TSR OCT Ref Sheet Nerthuz Picture

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Name: Nethuz "Tuss" Fuchs
Age: 23
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark blonde (but dyed it blue and purple)
Height: 5' 4''
History/Life Overview: Her parents are history professors and all over mythology of every kind, which is why they named Nerthuz after a Nordic Goddess. The name sounds silly to everyone else though, and so she adopted the nickname "Tuss" instead.

She often went camping as a child and tended to run away from home after arguments as a teenager, so she picked up some survival skills, too. When she grew more mature, she slowly started to realise that she was being an asshole about her parents loving upbringing, so she started being nicer to them. But thanks to her rough friends, she still regularly gets into trouble - "trouble" usually referring to fisticuffs with grown rockers in shady clubs.

Nerthuz grew up in Berlin, the capital of Germany, where many different cultures meet. When she was about 20, she had her first paranormal experience - something tried to possess her. After isolating herself from friends and family to prevent bad incidents, a photographer called Andreas Jarp appeared on her doorstep and executed a makeshift exorcism on her. Since then the two have sticked together, even though Tuss thinks that Jarp is a total "square" and often refers to him as her adopted granpa (even though he is only in his thirties).

Despite lacking any supernatural powers themselves, they have been investigating paranormal events in Berlin together, sometimes even saving the lives of others. Tuss loved it, seeing it as "the most kickass profession ever, since nothing's more kickass than kicking monster ass!" Anyway, at some point Slender Man started stalking her when they investigated a case he was involved with. In fear of endangering the people she loves, Tuss cut off all of them - even Jarp, for whose life she feared the most - and burnt all traces of herself and all evidence she and Jarp had gathered beforehand. Since then she has been wandering pretty aimlessly, fighting off the "fanclub" of her silent stalker every now and then while trying to find a way to lose him.

Personality: Often rebelling against her parents, Tuss always preferred brawl to brains. She's very athletic and tends to punch her problems in the face instead of trying to discuss them away. Still, she couldn't help but pick up some knowledge about history and mythology from her parents, so when it comes to those topics, she might surprise others with her insight.

She loves clubbing, drinking and getting into fisticuffs (especially with strong opponents). Basically, she needs to feel alive - no matter if she achieves this by dancing, flirting or flinging her fists.

While she's very open about whom and what she likes, and very aware of her looks (to the point of being a bit vain, actually) she'd never use them as a way of getting the upper hand in a conflict. People who do that, who exploit the feelings or urges of others to get advantages out of it, are passionately hated by her, as she thinks that it's unfair. Altogether, she's very, very honest, and tends to act like she was the protagonist of an action movie.

Entry type: Comic, possibly also bits of animation

- big, white bag
- metal bat
- deo and hair spray cans (both for practical purposes and for makeshift weapons)
- two knives hidden in makeshift pockets in her bootshafts
- lighters
- cigarettes (always 1-2 normal packs and at least one with menthol cigs)
- flashlight
- spare batteries
- a small container of salt
- one or two small silver pendants (in her bag)
- small bottle of pepperspray
- a small notebook that she uses to log her activities each day, so she can spot memory loss easily
- as well as some aspirin and sage bonbons to soothe headaches and coughing (she'd never give up her cigarettes because of that though)
- her wallet with some money and a fake ID
- the red hoodie seen in her audition (even though she usually wears it around the hips because the doesn't completely trust it yet)

She has stopped carrying her real ID and a mobile phone because she doesn't want to be easily found. Her boots are steel-toed, and she can deal out bad kicks with them. She can drive motorcycles, but doesn't have a drivers license for a car (nor can she drive one) and, which might be important, doesn't know how to handle ranged weapons of any kind. She's more of a melee expert.
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