Ker reference sheet 1.1 Picture

They were described as dark beings with gnashing teeth and claws and with a thirst for human blood. They would hover over the battlefield and search for dying and wounded men. A description of the Keres can be found in the Shield of Heracles (248-57):

The black Dooms gnashing their white teeth, grim-eyed, fierce, bloody, terrifying fought over the men who were dying for they were all longing to drink dark blood. As soon as they caught a man who had fallen or one newly wounded, one of them clasped her great claws around him and his soul went down to Hades, to chilly Tartarus. And when they had satisfied their hearts with human blood, they would throw that one behind them and rush back again into the battle and the tumult.

Taken from Wikipedia

This is my lovely mate for Hope he likes her ^^

About her:
Name: Ker(no last name)
Age: thousands of years
Race: goddess
Meaning of the name: death, ruin
She is the goddess of violent death from greek mythology.
Weapons: Scythe, sometimes
Special things: Deamon(spell it de-amon, crow), Samsa(Bicorn- Pegasus)
About her: Her left eye is blind, she wears an eyepatch with a black cross on it.
Character: She's somehow cold-hearted, she gets angry fast and she's cruel, what's her will remains hers until it's dead or unable for use(XD). If something's not how she wants it, she'll make things go her way.

PS: Nightmare should like her, or she'll cut him to pieces.

PPS: I'm going to draw her brothers and sisters in the next days, so that I have the Keres complete. And a second ref sheet, bigger and with Deamon, Samsa and her Scythe on it ^^


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