Kyo and Yuki (Finished Collab) Picture

I couldn't pass this collab up. Yuki was adorable and when I saw him i thought of Kyo . Quiet and cultured.

Kyosuke "Kyo" Nakamura

Age :16

Blood type :AB-

Birthday : October 13

Likes: Healing,reading, stars, mythology

Dislikes : those who take things for granted , bullies , and dogs

Personality: caring,passionate, and overly curious

Biography : Having lost both parents on the day of his birth , Kyo was raised by his grandmother. The woman spoiled him and raised him to be a healer at his own request at a very young age. However Kyo lost his grandmother to a raid and on that same day lost his voice due to a wound to his neck. Fear due to his inability to protect himself, the young man finished his healer trained and found a ninja whom he trained under in order to learn ninjutsu, taijutsu and any healing jutsus. He still dwells in his home town but longs to see what is down the path leading away from his village.

Abilities: Increased stealth, A fully tained ninja healer, Taijutsu


Family: None (Deceased)

Significant other :None

Weapons of choice :Shuriken and kunai


Yuki :
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