SD:SWS- Hercules Alcmen Picture

Name: Hercules “Herc” Alcman

Age: 18 years old

Height: 6’2”

Race: Hercules- Originally known as Heracles in ancient Greek Mythology, Hercules is the son of Zeus, the King of all the Greek Gods, and the mortal Alcmena. He is famous in both Greek and Roman mythology for The Twelve Labours of Hercules: A series of trials he had to endure in order to make amends for murdering his children during a fit of rage caused by the Goddess Hera.

Ethnicity: Greek

Grade: 11th grade

Relatives: Prof. Alcman(Zeus, Father)

Style: Grecian Athlete

Orientation: Heterosexual

Significant body markings: None of importance

Favorite Class: Physical Education

Favorite Teacher(s): All of his coaches

Club(s): All sports teams except cheerleading

Crush/Steady: Bebe Tempus(Baby New Year, Crush)

Zero to Hero from Disney's Hercules

Mr. Vain by Culture Beat

Info: Arrogant, self-centered, and a total Narcissist(LOL see what I did there), Hercules, or more commonly know as Herc, is the number one athlete at Olympus Academy. He loves nothing more than a good ego stroking, which he gets on a daily basis from the student body. An avid member of almost all of Olympus Academy’s sports teams, which include; the football team, baseball team, basketball team, wrestling team, track and field, cross country, swim team, water polo team, soccer team, dance team, and tennis team, all of them varsity, Herc is easily one of, if not THE most popular student at OA.

Of course, looking at Herc now, it’s hard to believe that just two years age, this big, beefy stud was once a thin, nerdy freshman. The only real interaction with other students he got back then was when he went to chess club, study group, or was on some MMORPG. When his Father got mad at his son for not being as interested in sports as he was at his age, he paid Herc’s cousin, Adonis, aka Doni, to help Herc become a true man. Who better for the job then the most handsome and manly student in all of Olympus Academy? A year passed and Herc’s old appearance faded, leaving behind a sexy, athletic jock that all the girls swoon over. I guess you could say Herc went from Zero to Hero.

*is shot in the face*

Unfortunetly, once Herc started to beef up, his personality took a total one-eighty. He went from the quiet little nerd who was happy to help his friends with anything, to a self-centered ass who didn’t care about others problems, unless they involved him. The only time Herc would ever really put himself aside to help somebody would be if that person was on one of the sports teams, and their problem was getting in the way of practice.

The one place in the entire planet that Herc can not stand to be is the city of WormWood, because, though he hates to admit it, their sports teams are really good.

But... the only reason he ever returns to WormWood, aside from wanting to win at... whatever sport he’s playing that day, is for a certain WormWood High cheerleader by the name of Bebe Tempus, The Baby New Year. The second he saw Bebe, he was head over heels in love. Herc isn’t sure why he loves her, it could her light blue eyes, or her pouty lips, or her adorable persoanlity, but all he knows is that she is the most beautiful person he’s ever met. To Herc, Bebe’s beauty is greater then Aphrodite’s, and though she turns down all of the gifts and offers of a romantic night out, he still keeps his head held high and refuses to give up.

Of course, there is one thing getting his way of winning over Bebe’s heart.

Carey Kringle aka X, the Claus Heir.

It’s thanks to another member of the Olympus Academy dance team, Teri(Terpsichore, the muse of dance), that Herc has learned to dance the way he does. He’s most known for doing hip-hop and breakdance routines, which he saves the break dancing for when he goes up against X. The rivalry between these two isn’t a very well known one, but once they come out onto the dance floor, it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

If there’s one person in OA that Herc trusts more then anybody else, it another member of the football team, Ryan Cunningham, the Spartan Prince. When Herc first saw Ryan on the field, he was surprised by the amount of potential that the kid had, and instantly befriended him. He considers Ryan to be his best friend, though he does admit that the looks he gets in the locker for Ryan can be a bit akward,

Of course, Herc does have one weakness, his Achilles’ heel, if you will. The only way to beat Herc and his god-like strength is to strike him the one place it hurts most, his ego. If you can get your hands on a picture of him as a nerdy freshman, you need to copy that shit on poster sized paper and post it ALL over the place.

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