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So what's this? It's basically the map of Singapore's Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) where each station has a mascot representing the region. Their personality, jobs and behaviour are all centered around the facilities near the station. Though not 100% accurate, I hope you have fun reading the description. Feel free to share/add on in the comments.

A few more stations have yet to be represented on the map (:

Credit: SMRT and SBS for stations and background map

Detailed description:

EDIT (8 APR 2015): Currently working on...…
Telok Ayer
Fort Canning
Jalan Besar (?)
Bukit Brown
Kaki Bukit
Bedok Town Park
Hume Avenue
Bedok Resevoir
Tampines West
Tampines East
Upper Changi
Bras Basah
Bukit Batok
Kampong Bahru
Sungei Kadut
Geylang Bahru
Tuas (as one persona)
Marina South Pier

East West Line

Pasir Ris

Male, Teenager

Fun-loving Pasir Ris houses Downtown East which has attractions like Wild Wild Wet, E!Hub and the old Escape Theme Park. However, previous slashing cases there revealed that Pasir Ris has a reckless side. He is obsessed with cycling; his station is decked with numerous bicycles. His name refers to “sand”, hence his mall (and pet Starfish) is called “White Sands”. His residents also enjoy the mangrove-rich Pasir Ris Park. Pasir Ris often invites Tampines and Simei for BBQs and stay overs at his chalets. Together, the friends are called the 'Easties'.


Female, Teenager

Tampines, the pleasant girl, has a huge plot of land that was formerly a fishing village (the fish farms relocated to Pasir Ris). Nicknamed 'Orchard’s little sister', she loves shopping and houses 3 huge malls: Tampines Mall, Century Square, and Tampines 1. They are found in the “Tampines Regional Centre”, the first and most established of its kind. Tampines was named after the nearly extinct “Tampinis Tree” which appears at the back of Singapore’s $5 note.


Female, Teenager

Named after 'four beauties' of ancient Chinese folklore, Simei dons a Chinese qipao. She is demure and caring as she visit the sick in Changi General Hospital. Simei used to hold a lot of pet shops in East Point, and has a beige dog. Among the Easties, Simei is the quietest as she does not fancy large attractions.

Tanah merah

Female, Golfer

Tanah Merah is a rich sportswomen who loves golf and has many golf courses. Her hobby stems from the nearby facilities namely: Tanah Merah Country Club, National Service Resort and Country Club, Laguna National Gold and Country Club and Singapore Armed Forces Yatch Club. Tanah Merah means “Red soil” in malay; she used to be a hilly area with 2 cliffs (Tanah Merah Besar and Tanah Merah Kechil). She used to be a fishing village. Soil from her hills was used to create the East Coast. Tanah Merah is also connected to Bintan, Indonesia though a ferry terminal.


Male, Salesman

Expo is a busy, hardworking product promoter. He has 6 huge halls that are frequently used for events such at the annual IT fair or book/anime conventions. Expo is a close business partner with Changi Airport, as both parties rely on tourists. Although, he sometimes persuades Changi Airport to buy worthless things. Apart from Changi Airport and people who visit his conventions, Expo does not have much relationship with the others.

Changi Airport

Male, unknown, Pilot

From an Ex-POW (Changi Prison), Changi Airport became an aspiring pilot. He loves telling ghost stories in his area and has a ghost buddy with a mallet that no one else can see. Time in prison had caused him to develop OCD and tighten securities in fear of terrorism. He also keeps his toilets exceptionally clean (and he forces Expo to help him). Now, Changi Airport basks in international fame and 18oC air-condition. Outside, his area consists of old, low-rise buildings, narrow roads and large palm trees.


Male, Social Worker

A warm-hearted person, Bedok cares for the last fortunate in Lions for the Elders. His name was derived from Bedoh, which in Malay means 'drums used in mosques for prayers or to sound alarms'. His has hilly areas, so many structures are built on these high grounds. Bedok is considered relatively old. He frequents Bedok Point’s Banquet for lunch with his childhood crush and neighbor, Kembangan.


Female, Social Worker

Like Bedok, Kemebangan has a big heart, with her community centre located in close proximity to her station. Kembangan also visits the Taman Kembangan Playground, a huge fitness park in which her residents go to for sports and recreation to stay fit. She is still largely influenced by its Malays heritage with ample “Jalan”s and “Lorong”s in her street names. Kembangan Plaza houses many shops as well. Kembangan has begun to realise Bedok’s feelings for her.


