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I really wanted to enter #TheDigitalWar, so I did. I really worked hard on this one and put alot of thought to this. Alot of research to come up with evolutions and I actually did this all within a span of two days. Don't know why I rushed myself, but I did. Pretty happy with the outcome too.

I decided to pick an eagle for her digimon because eagles are honored animals within Native American culture.

Here is there height chart:[link]


Name: Tallulah Tsalagi
Alias: Lulu
Digivice: HTC HD2
Digital Shard: Hope
Age: 17
DOB: October 4th
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Nationality: Native American (North America Native)
Personality: Sweet, sensitive, and a pretty much down to earth girl, Tallulah is a pretty much enjoyable person to be around. Raised to be respectful to every living thing around her, Tallulah doesn’t have a hard time making friends and getting along with everyone. She is definitely a people-pleaser and will often sacrifice her own happiness just so she won’t be hated. No is definitely a word that is not in her dictionary which usually results in her being walked all over. Even when Tallulah knows she’s being used, she doesn’t mind for the most part. She knows that life is short and rather not be bothered by pretty problems. While Tallulah always bares an innocent smile on her face, she is usually hiding her real feelings. She is never one to speak up about something she feels uncomfortable with doing and will usually fall back and allow others to speak for her. While not very athletic for the most part, Tallulah does like to get her hands dirty and participate in every activity known to man. She’s pretty open-minded and will always try something before she decides whether or not she doesn’t like it. Tallulah is always willing to lend an ear to someone who needs it. She rather listen to someone else’s problem than tell someone about her own. The only person she will tell how she feels is Avamon. While still somewhat on the sensitive side, Tallulah won’t hesitate to jump into the face of danger when her friends or family need her.

About: Tallulah was born in New Mexico to a poor and miserable family. Doli, her mother, got involved with Tallulah’s father, Niyol, when she was only 16 while Niyol, was 22. Being young and naïve, Doli had ignored her mother’s warnings and believed she and Niyol was in love which was far from the truth. Niyol ended up using her and getting Doli pregnant, which resulted in the birth of Tallulah. Knowing that she had problems in their relationship, Doli though the birth of her daughter would make them a big happy family. Niyol, although not happy about the situation he had gotten himself mixed in, ended up allowing Doli to move into his house after the birth of his new born child. He also knew they had difficulties and differences, but thought he could make it work with Doli for the sake of their only child.

No matter how much they tried, it just wasn’t working. Niyol was unfaithful and would always go out seeking the companionship of another woman. He would often return home with the scent of another woman clinging to him and an angry Doli confronting him. The fights grew more vicious and violent each time around until Niyol couldn’t take it anymore. At the young age of six, Niyol kicked both Doli and Tallulah out on the cold streets. They had tried for years to make it work but it ended up being incredibly unsuccessful and Niyol thought both of them to be nothing but a burden.

Doli had no choice but to return to her parents’ house with her young daughter and live under their care. Bitter and angry, Doli began to blame her daughter for her failed relationship. Even though she was still just an innocent child, Doli didn’t care. She began to demean and insult Tallulah at every single chance she got. Telling her she was the reason why her father abandoned them and telling her how ugly she was. Her insults grew worse and worse to the point it became emotional and verbal abuse. Tallulah kept it all inside and never told anyone. She would try her hardest to make her mother proud of her, bringing home smiley faces and good grades in an attempt to please her mother, but nothing seemed to calm the enraged Doli.

Still, Tallulah kept up her hope and returned home every single day with something new to present her mother in an attempt at calming her wrath. It was until one day, she came home only to have an ambulance in front of her mouth and a group of paramedics surrounding the lifeless body of her mother and attempting to revive her. Her grandparents were crying hysterically as they ushered her over and watched from afar. Tallulah was around 12 years old at the time and even though she didn’t know exactly what was going on, she knew something was wrong. Several minutes later, her mother was pronounced dead, due to a prescription medicine overdose.

The blow hit Tallulah hard; both of her parents were gone. One dead and the other wanting nothing to do with her. Tallulah fell into the dark pits of despair, isolating herself within her room for days on end without eating anything at a time. No matter how much her grandparents would coax her into eating or drinking something, Tallulah would constantly ignore her. They even tried to shower her with gifts any child her age would die for. Still, she wanted none of it if she couldn’t have her mother to enjoy it with her.

