Cupid St. Valentine Picture

Name: Cupid St. Valentine

Skin: Creamy

Hair color: Bubblegum Pink

Eye color: Rosey pink

Ears: Pointed

Personality: Loving, passionate, caring most of the time, loves cute things and cute people, when he sees a cute spirit guy or girl he cant help but hug them

Age: 227yrs

Height: 5ft 4inch

Race: Spirit


Weapon: Cross bow that straps to his belt and reloads its self with heart arrows or arrows used for combat

World: RoTG

Home: Paris France, Pink cloud castle in the sky

Spirit of: Valentines day

Abilities: with his pink wings he can fly as fast as a fighter jet and can make people fall in love or give them confidence to tell the person they love how they feel. With his glasses he can see the strength of ones heart and who they love, he can also see the a persons compatibility to another to see if they'd be a good match, which becomes useful. With his wings he can create the winds that blow your hat or scarf away and is then caught by the person you fall for or already like.
Blood Type: AB


Cupid is a very loving person, and loves to see people in love, and sometimes falls in love himself with mortals, but because he can't be with them he assures that they find true love else where, and seeing them happy and smiling make him feel alright with it. Cupid lives in a cloud castle that looks simalur to Mt. Olympus from Greek mythology. And with the help of his Love Doves he is able to spread love and joy around the world.
When human:

Name: Christopher Allinder.

Skin: creamy colored skin

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Sea Green

Age when died: 27yrs

Race: Human

Family: Loving Mother(dead)


Christopher was a well loved boy who worked in his mothers flower shop his whole life, and was deeply in love with a girl that lived near by, everyday he would visit her and offer he a rose that she accepted with great joy. But when the war started they were unable to see one another as often. But they're love was still strong and Christopher would use his dove to sent her messages of love. How ever one day tragedy struck and they're little village was attacked, his mother was shot a killed before his eyes and his dearest love was in grave danger. And despite of the danger to himself, Chris tried to stop the soldier who had her at gun point, he stabbed the man but it was fatal enough to kill him and he was shot in the heart.
His lover cried for him and begged god not to take him away and she held him in her arms. He watched all of this from a body that couldn't move, and that night after his lover had laid him down and left, the man in the moon turned him into what he is now.
And one thing came to mind when he was reborn as Cupid, his lover would be miserable now that he was gone, and as much as he wanted her to only love him, he shot her and a man who he saw as a man who would respect and love her, so she would always be happy, and they fell in love. And for the rest of they're lives Cupid watched over them and protected they're love.
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