Male, Mentor

Eunos is a devout muslim with a penchant for reforming others. He visits the Masjid Darul Aman on Fridays and Joo Chiat Complex on Saturdays and goes to Geylang to teach Aljunied how to be a good person. Eunos has some interest in the industrial sector, and has made deals to buy cars from Ubi, the car dealer.

Paya Lebar

Male, Postman/soldier

Paya Lebar delivers letters to people and his major landmark is the spaceship-like building called Singpost, that doubles as a shopping centre. Much of his silent, awkward behaviour stems from his recent infrastructural changes causing parallel roads to be curved when the Circle Line was built. He does not have many friends apart from a pig from one of the demolished pig farms. Paya Lebar also works at the Paya Lebar Air Base with the boisterous Dakota.


Male, AhLong/Loanshark

Aljunied, infamously known as “Geylang” (an old-time red light district), is a delinquent and bully who tells others “O$P$”. He would pester his neighbours by lying around on the floor in their way. Aljunied dislikes his modern friends, choosing to stick to the old ways. However, his great food makes up for the flaws.


Male, Karang Guni

Kallang may not be rich but he enjoys fishing at the Kallang basin in Kallang Riverside Park. He likes Lavender, who lives on the opposite side of the basin.


Female, Clerk

As Old-fashioned as she may be, Lavender is the voice of reason in the East-West community. She houses the Immigration Checkpoint Authority Building and is in a relationship with Kallang.


Male to Female, Transgender Salegirl(boy)

Bugis is a transgender who sells crafts (like badges, bags etc) in push-carts for a living, but often at exorbitant prices at Bugis Junction and Illuma. Fortunately, she offers cheaper alternatives in Bugis Street, which showed her affinity to youth and Korean culture. Easy access to the National Library Building makes her well-read. Her home was once a popular transvestite meeting place.

City Hall

Female, Lawyer

Serious and down-to-earth, City Hall (a graduate of Singapore Academy of Law) is on the job in the Supreme Court and Singapore Mediation Centre, keeping peace and justice. At times, She is tired with her competitive neighbour, Raffles Place. As a Central Business District member, she is wealthy and was part of the team of F1 Race Hosts, offering her land for part of the race track.

Raffles Place

Male, Banker

Raffles Place, named after the founder of Singapore, is the moneymaking hub of the island. He houses many banks and MNCs. And is competitive with City Hall. Despite the bickering, he does harbor feelings towards City Hall, having a common place in both the EW line and NS line. He was part of the team of F1 Race Hosts.

Tanjong Pagar

Male, Sepoy

Previously home to his fellow Sepoys (thus explaining his headgear), Tanjong Pagar loves history. However, the loss of Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Railway had left him heart-broken. Tanjong pagar houses the Tanjong Pagar Plaza, MAS building, CPF building, and many residential houses with his characteristic spiral staircases. Tanjong Pagar’s name is malay for “Cape of stakes” as he previously set up Kelongs (fishing traps) along his shores. This was from the Malay legend of Hang Nadim who advised the Sri Maharajah to built a barricade of banana stems to trap swordfishes.

Outram Park

Female, Nurse

Outram Park could possible be the medical hub of Singapore, with buildings such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore Medical Association, Health Science Authority Building, National Heart Centre, Singapore Eye Centre, and National Dental Care Centre. Her closest mall is Pearl Centre. Outram Park treasures history as seen by the installations in her station. She shares her interest in history with Tanjong Pagar.

Tiong Bahru

Male, Hawker

Tiong Bahru is an avid foodie who works in Tiong Bahru Plaza, gathering recipes all around Singapore to become a master chef. The plaza is decked with delicious food and green signs matchings the EW line signages. Tiong Bahru enjoys living and eating with Red Hill in Central West Singapore.

Red Hill

Female, Singaporean foodie

Known for her silly gaudy fashion of red themed HDB flats and commercial buildings, Red Hill or Bukit Merah is an eccentric woman who is Tiong Bahru’s kaki, and together they go around Singapore to be food tasters. She houses the Red Hill market.


Female, Taitai/Expatriate(?)

Queenstown was named after Queen Elizabeth to mark her coronation in 1952. She has a large family consisting of Commonwealth, Buona Vista, Dover, one-North, Kent Ridge, Haw Par Villa, and Pasir Panjang. Being the first satellite HDB estate, she was comprised of mainly 2-room and 3-room flats and is dominated by the elderly. She is really old (don't ask her age). Currently, she houses the most expensive condominiums, and up-class expatriates like those in Adam Road. Queenstown’s home includes Anchorpoint.


