The Gentle Giant: Micah Davidson Picture

Name: Micah Angelo Davidson
Trope: The Gentle Giant
Virtue: Humility
Clan: Stone
Weapon: Morningstar
Age: 25 (intended age of subject); >=400 (chronologically)
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 410 lbs
- Lithokinesis (stone-bending)
- Invulnerability
- Super-strength
- Hates water and cannot swim
- Extremely shy and gentle, will not hurt others even to save his own life
Bestia: Goliath - An enormous brontosaurus made of various types of stone and ruins. Rainbow-colored crystals run down its back like iguana spines, finishing with a lethal spiked club on the tail. Named after the Biblical giant.
Micah is a golem, a mythical being from Hebrew mythology. The golem was originally a clay figure animated by a holy man, but Micah was carved from marble. Rabbi Angelus Davidson, the one who animated him, was very kind and gentle to living things, but also sterile. As such, he did not want his creation to serve as just another supernatural servant. Thus, he gave Micah a soul, derived from his own but not directly split from it - meaning Micah was essentially the mage's son. Others viewed the creator as being rather "odd" for treating a statue as though it were his child, but the fact that he protected the rabbi's homeland and its people from evil ultimately proved beneficial to their reputation. Angelus lived a long and happy life with his "son", but ultimately he succumbed to old age, but not before asking Micah to promise him to protect the world from the villainous forces that threatened it.
Micah was very saddened by his master's death, but ultimately found his virtue, Humility, through it. Not long after Angelus died, Micah was found by Goliath, the Sanctus Bestia of Humility, who became a sort of foster father to him and still remains so. The two of them soon discovered the nature of the Guardians as a group, and their war against the Legion Empire. Their mission thus became to find the rest of them and rally them against the Empire's forces, a mission that has continued from that day to this.


The first of my four OCs from my art project, Micah was the first one I drew. I based him off a combination of the Statue of David and golems. He was initially known as just David but I did not want to have him confused with my superhero OC who's civilian name is David, so I had to do some research. Eventually I happened upon names based on stones and minerals and specifically Micah, based on Mica and the Biblical reference. The name stuck.
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