Bayou Boarding School: Oreilla Picture

Name: Oreilla Lueur
Age: 16
Gender: female
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 112
Species: Witch
Role: Student
Special Item: Father's wand

Personality: Oreilla is really sweet and shy, but can be a bit hot-headed at time. She is very curious to the world of the supernatural for she had lived with humans for most of her life. She is also a real pushover and gullible. She also get's scared real easily.

Quirks, Habits, ect: She secretly likes dancing and singing. Before she became a witch she really wanted to be a dancer. She is really bad at it though.

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, and reading. She loves fairy tales.

Family: Zafrina currently takes care of her and is like a big sister to her. Her parents are gone currently.

Talents: She isn't the most experienced witch, but she is pretty good at small spells. Like moving small objects. She is currently practicing on flying on her broom. So far the success rate hasn't been to good. She is also a very good cook. Especially baking.

Strengths: baking, small spells

Weakness: Making friends. Ever since she became a witch she's scared of herself and afraid no one would ever accept her. She hasn't spoken to her old one's since she had discovered her power. She's scared of many things. She hopes she can soon be brave enough to fight these fears.

Goal: To make many friends and be strong enough to save her parents. She also searches for why the mysterious man wanted to take her parent's lives away in the first place.

Item: This was the wand left from her father. She's only used it once: the night her parent's disappeared. It unlocked her powers by touching it. She hopes one day she'll be able to use again it to find them.

Background: Oreilla was born from a human mother and a wizard father. He never told that to Oreilla though. Her father was a real wealthy man, but a kind man. The family lived a perfect life living in a house by the ocean. Her mother would tell her stories of people with magical powers and all sorts of mythological creatures. She was very much entertained by these tales. She believed she was just a normal human little girl with dreams of becoming a witch. She loved magic more and more as a kid. As time went on these childhood fantasies disappeared. Then, when she was 16 something terrible had happened. It was a dark night when a mysterious man came into the home. That night he had taken her father and mother's lives using magic. It was the first time she had ever seen real magic done. Originally he was going to use a disappearing spell, but Oreilla who had been asleep had woke up. She distracted him and he ended up using a transferring spell on them. All that remained was a wand on the floor. Curious, she picked it up. At that moment her magical powers had awakened. Her hair transformed from brown to white. She lost control and used a disappearing spell on the mysterious man by accident. She was scared of her power and of what she had done. So she grabbed some belongings and tried to ran away. Yet, she had been tired from using so much power at once and fainted by the shore. she was left there unconscious for many weeks. The person who found her had been Zafrina. She took her in until she got better. When Oreilla woke up, she was at still sacred of herself. She shied away and hardly talked. Then she realized that this was the world she had always fantasied about. It was real. Her curiosity grew and she questioned Zafrina if there were others out there. Zafrina took her to Bayou Boarding School. Since she was a year younger than the required age, Zafrina said she would work there in exchange for the girl's enrollment.
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