Male, Expatriate

Named after the Commonwealth of nations and part of Queentown's family, Commonwealth stays next to Faith Methodist Church. He is a residential district for expatriates along with Sixth Avenue and Farrer Road, and is a close friend of Holland Village (the café waitress) and Portsdown (the creative designer- not shown).

Buona Vista

Female, Biomedical Teacher

Buona Vista is a strict teacher and part of the education trio. The Ministry of Education and educational institutes like NUS, and ACJC, Secondary, Primary and International Schools are under her care. She mentors Dover and works in Biopolis alongside one-North's Fusionpolis.


Female, Graduate

Dover, the prodigy, is a member of the education trio and Singapore Polytechnic. She look as fragile as her glass-covered MRT station, and is soft-spoken. Dover is tutored by Buona Vista and is ever curious and receptive to new ideas.


Male, Hipster

The last of the education trio, Clementi, houses NUS, SP and NP. Named after Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, a Chinese scholar and governor of the traits Settlements, Clementi frequents Clementi Mall and Masjid Tentera Diraja. His treasured but lost possession is his sparrow playground (embedded on his scarf). He is fascinated by Jurong East.

Jurong East

Male, Scientist

They call him a mad scientist, and that's understandable considering all the cool facilities he has, such as the Singapore Science Center, JTC’s auditorium, and iHub. He also has a swimming complex with crazy high slides, and Singapore’s only ice-skating rink, Snow City. His criss-crossed designed mall called JCube resembles a hypercube.

Chinese Garden

Male, Garderner

Chinese Garden’s love for planting developed into a career. His childhood involved meeting a girl in blue at the lake who he has yet to figure out is his friend, Lake Side.

Lake Side

Female, Water Mythical Creature

Lakeside is the girl in a blue. She shares Jurong Lake with Chinese Garden and enjoys peaceful afternoons in the Twin Pagoda towers. She also has Lakeview square mall.

Boon Lay

Female, Chinese, Animal-watcher

Named after Mr Chew Boon Lay, a businessman with a rubber plantation, the hyperactive and nature-loving Boon Lay (AKA the jungle lady) is popular for housing birds in Jurong Bird Park and reptiles in Jurong Reptile Park. This explains her ranger costume and animalistic behavior, which can freak others out. She houses Jurong Point which has a loop and star logo. She was raised by Pioneer and Joo Koon.


Female, Engineer

Pioneer is an engineer in Singapore’s first and largest industrial estate under Jurong Town Corporation (JTC). The estate contains industries like oil, chemicals, manufacturing, engineering. She frequents Pioneer Mall, Nanyang Community Centre and City Harvest Church. She works in Jurong Industrial Park with Joo Koon and is motherly towards the energetic Boon Lay.

Joo Koon

Male, Industrial-related

Saracastic and dry, the loner Joo Koon is so far away, his only friend are Tuas and Pioneer, who is his partner in Jurong Industrial Park. Joo Koon is fascinated by the Singapore Discovery Centre; he reminisces his NS days as he has the Army museum and Pasir Laba Camp, Specialist Cadet School and Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute.

North East Line


Male, Lighthouse man

An honourable man, Harbourfront is known for housing Superstar cruises and his sky is filled with cable cars to Sentosa Island. He has two hangouts - the old Harbourfront mall and new Vivo City. Harbourfront has taken a liking to his newest neighbours, Marina Bay and family.

Kampong Bahru

Male, Seaside food seller

Kampong Bahru's shophouses contrasts the new buildings in the area near Mount Faber Hill and Keppel Harbour. Kampong Bahru is known for his Yong Tau Fu and Fishball Noddles. His major landmark is Spottiswoode Park. He has yet to appear on the MRT map.


Female, Texile Shopkeeper

No doubt, everyone knows Chinatown- the strongwilled woman, called “Niu Che Shui”. She preserved history through her station's calligraphy tiles and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Yet she has foresight and developed Chinatown Point and renovated her shophouses (Chinatown has about 1200 conserved buildings). She has many textile shops and tourist goods and shares a meaningful childhood history with Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay

Male, Street performer

The assortment of colourful shophouses in the Trader’s Market and historical statues like Sir Stamford Raffles along Singapore River are what defines Clarke Quay. He has boat tours and once hosted the Singapore Duck Race. Delicious seafood, fountains, and guest performers coupled with a warm dining ambience makes him attractive, although he is comically egotistical. This does upset Chinatown but the two do pursue a deeper relationship.

