Tinyfolk Picture

The Tall One Up Top

Race: Mountain Nymph (Half-Brownie)
Sex: Female
Height: 6.5"
Occupation: Cook/Maid/Caretaker at the Broken Barrel, an Inn up north.
Outsider's Thoughts: "Girl's had a hard life. She grew up poor and worked every day she could to stay afloat after fairies came through and monetized everything. If the cold winters didn't get her the taxes would. But that never stopped her. She kept her head up and her hands working and eventually earned herself a respectable skill set for working. Her mother was a nymph and her father was a brownie. Sadly, her father's half kept her from every grasping the magical arts, but in return for that she grew bigger and stronger than anyone in her village. Down South she might fall under fire for her lack of magical ability, but because she's up north all that matters is that she can do her duty and do it well. Now she works at a little ol' inn, tendin' bar and fixin' up hot meals for weary travelers."

The Kid On The Right

Race: Brownie
Sex: Male
Height: 4"
Occupation: Errand Boy/Student
Outsider's Thoughts: "Kid's a brownie boy. Which means he's both admirably humble and infuriatingly prideful. Good with his hands, and especially with little contraptions. Kid's good to have around, seeing as he has a pleasant demeanor as well as a lifetime of hard work under his belt. He hasn't had to suffer, seein' as what he's told me a' home sounds rather pleasant, but he doesn't hold himself high or mope about the little tragedies we all have to go through. His family raised him right. He does his best, and understands exactly where he stands. Respectable. Even if he can be overly sour. Apparently he was impressive enough to admit into this little academy a ways away from here where he studies and rooms with some kind of vampire. But for now he does his part at the Broken Barrel, fetchin' ingredients for the kitchen, runnin' packages around town, and occasionally hunting a bounty or two and giving his earnings to the inn so he can keep his temporary residence there. Handy in a scrap, this one."

The Handsome Fella On The Left

"Eh, m'name's not important..."
The Outsider
Age: "This ain't important either..."
Race: Brownie
Sex: Male
Height: 4"
Occupation: "I sorta travel everywhere and document what I see, then publish it so other tinyfolk and get a heads-up when they move out into the world. I dunno if there's a proper name for that."
Outsider's Thoughts: "Oh, hey. That's me. Well...like most men my age I spent my childhood on a farm, my adolescence at war, and most of my adult life with issues. That's all you need to know. Honest. The rest ain't worth the trouble of recountin'..."

The Little Lady In The Middle

5 Months (Biologically Resembles a 9-Year-Old)
Race: "Some kinda demon..."
Sex: Female
Height: 2.75"
Occupation: Travels With The Outsider
Outsider's Thoughts: "The little lady and I met a few months back. She asked me for my soul. I told her I didn't have one. She asked what I did have. I had cake. I gave her the cake. And for some odd reason she just stuck around. So I took her in. Gave her a name. And have been teachin' her ever since. Don't know why she chose me. Guess there wasn't much else to choose from. I'd be lying if I said I knew a lot about her. She tells me she can remember being born and then sent up to the surface a little bit after. But she had no name and no mission, other than to collect souls if she could. Mostly, though, she's just a lil' girl. A lil' girl lookin' at the world with a wide-eyed sense of joy that you don't see around much. Sad thing is she's a demon. And lately we've had an issue with demon hunters comin' after her. But it's alright. I have my dearest friend here to ward them off.

And by dearest friend I mean my rather large hammer..."

A small cast picture with very short blurbs on each character. It started as just a height chart to clear up the rather confused scale I throw around, but it turned into this somehow. I'm a wee bit opposed to static bios defining characters, so I sort of talked about them on a base level with a different tone of voice. If I'm gonna define character though text, I might as well have a little fun with it. Or else I'm not really using the medium. Guess I'm not a fan of a list of traits that people can look at and understand and instead go for this self-important archaic bullshit because I'm such a hipster about it. Or not.

Each character's height is in inches. Because the idea is they're varying degrees of tiny and also America measurement.

I've noticed quite a number of apostrophes in the Outsider's speaking, but that's sort of the idea. He's sort of based on Rucks from the game Bastion, and sort of not. I've always imagined him speaking with some kind of southern drawl.
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