SNIPERS: We are a family Picture

A picture that Pandora always carries with her, it is of her parents and her when she was three.

So about them at this age:
Kyrie (19)
- Hated how feminine he looked
-didn't like that he had natural dark eyebrow and naturally platinum blond hair
- loves his daughter so much he was thinking of quitting the mafia (wasn't allowed to, due to the oath)
- asked Seraphina to marry him when she was 16
- promised Seraphina that she could literally kill him if he ever left her.
- dislikes how his parents are 'to' supportive

Seraphina (18)
- wears Kyrie's jackets
- makes Pandora clothes
- dislikes that Kyrie's family will do everything for them.
- finished highschool with Kyrie
- wears her engagement ring on a necklace just incase a hit is called on Kyrie (his idea to give her the necklace)
- Loves Kyrie so much she is being trained as a mafia gun man
- Loves Greek Mythology
- Loves her daughter

Pandora (3)
- loves her parents
- likes playing in the mansion
- her favourite person in the house is her Aunt Aree
- likes bothering her Uncle Jessy and his girlfriend
- loves to eat grilled cheese and have 'tea' parties with her Nana
- Likes when her Grandfather tells her stories

Kyire, Pandora (c) ~Suicide-101
Seraphina (c) ~CloakedSchemer06
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