Adventure Cut Short Picture


First to go was any wall or structure near her more pronounced curves. She was already a lot to handle standing at her already impressive default height. But the excesses of flesh that massive on the approach, when combined with a stone wall held together primarily by gravity and aged mortar, could only have one real outcome.

So her hips, being a bit heftier, were the first to break the stone wall and rain down debris on all side of the keep. Her bust, slightly softer, took a mere moment of pressing up against the north wall before it bulldozed the stacked stone and obliterated anything in it's way. It also didn't mind slamming into the walls around it on it's way out. Her rear end came afterwards, and at that point the tower just wasn't fit to stand anymore.

So it fell. Not all it once, but it did fall. Some of the debris was caught on the growing women that had caused it, and some rained down around the two fleeing figures making headway in the opposite direction.

Simon kept shepherding Claire aggressively out of harm's way, shoving her out of the shadows of stones and falling planks, even once throwing himself in front of a sizable brick and earning another bruise to nurse on his back. They sprinted, trying to escape the absolute devastation behind them, before they finally reached a distance where no rubble fell.

Her arms finally free, Leona emerge from the top of the tower in a burst of energy, her head and shoulders bursting from the top of the keep and her arms pulling themselves powerfully outward. She quickly took one hand and wrapped her fingers around the stone that hung from her neck, then yanking the chain off and chucking it as far as she could into the sky, where it than shrank back to it's diminutive size and plummeted to parts unknown.

She huffed, her chest puffing out and knocking down the rest of the wall. She took note of her miniaturized surroundings, noticing the once mighty building was all but gone with nary a wall or staircase that didn't find itself in the path of her body. Her shapely legs had done an impressive job of clearing out the floors below.

"Oh that damn thing...." Leona punched down the lone remaining wall out of frustration, then stepping back a bit to realize what she had done. Then she noticed the two tiny figures looking onward from a distance. She sighed, softening, and stepped off the base of where the a tower once stood. "You two alright?"

"We're fine." Simon said, rubbing his back a bit. "A few bumps but nothing serious."

Leona quickened her pace again before kneeling on a knee before them and moving her hands in. "Anything bleeding? Any kind of injury?" She leaned in a bit more.

"I'm fine." Simon said, noting her sudden concern.

"...Claire, sweetie. Are you alright?"

Claire sheepishly nodded, more shaken then she was actually scared. Leona had managed to shoot upward a lot faster than expected. By the time she realized the pendant had once again found it's way around her neck, she was already two stories up.

Leona looked the two over, and then finally sat back and sighed in relief, her landing causing the surrounding area to stir. She finally softened out of her heightened state of anxiety and sat back, taking note of just how big she had manage to get.

"That defintiely ain't the last we've seen of that stone."

"I know." Leona sighed again.

Simon slowly lowered himself to a sit, Claire following, and waited with Leona for the growth to reverse itself. This stone was powerful. And dangerous. And, in some sense, sentient. Which terrified him.

Truly, there wasn't much like that stone. In the land of the small, those who could grow were king. Even though no one could grow. Because, honestly, the body can't contain an exponential amount of magical energy that could actually exceed their own being. It was impossible. Or so he had read. Maybe it was different. He didn't exactly have a good grasp on the basic of magic.

What the fuck had they gotten themselves into?


Guys....I can't castles.

But whatever. Wanted to try and see if I could get sort of this chaotic growth picture out. It looks okay. Sorta. Leona looks nice but the castle needs fuckin' work.

But, again, whatever.

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