Dhoby Ghaut

Female, Filmmaker

The Dhobi Ghats of Mumbai India who washed clothes with the river and stones, led to Dhoby Ghaut's naming. In addition to hosting 2 lines (NS, NE and CC), she houses Plaza Singapura and Cathay Cineplex, where she aspires to be a filmmaker. Dhoby Ghaut's importance is seen in the National Museum and the Istana, where the president of Singapore resides in.

Little India

Male, Mustafa Shopkeeper

Densely populated but famous, Little India boasts of cheap bargains in Mustafa, and shops that sell garlands and silk saris. He houses the Indian Temple. Little India is the self-proclaimed father of the Indian quartet- with Dhoby Ghaut, Farrer Park and Boon Keng. It was here that the first Indian immigrants arrived and took up civil service positions under the British.

Farrer Park

Male, Motorcycle racer

Farrer Park Stadium, the first race track, was where historical athletes were born. Competitive and sporty, Farrer Park is an athlete and the most outspoken of the Indian Quartet. He also houses the Hindu Centre as well as delicious Ba Kuh Teh.

Boon Keng

Female, Sikh ritual practitioner

The traditional Boon Keng often visits the Central Sikh Gurdwar and Bendemeer Shopping mall. She often escorts Little India around town.

Potong Pasir

Male, Teenager

Residential district Potong Pasir has private property on one side and HDBs on the other. He is longest-held area by opposition party member Chiam See Tong. Previously filled with sand quarries, vegetable farming areas, as well as floods, he is now known for large green areas and HDB flats with sloped roofs. He is a brother to Woodleigh and Caldecott, and “son” of Toa Payoh and Braddell.


Male, Teenager

Dominated by Woodleigh Park and condominiums, the green town Woodleigh has a sparse population. Hence, his station was closed for 8 years and only opened on June 20, 2011. He is the brother of Caldecott and Potong Pasir and son of Toa Payoh and Braddell. He is Serangoon's schoolmate.


Male, Teenager

Serangoon isnamed after the Rangon bird, earning a nickname of being the “bird brain”. The spaced-out guy stones around Nex. He is close to Hougang and Sengkang, forming the Northeast trio. He develops a liking for Hougang, but is indifferent to Seng Kang’s attitude. Unfortunately, he has a annoying "fan girl”, Kovan.


Female, Cutiepie

Small but aggressive, Kovan is the fan girl who clings to Serangoon, as their areas overlap, much to Serangoon’s dismay. Kovan loves everything she sees, thus her mall was dubbed ‘Heartland’ Mall (lol, just kidding). Her station has clover imprints on the floors.


Female, Girl Next Door

Hougang is bright but confused as she is/was governed by both the People’s Action Party and the Workers Party. Because of her dedication to two parties, she became a mediator for squabbles between Serangoon and Sengkang. Hougang means “back of the river” (in Hokkien, “Ow Kang”). She is mostly of Hokkien and Teow Chew descent, and visits Hougang Mall.


Male, Plantation worker

Rubber plantations-rich Buangkok carries a tyre around. He is dedication to Hougang due to the fact that they were formerly together, in the 1928s, until the British cordoned off him off, and called him “Trafalgar”. He was then locked in the Institute of Mental Health, where he became upset, cold and psychopathic to others, except Hougang. Along Kampong Lorong is Kampong Buangkok (the last kampong in Singapore).


Male, Sailor boy

Sengkang, or 'prosperous harbor' in Chinese, was once a fishing port along Sungei Serangoon. He is now a highly populated residential area. His handout spot is Compasspoint, a nautical-inspired mall. While tactless and rash, Sengkang shares deep sentiments to those who he is close to, including his godsister Punggol, but is at odds with the elder Serangoon.


Female, Sailor girl

Punggol, the ultimate Northeastern and waterfront-housing district, is child-like and modern. She enjoys walking in Punggol park and celebrating events in Punggol Waterway and Punggol Promenade. Her hair clip was design from her name, which means "the action of hurling sticks to branches to loosen fruits”. Punggol is timid, afraid of dogs, and clings around Sengkang.

North South Line

Marina Bay

Female, Toddler

New constructions are why Marina Bay resembles a child (layers of makeovers). She loves flying kites in the Marina Barrage with her ‘parents’, Downtown and Bayfront. But much to everyone’s disgust, she enjoys NEWater (aka sewage water cleansed by reverse osmosis technology) which she claims is finely-filtered. No one really believes her, until she forces them to drink some. Her floating platform was used in F1 and National Day Parade 2011. Tanjong Pagar and Harbourfront have a comical and competitive liking towards her.


