Requests: 'PERSONA' Picture

I cheated.
~Xetaja requested my Shin Megami Tensei Persona OC summoning HIS Persona in a battle.
But i really didnt want to draw Yoji so i drew Miwa instead.
Miwa is in =Hamstertastic and i's four-man Persona team in our rp and ive planned to draw her in forever so i had this chance xD
Her design came out less loita-inspired than i originally planned but i still reallyy like it (because i totally had to look up the Yasogami uniform on Google xD)
I hope you like it Xeta! xD Sorry i cheated <3


Name: Miwa Asato
Title: "The Annoying Girl"
Age: 16 years
Haircolor: Brown
Eyecolor: Blue
Persona: Pele (Hawaiian Mythology)
Profession: Student at Yasogami High School
Personality: A peppy, upbeat, charming, cutsey, and all the words relating to such words. She has no issues with saying what she wants no matter what others think. In reality, as a Shadow, she is afraid of people and is very insecure about everything that has to do about her. She isnt that good in battle, with low HP but makes up in her magic and status changing skills.


Persona 4 / Yasogami uniform, etc. © Atlus
Miwa Asato © ~Tesuway-chan

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