He's OLD+LAME, But I luv him Picture

LAMELAMELAME. Even now. But I still hold much luff for him.

He's a REALLY old OC, who name was such utter CRAP, I renamed him.

Lawl. The story behind him was:
Me: LOL lets make a comic! (this was my frosh year, mind thee)
My Friend (lets call him J): LOL Not me, U do et!
M: Wut 'bout thouh?
J: IDK, vampire. U liek vampires.
M: bt then it r b liek evrybody!
J: D8 LOL vampire liek thing?
M: LOL YESH. He be Alucard.
(Oh YES, I thought it was original at the time, but turns out, HOLY CRAP EVERYONE NAMES THEIR VAMPIRE OC ALUCARD! LULZ!)
We were idiots then, and we still are. Thankfully we have matured, just a little bit.

So he was like, a Vampire.
Only not.
He 'wazza blood mage! 8D

I have changed him since then. He's no longer a vampire, but what happens when a vampire tries to turn a person nowhere close to death. (In mythology the person must be close to death in order too be turned.) So he fought off the transformation and became some badass mofo blood mage guy. And over the years became a mob boss for Portland, Oregon.
Why Portland?
Because I know the city layout, and NYC and Chicago are GHEY for one another.
He's a womanizer, but suxxores at it.
He's a retard, but somehow runs a crime ring.
Even though he's a mob boss, he has strict rules. Like no drugs, or Hookers and Blow.
Okay, maybe hookers and blow.
But no drugs.
Becasue thats whut the other vampire thing dude does and they are rivals.

Hair: Midnight Blue (close to black)
Eyes: Royal blue (or Pure black)
skin: light tan. choco creme almost
Coat: navy blue or royal blue. He just likes the color blue.
It could be forest green though.
Shirt: (when he wears one LAWL): black or dark green. Depends on the coat.
Pants: Jeans (dark), or black/dark green slacks) Camo pants when it suits him.
Guns: Handguns, no big bulky things. He also lurves his magnum. IDK what one, but he loves them
Boots: Black or Dark brown.

He was born to his mother, a traveling merchant's daughter, and a spanish lord in the year 16-- ad. He was born with his father's hair, but with his mother's eyes and skin tone. When we was three, his mother died in Ireland and he was abandoned by his uncle on the steps of an old woman's home, (the merchant caravan thought she was a holy woman). The woman turned out to be a pagan practitioner and medicine woman, and he grew up fearing and worshiping the 'fair folk', (Seelie).
At 17 his foster mother died and he chose to become an apothecary. He moved from the country side to a feudal lord's domain and became the head of the castle's medical staff, (if you could call it that). It was at this time he fell in love with the Lord's mistress, the vampiress Morgana.
He reminded her secret lover until he was 23, when they were outed by a young priest. The lord demanded Morgana, to kill him with her 'lover's kiss', (bite).
She couldn't do it, so she chose to turn him. Sadly, he was no where close to death, and thus, fell into a death like coma.
Buried alive, he dug his way out later that light, reborn as a blood mage. Not a vampire, not a man.
The lord fled in terror of Marcus and his newfound powers, and he took with him many of the castle's staff.
Morgana retracted in fear of Marcus, as the only true thing a vampire feared beside true death was a Blood mage, as they could control a vampire's very will.
Thus Marcus was abandoned by both his lover and maker.
He chose to travel to the far east, hoping to find his uncle and family along the way.
He never did find his family, but, he did find he had become un-aging as time passed, though he could still be injured and possible die.
By his 30th year as a Blood mage, he had set up a very nice power structure in Cairo, and remained its unknown, nightly master for almost 100 years. Durring this time he grew to resent that which had made him, and vowed to kill any vampires he would meet.
Around 18--ad, he went to the new world, and set up a vampire hunting clan out of New York.
He remained as its head and leader for many years, despite his own immortal and 'demonic' status.
When a new opportunity arose for him to take power on the west coast, he chose to abandon the clan and make his 'claim' in the west.
He set up a tight power circle of tradesmen, and eventually left that too.
He went into hiding for about 50 years, in which he chose to extend his blood mage powers. It was at this time he accidentally was captured by a group of magicians in Washington, who tried to scalp him. The scars on his head are where the white hair grows, a constant reminder of how, even though he is immortal, he can still be killed.
Around the early 1900s he began setting up gangs and 'clubs' all along the west coat. And thus, remained as his 'families' head for many generations.
With the change of time, he has conformed to the ways, and now deals mainly in rare gems and priceless artwork. Though, that is not to say he hasn't given up many of his less than godly clubs and dealings...
Special Abilities:

Calling Blood: The ability to cause you to bleed to death from even the smallest of wounds
Adrenaline: Can make himself (or others), have a short burst of adrenaline, causing a small short burst or power.
Scent Change: Can use your bodies hormones against you. (Lust, fear, rage, ect)
Vampire Control: Can control any vampire by drinking a small portion of their blood.
Blood lust: Drink the blood of a vampire and, for a short while, gain that vampire's abilities.
Muscle Bound: Allows his muscles to do things no normal human could do. (ie: high jumps, long jumps, free fall w/o a chute)
Blood Weapons: Draw out blood from others, (or himself), and solidify them into weapons.
Iron Blood: Draw out natural minerals in the body to cause chemical reactions that would prove fatal. OR draw out the minerals and solidify them into weapons, (like Blood weapon skill).
Vampire healing: Use the blood of others to heal himself. (human or vampire blood)
Addiction: A latent ability that only works on some people. It causes a person to desire the touch, and power, of a blood mage. Any and all blood mages have this latent skill.
Regrow: Regrow body parts and organs using blood from others.
Replenish: Absorb the blood of others to fuel or heal one's self.

LOL I never said him new name.

Edit: CRAP. I never drew on his shirt OH WELL~

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