Female, Skater/Dancer

Relaxful Somerset spends her day at 313 Somerset and Scape Park with fast food, breakdancing and skateboarding. She is a shopping kaki to Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut, thus forming a shopping belt in the Central Business District. She is more reserved than Orchard, having buildings older than Orchard's. Somerset was formerly a place for Chinese residences, plantations and graveyards.


Female, Shoppaholic

No one can out-shop Orchard, the former nutmeg plantation grounds. Fabulously-clad Orchard can sprint from Ngee Ann City to Ion Orchard; then to Tangs, Wheelocks, Shaw House, and not forgetting every Filipino’s favourite- Lucky Plaza. Her peak period is the Great Singapore Sales, and the festivals which are times for great makeovers.


Male, Hawker

Newton hopes to outcompete Tiong Bahru, Mountbatten and even Holland Village as the ultimate food hub (famous sambal stringray and sup tulang). However Newton Hawker Centre's food is often overcharged. In addition, a confusing Newton Circus often leads his customers away from him. Although he is self-centered like Orchard, he is thrifty. He resides near to Goldbell Tower, as well as PUB and Ministry of Environment. Named after Howard Newton, a British engineer, he was previously a nutmeg plantation and cemetery.


Female, Nun

Named after Novena Catholic Church on Thomson Road, Novena the nun resides in the chapel. She houses many religious buildings and private housing and condominium. Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Novena Square and Novena square 2, are within her vicinity. She is safe, as she has the Singapore Police Force Headquarters on Irawaddy Road. She is fond of the Toa Payoh family.


Male, Dad

Major housing district, Braddell is Toa Payoh’s subset and henpecked husband. Once a bum living the squatters, Toa Payoh's development plans changed his ‘life’ forever. He now houses Bradell Heights CC.

Toa Payoh

Female, Mom

Named 'big swamp' in hokkien, Toa Payoh was a squatter-turned- satellite public housing district. Her new place includes Toa Payoh Town Center and HDB hub. Her constantly evolving nature is also seen in her fast changing temperament. Queen Elizabeth II visited her twice. After a proposal at Toa Payoh Town Park Viewing Tower, she married Braddel and had 3 children: Caldecott, Potong Pasir and Woodleigh


Male, Ghost?

Previously 'Kampong San Theng', housing Hokkiens and their famous sesame oil and noodles, Bishan and his Junction 8 is geographically central. However, he is cemetery past make him auspicious. Marymount, the domestic helper is the only one residing with him.

Ang Mo Kio

Female, Ex-gangster

The redheaded Ang Mo Kio is the stereotyped red haired Caucasian (ang mors)- like “ redtomatoes”, or in Hokkien, “Ang Mo Kio”! Alternatively, her name might mean “large and prosperous bridge”. S11, Ang Mo Kio Hub and Ang Mo Kio Park are her trademarks. She was a gang leader, who defended Yio Chu Kang from other gang members. She currently serves Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong- her kampong and PAP spirit being one of the strongest still.

Yio Chu Kang

Male, Grassroots Member

Grassroots club member, Yio Chu Kang is a meek individual who also is disliked by Potong Pasir (opposition), and Aljunied (gang members) He befriended Ang Mo Kio. His landmark is Yio Chu Kang swimming complex.


Male, Sportsman

The small sized hockey-loving Khatib is a subset and little “brother” of Yishun. The brothers wear matching jackets and hopes Yishun would see him as a respectable equal. He is a part time worker at Khatib Central, secretly an enlistee in Khatib Camp and enjoys fishing at Bottle Tree Park.


Male, Sportsman

Sports-lover Yishun has a swimming complex, stadium and sports hall (and Orchard Country Club) in close proximity. The competitive guy trains Khatib and declares sport-offs with Stadium. Yishun frequents Yishun Ten Complex and Northpoint and was formerly called Nee Soon (From Lim Nee Soon who owned rubber plantations there)


Male, Dream figure

The swampy underveloped area is SAG's training ground. Simpang will become housing estate once Punggol becomes saturated. He has appeared in Punggol’s dreams, helping her develop life as a residential district that he desires.


