Animated Atrocities: Rosario+Vampire Picture

The story is stupid, the writing contradicts itself, the animation budget focuses on fan service way too much, there's rarely any following to classic monster mythology and lore, the plots are constantly recycled for each episode, and very few characters are likable. but for some reason this show has a fanbase, an English dub, and 2 seasons. But what really pisses me off is the story and it's characters. First of all, the universe has no idea how to handle classic vampire mythology and lore. Vampires are weak in the sun not water, plus rosaries and holy objects kill them YEASH! Also, why doesn't Tskune turn into a vampire after he's bitten? Isn't that how vampire's spread? In addition, with the rules at this school they say no changing into your monster form, but this rule is never enforced. Worse is these characters.
Tsukne, he’s a big wimp. However, I wouldn’t really blame him, I mean if I was in a school for dangerous monsters I’d run for it. For me Tskune is nothing too special, except used to drive the episodes forward, be Mr. socially awkward penguin and serve as a lover for Moka. Also, he never really does anything to stand up for himself, instead he tries to mend everything with Moka and never changes. He’s always a wimp, he can’t build a backbone, and he’s almost up there with Shinjii Ikari on wimp level. Hell, he's even worse than Shinji Ikari. While I am aware that this is also a Harem anime, this guy is worse than Tenchi from Tenchi Myuo. Tsukune not only does nothing but never tries to keep any backbone built. Every chance he gets at having a backbone he shatters it. Moka(Outter), a big ditzy cry baby that jumps to conclusions. Sure she’s caring, and wants to make friends but nearly every episode, she’s jumping to conclusions about Tskune, she never listens to him, and basically uses him for her blood supply. Every time Tskune makes a mistake, she jumps the gun and cries her eyes out. Let him explain, you don’t pay attention, you ignore his half entirely, and you cry your eyes out at the first explanation. If you had difficulty making friends in the human world it’s not a surprise why, you’re so sensitive to everything people do. Yet for some reason nearly all the boys in school fawn over her. Inner Moka, she seems to be more interesting as a character, she’s smarter, tougher, and tends to serve as pink haired Moka’s voice of reason when she’s all sob story. The sad part is, she’s not around for long and only serves to be the only kick ass character in the series. Unfortunately during her transformation we get this narration about what happens when her rosary is removed. FYI writers, there’s a cardinal rule called show don’t tell. We don’t need to be reminded every episode that she transforms when the rosary is removed. Kurumu, a succubus character that’s obviously the series’ big slut. I know succubi are supposed to be seducers and all, but come on, she’s constantly throwing her boobs into everyone’s faces, sluts up to nearly every guy and Tskune especially. I get it your goal is to make every guy in the school your man slave, but why fall for a wuss like Tskune? I know you want to prevent your kind from going extinct and all, but there are other guys out there. But what I really hate about her is that she’s such a show off about what she has and yet while other guys want her she chooses a wimp of a man. Also, she calls people names, thinks that it’s her way or no way at all, and is a down right whore bully. And Tskune thinks she’s a good person? Yukari, Big cliche, an elementary school aged super genius that skipped to high school. Another big surprise, she’s falling for Tskune, but she’s like 11. As for her, obviously she’s a witch. Apparently according to Yokari school, witches are neither accepted by humans or monsters because they’re in a line between the area. However, she’s annoying she’s mainly there to please the pedo bears out there, and possibly just there to be a rival to Kurumu. Worst of all she’s a teasing target since Kurumu is constantly saying, “DUR YOU HAVE NO BEWBS!” She’s only eleven she’s basically in the 5th or 6th grade at that age. Just a side note, if Kurumu’s boobs were as big as they are right now when she was 11 isn’t she a bit small for her species? For Mizore, she’s one of the more tolerable characters but she’s pretty emo but more so of a stalker. I mean it, every episode it’s her stalking around the school. She explains that she’s an ice monster of some sort later on, and was another typical reject. So she’s not that interesting.

However, another big problem is the animation, all we get is reused animation, panty shots, boob bouncing, panty shots, stiff movement, panty shots, and did I mention panty shots? Seriously, this anime has so many panty shots even Brook from One Piece would get bored. I know it's cultural difference and all but there is a fine line for taking them way too far, you're showing up skirt shots of an 11 year old at times. WHAT THE HELL!?

I am also feeling sorry for all the voice actors in the dub, they get used in everything but most of them did not deserve this, something this bad. Also, the songs are not that good and all of them are just saying I want to F*(K Tskune.

Overall, This was an animated atrocity in it's own, the plot has been done, the characters are unlikeable, and of course there’s almost as much fan service as there is in Ikkitousen. Yet for some strange reason it got not only an english dub, but a second season. Considering that there are still other anime out there that are really good, but still have no dub or second season is really sad. Even people who have read the manga claimed that this anime stunk. So yeah, when the manga is said to be much much better, avoid this show.
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