Amalthea-The Last Unicorn Picture

Some humans don't believe that unicorns exist in the world of mankind, but those who do believe in them can see quit well. the questions everybody wanted to know about the unicorns is are they hard to understand? most people don't believe such a large white one-horned animal does exist in world. People around the world also think that the unicorn is just a made up animal that looks like a white horse with stick-like horn on top of it's head. some say the unicorn has three basic colors on each body parts: a red head on top, in the middle white, and on bottom legs black with a long, golden horn on the forehead. Or just a goat that lost one of it's horns and been mistaking for a unicorn.

But these answers are very wrong or not true, the unicorn is a magical, mythical creature that "resemble" of a white horse-like animal with one horn on it's forehead. the unicorn is known as the legendary beast of all magic, the unicorns are shy, graceful, and mysterious one-horned beast that lived in forest. In medieval times, hunters searches for the unicorns in forest, many have tried to catch them and steal they horns, but some how the unicorns hind themselves in deeper woods or magical escape from man. the true answers about the unicorns is only found in books of mythology.

We all should thanks to the creator of the best animation film of all life time: Mr. Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn. a pure genus film base on the story book that open the hearts of old and young of all ages.
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