Female, Port controller

The quiet and lethargic Ultimate Northerner, Sembawang was named after the Sembawang tree. She was a naval base for the British. Colonial barracks built in their area were called black-and-white houses. Today, She works under Sembcorp in Sembawang Shipyard as a ship traffic officer and befriends the seahorse mascot. She loves the bottle tree park, Sun Plaza and Food Xchange @ Admiralty; hence she likes Admiralty.


Male, Kid

The youngest Northern sibling, Admiralty is serious and dislikes taking showers or getting bossed around by his sisters. He houses 888 plaza and Admiralty Park.


Female, Customs Officer

Known for her ties with Johor Bahru, custom officer Woodlands tries to ease the jam at the Causeway. The oldest Northern sibling was named after rubber plantations, not woods. Leisure consists of Causeway point and Vista point. She preserved Malay and Chinese cultures in Woodlands Town Garden, knows first aid (Red Cross) and has the KTM railway in her vicinity.


Female, Kid

The middle Northern sibling, Marsilng, was once infected with dengue and inhaled smoke from a fire. She has Western influence from the British Council and Singapore American School. Despite her frail nature, she is happy.


Male, Horse racer

Known for horse racing, Kranji houses the Tote Board and Singapore Turf Club. The WWII veteran's landmark is Kranji War Memorial, which commemorates the death of his friends Allied soldiers in the Battle of Singapore, one of which is still alive (Labrador Park). Previously a Prisoner of War Camp during the Japanese occupation, Kranji’s home was where his Allied friends were tortured; this left a scar on Kranji's back. His name was inspired by the Kranji tree.

Sungei Kadut

Male, Fireman

Fireman Sungei Kadut's industrial area houses furniture and milling factories. Some companies include Solid Steel Construction and Kenwood Industries. The wood is prone to catching fire, and he once saved Marsiling’s life once. Sugeni (river) Kadut (sack cloth) refers to the river that flows through Woodlands and end in Bukit Timah.

Yew Tee

Female, Oil extractor

"Da Jie" Yew Tee is the Western clan master, Choa Chu Kang’s “wife”. Meaning “oil pond” in Teow Chew, the duck and chicken farmer stored oil during the Japanese Occupation. Her current landmarks are Yew Tee point and Yew Tee CC.

Choa Chu Kang

Male, Village leader

Western clan master, "Lao Da" Choa Chu Kang was the village’s hero for killing tigers that infested the West with his bare hands. Kang (river) Chu (clan) refers to the Chinese immigrants that the Sultan of Johor hired to plant gambier and paper along the River Banks. He married Yew Tee, and had LRT 'children' (collectively, the Chu clan). Now, Choa Chu Kang has Lot 1.

Bukit Gombak

Female, Rock Mythological figure

Mysterious girl, Bukit Gombak appears at “Little Guilin” (Bukit Batok) town park, which has a large granite rock sitting in a lake, popular with photographers and wedding couples. The park was developed form an abandoned granite quarry. In her vicinity is Hong Kah North CC.

Bukit Batok

Bukit Batok, Miner

Derived from “granite hill” in Malay, Bukit Batok mines large granite quarries. “Batok” could have also meant coconuts (Javanese) or coughs (explosives used in the quarries, Malay). Housing West Mall, Bukit Batok has a large family that includes Bukit Gombak and Hillview.

Circle Line

Telok Blangah

Male, Herbs specialist

Nature-loving, Telok 'Cooking Pot" Blangah had scavenge the Southern Ridges for the finest ingredients to make herbs. His iconic insignias include Henderson waves, Alexandra Arch, Hort Park and Mount Faber. Telok Blangah has a Jewel Box containing old cable cars models from his companion, Harbourfront.

Labrador Park

Male, Soldier

Allied veteran, Labrador Park is always keen to give a tour of his WWII military equipments, though they were, to his dismay, uselessly pointing South while Japanese attacked from the North. He is a close ally of Pasir Panjang and Kranji.

Pasir Panjang

Male, Ex-Soldier

Meaning "long sand" Pasir Panjang was once addicted to opium. His costume and 'Reflections @ Bukit Chandu' were inspired by his hero, named Second Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi, who did not give up in the battle of Pasir Panjang. Pasir Panjang now works with container shipments, supporting the economy’s import and export management.

Haw Par Villa

Female, Mythical story teller

The malicious and gruesome Haw Par Villa depicts telling tales of unsettling Chinese myths. She has a pet dragon and houses sculptures depicting nudity and violence; yet many were intrigued by them. The auspicious old lady is backwards in her thinking, and despises her technologically-advanced neighbours, Kent Ridge and One North.

