes right?”

“Correct. The Three Great Clans keep each other in check and their power is rather on equal terms, as such a Quillin would not wish to come into conflict with a dragon or Ho-O as that would result in some sort of inter-clan crisis that none of the clans wish to engage in. Yokai politics are bad enough already, so you can imagine how badly an inter-clan conflict between Quillins, Dragons or Ho-O would fair.”

“Eeeeesh! I would indeed imagine that would not be quite a catastrophe…”

“Catastrophe in every sense of the word is correct. One of the reasons the three great clans have held on to their power for so long is not only because of their own inherent power, but also due to their relationships with one another. Think of the three great clans maintain order and reason with one another which goes down the chain of command and prevents other Yokai clans from getting too out of line. Quillin know this all too well, hence why they are very delicate to avoid any sort of outright conflict with the other two clans as a conflict between the three great clans would result in chaos in all corners of the Toho Plane, and there are MANY Yokai who would not hesitate to capitalize on the chaos for their own gain. The Quillin remember a time of such chaos, and they do not wish to go back to it, in that vein we are agreed.”

“But not wanting conflict doesn’t stop them from being obstinate, egotistical assholes does it?”

“Unfortunately. While Quillin don’t outright conflict with the Dragons, Ho-O or myself, they are rather hard to negotiate with. When they get their minds set on something, they are slow to change and obstinate as all get out. This makes politics, communication and negotiation with Quillin… difficult and frustrating on multiple levels. Nowadays, the Dragons and Ho-O only work with each other, leaving Quillin alone in their ivory towers. Quillin prefer it this way, the order is established and there is no conflict. As much as I despise the Quillin’s mannerisms, they keep the status quo and are overall a…necessary evil so to speak.”

“So the to summarize everything up: Quillin are the holiest of holy beasts, but they are more or less holy pricks with a lot of power?”

“In a sense yes. That summarizes their nature quite nicely. There is quite a bit of history behind the Quillin however. Namely their connections with nobility and those of…holy persuasion. I have heard it said that the Quillin lead Gautama Buddha to enlightenment.”

“I am going to call slander on that one.” Ruki stated deadpan.

“You and me both!” They both laughed at the audacity of that particular tall tale. “Quillin myths do have their limits of believability, although don’t tell the Quillin that, as they are prone to believing their own myths sometimes. As is the way of their pathological egotism.”

“So that’s all there is too a Quillin outside of their specific relationships with kings and such?”

“Loosely speaking yes. I could go on all night about the intricacies, specific examples, and such in regards to the Quillin, unfortunately, we have to cut it a bit short tonight.”

“Why would that be?”

“Simply put, this will be our last lesson for a while as I must go back to the Material Plane sometime soon, meaning you will need to have to prepare for leaving and finish anything you need to do in the capital before we do so.”

“Oh, so you know about the messengers from the material plane already?”

“Yes. So that said, we were going to put your lessons on hold for now as outside of the standalone entities such as the Oomukade or Namazu, there are very few major Yokai species left to even have a discussion about. But for those we have yet to cover, you are best able to do your own research and studying on that front as there are so many Yokai in the ToHo plane it would take years to cover them all. In a way… you could consider this your graduation from Yokai studies.” Kaitheros joked.

“Awww…” Ruki moaned, crestfallen with the knowledge that her favorite subject would be ending after a month.

“Fret not little Miko, for there are other intricacies of the Toho Plane to explore. Such as its history in regards to the Material Plane, how I got involved, your ancestors role in all of this as well as other details. In addition, if you have any questions in regards to Yokai you find in your studies we could have a specialized...elective of sorts… were we could discuss them at our leisure.” Kaitheros offered.

“That doesn’t sound to bad… but let me guess… since its an elective, we won’t cover it if I slack off in my other studies, will we?”

“Haha! Nope!” Kaitheros grinned wolfishly.

“I should have figured, yah sly old lizard!”

“That said… there are a series of scrolls I do wish for you to bring with us on our travels for your own benefit.”

“Oh? What are the contents of those?”

“Well, the contents of those particular scrolls cover what we know of a group of Yokai known as the “Three Great Evil Yokai”.”

“Three Great Evil Yokai? Are they like the antithesis to the Holy Beasts or something?”

“Not quite. The Three Yokai in question aren’t species as opposed to specific single entities. Each, at one point or another, leading the clan they hailed from. Of these three, only one is currently alive today, although albeit under an alias.”

“What so great and evil about them?”

“Well, in their heyday they were quite frankly some of the most wicked of Yokai to ever step foot out of the Toho Plane, their power and influence allotted them to gain control over entire clans of Yokai. Of these clans were the Oni, the Tengu, and Kitsune.”

“The Kitsune had a truly wicked leader? I thought they served Inari Okami!”

“They did and do. That particular case is… special. It is definitely a story I wish to bring to the material plane as it is a true to form tragedy turned into redemption that, I feel, the world must be made aware of as that particular individuals story has been lost to history and forever labeling her as a monster of monsters… As for the others, their influence is still felt in the world through their retainers… however, the very nature of the three great evil Yokai will be covered in more detail in the scrolls as well as describing the possibility of the fourth.”

“There is a fourth one?”

“Yes. One which we have already covered. The Nurarihyon in some recent accounts is considered one of the Great Evil Yokai due to its role in leading Night Parades. Hopefully that is nothing more than speculation.” Kaitheros sighed.

“So I guess I better get packing then?”

“You best. We will leave within the week, so prepare yourself for another excursion into the outside world.”

“Alright, I guess I better be off.” Ruki stated, dusting herself off. She was gone within the span of half-an hour. Kaitheros sighed, it really was an easy going autumn month. These lazy, halcyon days were those that Kaitheros enjoyed the most. Not drama, no chaos, just the plain and mundane serenity of life. However, deep in Kaitheros’s mind, he knew there was a nagging, aching feeling that these halcyon days always came to an end. For every day, would come a night. Time was a cycle as similar events would crop up time and time again with differences but overall the same sort of pattern. The Nights of the Yokai might be over for now… however, Kaitheros knew all too well that the night shall always come back. The question is… would he or Ruki be prepared for it? That he did not know, the best he could do was educate her and try and help her reach her full potential before such a time. As well as the time where she would be ready to learn the true nature of her heritage… and the ties of fate which bind her to that of the Yokai and the entity that once held dominion over them all….


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