Years passed but Tallulah still never came out of her depression. Her grandparents had gave up hope on her and allowed her to dwell in her own self-misery. She became isolated and ignored it when others tried to comfort her. Around fifteen years old, Tallulah was returning home one day as always when she came across Kuimon who bounced up to her happily. At first she was confused by the little digimon that clung to her, but she soon took a liking to the digimon and took it home with her.

It was like Kuimon became her light, bringing her out of the darkness. It was there for her and she finally had someone she could share her feelings with. Having Kuimon was like a weight had fell off of her shoulders after spilling out her guts to the digimon. She soon became best friends with it and had a reason to live. Tallulah’s entire personality brightened up and her grandparents and friends definitely noticed the change in her. She was still somewhat on the quiet side and didn’t express her feelings a lot, but they were still happy about the change she had made.

After graduating, Tallulah began scouring the internet for colleges when she came across the information about the Sol and the Lune. She quickly packed her things and obtained the college money from her grandparents and took off to the airport so she could start her new life with Kuimon at her side.

Likes: Being outdoors, flowers, corn, animals, sunny weather, jewelry, sweets, Kuimon, smiling, yoga, swimming,
Dislikes: being called an Indian (most Native Americans are insulted by the term.), meanies, getting hurt, fighting without a purpose, the dark, blood, snobs, animal abuse,

Partner Digimon – Avamon
Happy, fun-loving, and a real go-getter, Avamon cannot keep still to save her life. She is always bouncing around and looking for the next big adventure. She is a bit talkative when you first meet her and will sometime over-talk you despite what you try to say to her, but it is just Avamon’s way of being friendly. Avamon is a very curious digimon and often lets her curiosity gets the best of her. Despite how much Lula warns her to stay out of trouble and keep still, trouble still manages to find Avamon. Avamon doesn’t seem to mind ; she thinks if she lives her life cooped up somewhere and always following orders, she will end up wasting her life away. Avamon is very protective of her tamer, especially when she knows all about the hardships Tallulah has had to face in her past. She doesn’t like for Lula to get too close to other humans because believes in the end; they will end up leaving her behind like what happened with Lula’s parents. Unlike most people, Avamon can see behind Lula’s fake smile and knows when she’s truly hurting.

Name Origin: kuiken – Dutch for chick
Level: In-training
Type: Baby Bird Digimon
Attacks: Baby Breeze – flaps its wings to raise a cloud of sand
Forever curious, Kuimon has a habit of getting herself mixed up in trouble.

Name Origin: Avalerion is a mythological bird said to be rather small, yet larger than an eagle.
Level: Rookie
Attribute: Data
Type: Bird Digimon
Family: Wind Guardian
Attacks: Lightning Rip – Avamon’s claws encase with electricity as delivers a series of slashes at her opponent
Salvo – Avamon flaps her wings, releasing a barrage of electricity charged feathers

Name Origin: Fenghuang– mythological birds of East Asia that reigns over all birds. Males are called Feng, and females Huang
Level: Champion
Attribute: Data
Type: Bird Digimon
Family: Wind Guardian
Attacks: Reckless Onslaught – Huanmon’s beak and talons cloaks with electricity as she dives down to try to deliver a series of pecks and slashes. Each peck/slash delivering a series of jolts through her opponent’s body.
Thunderstorm – Huanmon’s flaps his wings violently as the air begins to boom with thunder. He slams his wings together, creating a loud boom noise and releasing a gust of razor sharp wind towards his enemy.

Name Origin: Sirin – Russian legends, half bird/half woman
Level: Ultimate
Attribute: Data
Type: Winged Beast Digimon
Family: Wind Guardian
Attacks: Canary Bliss – Sirimon sings a lovely tune to her victim, placing them under her spell. This is more or less just to leave her opponent hypnotized by her beautiful voice and leave them open to any attack she unleashes.
Bayonet – Sirinmon’s wings glow brightly, becoming as sharp as blades as she runs forward to slash her opponent with razor sharp feathers that cut through the flesh of her enemy.
Gale Bullets – Sirinmon spits out high pressure bullets of air and lightening from her mouth.

Name Origin: Hinomon – Thunder god, god of the sky. The rainbow is his escort. Hino destroys all evil beings
Level: Mega
Attribute: Data
Type: Winged Goddess Digimon
Family: Wind Guardian
Attacks: WIP

Art, Tallulah, Avamon && Digivolutions (c) me
App (c)
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