Kent Ridge

Female, University student

NUS medical student and tofu-lover, Kent Ridge also works in NUH. She seeks for a good work-social life balance, unlike her friend, one-North who is accustomed to long hours. Together, they work under Buona Vista’s guidance.


Male, Infocomms Researcher

The remarkable infocomms researcher named one-North works at A*Star's Fusionpolis. As the “geek” of the West, he works with Buono Vista (who works at Biopolis) and does not mind overtime in the Laboratory. His name is the only one that is not capitalized. No one really knows why…

Holland Village

Female, Waitress

Inspired by Hugh Holland, the architect, Holland Village is not Dutch, although Holland V Shopping mall's windmills suggest otherwise. Dubbed the 'bohemian enclave', her restaurants, cafes, international schools and private recreational clubs, provide the unconventional lifestyle that expatriates seek. As the live of the party, she encouraged Farrer Road, Commonwealth and Sixth Avenue to host homes for these expatriates.

Farrer Road

Male, Student

Uptown residential district, Farrer Road is classy. Hie residents frequently visit Holland Village. He is also close to Commonwealth and Sixth Avenue.

Bontanic Gardens

Female, Gardener

The lush green, Botanic Gardens, is graceful and sweet. Founded in 1859, by Sir Stamford Raffles (a keen botanist), the 74-hectare gardens feature many heritage tress and ecological tours. One of her top attractive features is the National Orchid Garden that features over 1000 species of orchids and 2000 hybrid species. She has 3 lakes: Eco lake, Symphony lake and Swan lake.

*Bukit Brown

Unknown, Ghost

Filled with statues of Sikh guards, Bukit Brown Cemetery, also called Kopi Sua or Coffee Hill, was named after George Henry Brown who was the first owner of the Chinese Cemetery. He was previously under the threat of being cleared in the 1970s, but was not and is now filled with wildlife. The station has yet to open.


Female, Mediacorp Journalist

Sensationalist gossiper, Caldecott works for Mediacorp (on Caldecott Hill). While socially disliked, she is treasured as a member of the Toa Payoh family. The Singapore Polo Club member is an active social worker under the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and Mount Alvernia Hospital.


Female, Domestic Helper

Shunfu, or Marymount is Bishan's domestic helper. She cares of “ah ma” in Little Sister of the Poor Home for The Aged and sends “boy boy” to RJC. Thomson CC and Shunfu Mart are for groceries. Marymout has a great view of MacRitchie Resevoir. She likes, Kaki Bukit, the contractor, and finds excuses to get the weekends off.

Lorong Chuan

Female, Translator

'Local girl with a foreign accent'. Situated near Stamford American International School and Autralian International School, Lorong Chuan can code switch. Her life is tightly linked with Ang Mo Kio's.


Male, Nepalese, Gurkha

Highly disciplined and dedicated, Bartley the Gurkha is often assisting Changi Airport, Raffles Place and other important districts on the look out for terrorists; he was once involved in search for Mas Selemat, the terrorist. He dons the Hat Terai Gurkha and weapons and stays in the Gurkha Cantonment (or Mount Vernon Camp). Despite the tough exterior, he loves the cute animals in SPCA at Mount Vernon Road.

Tai Seng

Female, MNC leader

At the hub of an industrial estate, lady boss Tai Seng is a workaholic and has a stringent policy of punctuality. She is often seen hiring the help Ubi, the salesman and Kaki Bukit, the contractor. She attracts large companies like Singtel, Charles and Keith, Da Vinci, Siix, and Singapore Technologies. Let's not forget Sakae Sushi.


Male, Imposter

Impersonating Lieutenant Colonel Ronald MacPherson who built St Andrew’s Cathedral near City Hall, Macpherson is a random cool person. His station is actually not on MacPherson Road but sandwiched between Ubi and Mattar. On the West he shares the Eastern half of Circuit Road with Mattar and on the East are the industrial zones of Ubi.


Female, Pilot Girl

With a fiery personality and a short fuse, Dakota was named after the loud Dakota DC-3 aircraft which often landed in the old Kallang Airport. She overshadows her coworker at Paya Lebar Air Base, Paya Lebar and vowed to get him to speak out more. She visits Old Airport Road where Mountbatten works at.


Male, Hawker

As a hawker at Old Airport road, Mountbatten sells delicious treats like beancurd. The Marine Parade member communicates by sign language in the Singapore Association for the Deaf and contributes to Jamiyah’s Children Home. He is very close to Dakota and his frequent customer is the hungry sportsman, Stadium.


