Huehuecoyotl the Old Coyote (sketch) New OC Picture

Name: Huehuecoyotl the Old Coyote
Age: unknown
Height: 6' (but can change is size)
Bust (Females only): (when transforms into a woman)
Body type: Slim/Muscular
Eye Color:: Green
Hair Color: White
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (depends what he in the mood for)
Martial Status: Single (his not gonna look for a partner)
Main Fear: Monophobia
Main Strength: Immorality, tricker and pranker, party animal, shape-shifter, manipulater.
Main Weakness: gets melancholy at times.
Scars: none
Species: Deity
Ethnicity: Aztec
~nothing is known from his family

~being known for his wild tricks and pranks (only for does how deserve punishment),he does prank to other deities
but end up backfire him, his also known has a party-giver and also is reponsable for many wars between humans only to relieve
his boredom, he loves to dance, storytelling, and music. He is known has a Old Coyote but his apearance
is quite young, his know for his uninhibited sexuality he tends to have sex with either males, females, or
any species, his a frequent shape-shifter, transforming himself into another animal or human. Though today his messing about in Kah
changing things for his amusement.

other info:
~he very sexually active and tends to shape-shift to have sex with anyone he likes (even has woman for a man to please him)
~the only one human that has seen him that is Dave, only because he want to have sex with him but Dave found out about his shapeshifting ways
~his favorita color is purple
~he doesn't feel hunger so no food can tempt him
~he likes any music that is good for a party
~his favorite animal is the coyote (no shit jajajaja)
~hates losing but he is fair on the game
~must of the deities do not like him because of his tricks and pranks
~his also into bestiality

Bonus: his base on a God from the Aztec mythology that goes by the same name which means, "very old Coyote."
I actually found him to be more interesting so I kinda base my OC around him jejejeje tell me what you think…
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