Akiko lady of flames Picture

well Akiko is yukiko's twin sister ,Akiko's tribe or race are unknown but she certanly's not a human or a spirit!
APPEARANCE:Akiko is a beautyful young woman ,she looks about 17(but man is she old),she has shining red eyes that glow in the twilight and coal black long,long hair.
She's usually seen wearing black-red noblewomans clothes
in different shapes.she has strange sticks hanging on her hair with sacred beads and other strange objects(i'm describing this from a human prespective) and a red glowing mark on the center of her forehead.
PERSONALITY:Akiko never shows herself to humans because she hates them (when she was a child and got lost from her guardians humans found her,got scared and tried to sacrifice her to the mountain god,for some rain akiko scared and shocked unable to control her powers burned them all and that area( plants still can't grow there)she was found by a monk who sealed her true powers into a gem now attached to her neck)anyways she is a fearful warrior and has a short temper,and is realy cruel to her enemys,she trusts noone except her loyal followers(fire spirits,famillias...) and animals.But her real personality is a shocker,in company of her sister or warriordemons she acts respectfull but in reallity she's really a loudmouth tomboy,who's really agressive and has a male's ego(hmm a woman who has a male ego can you imagine that,actually imagine if she met inuyasha) and hmm (she's kinda a shovinist)
The only person that she loves is her twin sister whom she was seperated in a early age.
POWERS:Akiko and yukiko are noted in the asian mythology as yin and yang.while yukiko's powers are connected with air and water,akiko's powers are connected with fire and earth
for example she controls fire itself,and earth ,she can materialize a weapon instantly connecting earth and fire making a great blade called(denkou) she can burn life in a blink of an eye!she can control lightnings make lava move ,making rocks move,and she has a fire breath(that's all i can think of right now)she can fly with the help of her fammiliar a giant fire eagle.While her sister has masterd her telephatic abbilities akiko masterd her physical abbilities.
HER HABITATION:both her and her sister have a great weakness they have to hibernate for 10 years so both of them have their centre of protection akiko has a masion like house made of lava and rocks hidden inside of a crater

UMM well when i made my character yukiko my best friend nina asked me to make a character of herown and she really likes fire and colors black and red so i made her a character with her instuctions for the look!And we made our own inuyasha fanstory!!
My thanks to you deviant art brush makers who made some brushes i used but i dont remember what were your names but i will find out soon so please dont be mad and when i do i am going to make a proper credit
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