Male, Sportsman

A soccer fanatic, Stadium houses the National stadium, Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore Indoor Stadium and Singapore Sports Council. He is skilled in Soccer, Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Dragon Boating and Bowling. He has a huge appetite and regularly pesters Mountbatten for food.

Nicoll Highway

Female, Shopkeeper

From squatters, Nicoll Highway has developed, despite a construction mishap on 20 April 2004. Nicoll shares Beach Road with Bugis and lives across the Kallang Basin from Stadium. Her landmarks include the octagonal Concourse, Thai-favourite Golden Mile Complex, and army equipment-stocked Keypoint. Nicoll confides with her best friend, Promenade


Female, Student

Promenade likes shopping but loves Esplanade, wishing to one day “unite” with him. The dreamy girl, would bring him to the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City to make that wish, or ride in the Singapore Flyer. She is located near the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and Marina Promenade, a beautiful walkway along Marina Bay. Promenade's F1 pit signalled the start and end of F1.


Male, Tuba player

Ditzy and clumsy musician, Esplanade made many performances with his tuba. His spiky hair resembles the durian shaped building. He shares Suntec City with Promenade, and is close to City Link Mall and Marina Centre Holdings. He helped host F1.

Bras Basah

Female, Artist

Artist hang out spot, Bras Basah is a bright SMU student. She contributed to Singapore Arts Musuem, YMS Art Centre and Singapore Calligraphy Centre and got her books and art tools from Bras Basah Complex.


Female, Concierge

Bayfront is a Marina Bay Sands concierge. She loves walks in Gardens by the Bay. Bayfront Avenue, links Promenade with Marina Bay, is her name's origin. She is Downtown’s wife and the mother of Marina Bay, forming the Marina Bay family.

Downtown Line

Bukit Panjang

Male, Student

Chu clan member and Central North Westerner, Bukit Panjang, means “long hill” in Malay. He houses Bukit Panjang Plaza and Bukit Panjang Park. Being raised in a strict and loving family he has been groomed for success but his attention often drifts to his troubled friend, Cashew.


Male, Troubled Youth

As with Hazel, Chestnut and Almond, Cashew houses large terraces and condominiums. The troubled youth and orphan resides in Boys’ Town Singapore (founded by Brother Vincent), a home for troubled youths and attends Assumption English School. He met Bukit Panjang through community service projects at the home and two became close friends.


Male, NSF

Bukit Batok's child, Hillview is a rich residential district looking over Bukit Timah Hill and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Hillview visits the Singapore Quarry in Dairy Farm Nature Park to see the Little Grebe. The military fanatic is near the Ministry of Defence in Hillview Camp. He shops at the Rail Mall 442 (named from Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Railway)

*Hume Avenue

Male, War Veteran

Hume Avenue is a Japanese soldier lingering at the Old Ford Motor Factory, the national monument where the Japanese surrendered in WWII.

Beauty World

Female, Sightseer

Beauty World who frequented Beauty World amusement park, was lost when the park was demolished due to fire hazards in the 1980s. She now finds amusement at Beauty World Plaza and befriended King Albert Park. Her area is connected to the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Railway.

King Albert Park

Male, Park attendant

Commercial district, King Albert Park was known for McDonalds Place (the HQ of Singapore’s McDonalds with life-sized McDonald cast figurines). After it was sold to Ozyley Holdings and demolished for condominiums, King Albert's loss was recovered upon meeting Beauty World who shared a similar experience. He now visits Bukit Timah Plaza. The Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Railway passes his area.

Sixth Avenue

Female, Expatriate

Sixth Avenue, unlike the first five siblings, links Bukit Timah Road with Holland Road. As part of the Holland district, her condominiums houses many expatriates (who visit Holland Village), similar to Farrer Road and Commonwealth.

Tan Kah Kee

Male, Student

Tan Kah Kee (name from the man who donated the land for Hwa Chong Instution), was where many of the colonial royalists used to stay (such as Duchess Avenue). He is Stevens’ intellectual ‘elder brother’.


Female, Student

Raffles Town Club member and condominium district, Stevens is a student at Singapore Chinese Girls School, wearing a distinctive sleeveless pinafore. Nearby, Whitley Road Detention Centre was where the terrorist Mas Selemat escaped. During the manhunt period, Bartley, the Gurkha, escorted her, while her brother Tan Kah Kee was concerned.


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