Digimon Frontier: Old Robin Picture

Note: Updated with a full body picture, with an updated style.

This is incredibly nostalgic to me. This was the very first human character I ever created meant for the Digimon franchise, back when I first watched Digimon Frontier which inspired me to finally make a human (up to this point, I had only created the two digimon dragon brothers) This character hasn't even been drawn in this outfit for years, which was her original design back then when I created her at the age of 13.

Yes, I know, the Spirits of Lightning hardly seem to make sense considering that the Spirits of Thunder was used in the official series, but I didn't really care about that back then and trying to change it now years later is pretty much pointless. The character was created for the sake of fun, no more, no less.


Character Backstory: The couple of Miss Hunter and Mister Yoshida found themselves in great financial difficulties, both of them suddenly being unemployed just as Hunter had been confirmed to be pregnant. To their collective surprise, they were informed that they were expecting twins, something they hadn't even considered into their calcutations over how to even provide enough care for one child.

Together they decided that in order to ensure that both children would be given proper care, they would give up one of their children for adoption. Not too long after having given birth, Yoshida and Hunter got into contact with a "Miss Yamamoto", a young single woman running her own law office. As Yamamoto was physically incapable of conceiving a child of her own due to medical complications, the couple let Yamamoto adopt their daughter after she had expressed her outmost desire to do so.

Though unbeknownst to Miss Hunter, Yoshida made a deal with Miss Yamamoto outside of their "contract". Yamamoto was to send him money once a month to "help them get back on their feet" and at first, Miss Yamamoto didn't really see any harm with lending a helping hand to a struggling couple with a newborn child.

However, Yamamoto became livid as she learned that Yoshida had been keeping the money all to himself, not using it for the intended purpose of providing for his family. As she threatened to expose Yoshida's desceit, the man attempted to make his escape into the stormy night. He was later found to have died in a car accident, having lost control of the vehicle when driving too fast in the dark and rain.

As she grew up, Robin was aware of her being adopted, but was never informed of the existance of her twin brother. Because of a lingering guilt over having possibly driven Yoshida to his fate, Yamamoto had been uncomfortable with the idea of Robin wanting to meet her blood-related kin. In spite of that, Robin and her brother Ryan finally met face to face in the Digital World, as chosen warriors.

Miss Yamamoto's surname was originally "Eucliffe", but as she found herself being the only decendant left of her bloodline, she had opted to abandon the name ahead of time. Her adopted daughter would later take the original family surname as her own.


Name: Robin Yamamoto/Eucliffe
Nickname: Rob, Yamamoto/Eucliffe-san, Cold jerk(only by a fellow frontier, Cloe)
Gender: Female
Age: 14-15-16 (during the stories she was featured in)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Family: Miss Yamamoto/Eucliffe (adoptive-mother) Ryan Hunter(twin brother)
Trademark: None
Favorite Animal(s): Canines
Favorite Color(s): Black, Green
Personality: Often silent and keeping to herself, Robin is rarely the first one to start a conversation but is usually the first one to end it. After having been very shy and quiet growing up, she had trouble socializing with people of her own age, and she proved to favor solitude more than the company of people.

At first sight, she might appear arrogant, but her offhand manner disguises a deep capacity for friendship. Her devotion and loyalty have few equals, as she bonds very strongly to those that manages to earn her friendship. Robin is fiercely protective and spares little mercy for those that dare to bring any shape of harm upon those she cares for. It is said that Robin can smile, but she never laughs.

Likes: Peace and quiet, solitude, chocolates
Dislikes: Crowds, rude people, failure, bitter foods
Interests: Mythology, Fencing
Spirit: Lightning
D-Scanner Color: Black and Green


Spirit Forms

Chosen Warrior: Robin
Pico Spirit: Kleindramon
Human Spirit: Gramon
Beast Spirit: Donnermon
Z-type Spirit:
Ancient Spirit:


I don't own the Digimon franchise.
I own the character of Robin Yamamoto.
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