Favorite Sidekicks Picture

1. Well of course the Genie is number 1. And well, it's impossibly not to love him because well...what do you expect from a character voiced by Robin Williams?
2. Iago. The only sidekick funnier than Genie is Iago, mainly because of his loudmouth attitude and of course Gilbert Gottfried voicing him, in fact - unlike Genie (who has had at least two changes in voice actors) - Iago has been consistently voiced by Gottfried in all Aladdin related media for Disney. Gottfried himself has even said it's his favorite role.
3. Bartok. Anastasia was the first non-Disney animated film I fell in love with, and this little guy is one of the reasons why, he's not only adorable but also hilarious as well.
4. Baldrick. Played by Sir Tony Robinson (yes...Tony Robinson got knighted), Baldrick is Edmund Blackadder's servant/companion and has several hilarious lines and moments in all 4 seasons. With a love of turnips, terrible hygiene problems, and 'cunning plans' that always end up backfiring in someway, it's hard not to laugh at his antics on screen.
5. Lumiere and Cogsworth - these two are always fighting but they care about each other very much, just like siblings do. Lumiere is the flirty ladies man, and Cogsworth is the prim and proper fusspot.
6. Timon And Pumba. Do I really need to go over why these two are so beloved?
7. Fred the Mutant. I have a feeling that he would get along well with Bill Murray's character from the 1986 movie-musical version of Little Shop Of Horrors.
8. Phil. My first introduction to Greek Mythology was Disney's Hercules, and my favorite character - besides Hades that is - will always be Phil. I love his tough-guy attitude, and his song 'One Last Hope' still cracks me up to this day.
9. Crow T. Robot. Pretty much all of the Bots from MST3K could belong on this list but I went with my personal favorite...CROOOOOOOOWWWW! He is snarky and very entertaining, especially when riffing on awful movies.
10. Minimus. This equine is very shy but lovable, plus he is a flying pegasus. He's also very cuddly and cute as well. When I pretend that my horse beanie buddies Oats and Hoofer can talk - I imagine Oats sounding like Minimus and Hoofer sounding like Big Macintosh from MLP: Fim.
11. Salem. Everyone's favorite sassy cat.
12. Zazu. Poor Zazu can never catch a break, but he is very funny and witty. Courtesy of Rowan "Mr Bean/Edmund Blackadder" Atkinson's voice work and wit of course.
13. Associate Bob. I like to refer to Associate Bob as Otho Fenlock's much nicer and less sarcastic distant relative from the future, because well - he IS played by Glenn Shadix - who also played Otho in Beetlejuice, plus - he has the same taste in fashion as Otho does as well. Plus, he has to be the most polite ex-villain's sidekick i've ever seen.
14. Minion. What a fantastic fish!
15. Fred - Drop Dead Fred. We lost two great comedians last year - starting with Rik Mayall. I think what I admire the most about Fred is that he is a jokester and loves to play pranks. The 80's and 90's definitely had a trend going on with Wisecracking Supernatural Beings, and Fred is one of those Wisecracking Supernatural Friend archetypes that I never get tired of.
16. Flabber. Of course I had to put the flabulous phasm himself on this list. You know how much I LOVE Beetleborgs, i've done countless stories based on the House monsters, i've come up with several house monster OCs, heck - I even based the concept of my monster gang on the House Monsters themselves. Flabber will always be my favorite character in the show, because not only is he funny - but there are plenty of times in which he has helped out the kids - especially regarding Magnavore/Crustacean related problems.
17. Barfomolomew/Barf. Well how could I not put him on here? He's played by the late great John Candy. In what I feel is one of his best roles. Also, without him or John Candy in general - my old parody fursona the Werejohncandy wouldn't even have been made to begin with.
18. Ferbus. I'm probably one of the only people who actually didn't mind Saban's Masked Rider, i'm sure there are others out there but still...I feel the show got a bad rep because of serious Toku fans having problems with it as well as the original creator of Kamen Rider having issues with it as well. But to me, I remember fondly enjoying the show especially Ferbus, because he had some really funny moments in a lot of episodes and also could prove himself useful from time to time as well.
19. Mini Me. I forgot to mention this in my above comment, but Ferbus's suit performer was Verne Troyer, and by coinicidence - Troyer also plays Mini Me in the Austin Powers franchise. I LOVE this little guy, he's funny and also has proven to be quite a tough little guy..as you probably know from when he took on Austin in the second movie.
20. Doctor Nefario. Everyone's favorite elderly, slightly hearing impaired mad genius. How can you not love Nefario? He's not only hilarious but also has proven himself useful as well. Funny story, I didn't realize that it was
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