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Asmodeus is the incarnation of the sin of lust, desire, and emotion; formed from the darkness which the Eridanus were born to break through, like the other 6 Elder Born demons, Asmodeus and her ilk manifested themselves in the minds and hearts of man to avoid being destroyed by the forces of light and goodness. Asmodeus is the dark Queen of Hell, thought she prefers to be called a Lord or King, and is one of the few of the 8 who is willing to alternate between genders and forms; the rest prefer a fixed sex.


Name: Asmodeus/Asmodai
Titles: Lust, Luxuria, the Temptress, Asmodeus, Ashmedai, Asmoday, Asmodeus
Gender: Genderless, prefers female but alternates to suit her
Species: Physical personification of sin, immortal and everlasting demon
Age: Forever; roughly 13. 8 billion years

Height: 7' 9"
Eye Color: White, pupiless
Defining features:
    -Unnaturally planed face -No nose -Slanted eyes -Black lips -White skin
Partner: Lucifer (EX)
Friends: Daughter Necrosa, Assyrosamedai
Enemies: The Eridanus, Senra and Ebenos in particular, the rest of the Deara

Personality: Asmodeus doesn't say much for the most part, but as soon as she opens her mouth be prepared for a bitchstorm of epic proportions. "Does not play nice with others" doesn't even begin to qualify. The woman is every negative emotion of PMS incarnate on steroids. Of course, out of all demons overall, The Deara in general, and the Elder Born in particular, she's definitely one of the nicer ones. But literally. She's about as friendly as a hornet with a hangover, is apathetic and condescending to just about anyone, and will so totally judge you. For the most part, however, Asmodeus keeps to herself and avoids confrontations. Her defection to a neutral position early on in the Great War led to her being viewed somewhat as a traitor by most of the sentient Deara, and was one of the many reasons Lucifer sighted when he banished her from Hell. She would usually rather talk than fight, and is extensively logical and rational, and will always present an objective viewpoint. Then she will go right to the 'crushing your soul with her absolutely bitchiness.'

She is quite haughty, extremely imposing and commanding, and easily insulted. She does not suffer fools gladly, and would rather rain hell on mankind than tolerate a simple slight. For the most part she's nearly impossible to read, and it's extremely difficult to make her angry. Even when she's angry, you can't really tell. In human mythology, she is known by many forms and names, but they are all her own, unlike her foil Senra. Where Senra and her ilk are willingly to only inspire deities in human beliefs, Asmodeus and her ilk ARE the deities of human beliefs. The below is copied and pasted from Wikipedia:

Asmodeus (Greek: Ασμοδαίος, Asmodaios) or Ashmedai (Hebrew: אַשְמְדּאָי‎, ʾAšmədʾāy; see below for other variations) is a king of demons mostly known from the deutero-canonical Book of Tobit, in which he (she) is the primary antagonist. The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends, for instance, in the story of the construction of the Temple of Solomon. He (She) was supposed by some Renaissance Christians to be the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell. In Binsfeld's classification of demons, each one of these princes represents one of the seven deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Rath, Envy and Pride). Asmodeus is the demon of lust and is therefore responsible for twisting people's sexual desires. It is said in Asmodeus; Or, The Devil on Two Sticks that people who fall to Asmodeus' ways will be sentenced to an eternity in the second level of hell.

The name Asmodai is believed to derive from Avestan language *aēšma-daēva, where aēšma means "wrath", and daēva signifies "demon". While the daēva Aēšma is thus Zoroastrianism's demon of wrath and is also well attested as such, the compound aēšma-daēva is not attested in scripture. It is nonetheless likely that such a form did exist, and that the Book of Tobit's "Asmodaios" (Ἀσμοδαῖος) and the Talmud's "Ashmedai" (אשמדאי) reflect it.

Asmodai appears as the king 'Asmoday' in the Ars Goetia, where he (she) is said to have a seal in gold and is listed as number thirty-two according to respective rank.

He (she) "is strong, powerful and appears with three heads; the first is like a bull, the second like a man, and the third like a ram; the tail of a serpent, and from his mouth issue flames of fire." Also, he sits upon an infernal dragon, holds a lance with a banner and, amongst the Legions of Amaymon, Asmoday governs seventy two legions of inferior spirits.

      Habits: She prefers to be silent and keeps to herself, but she has a tendency to warp the air around her in odd ways and leave behind tendrils of black smoke. Her preferred attire alternates between a thick cloak of silk brocade, fur and feathers, and silver armor over a black weave. Her horns change shape, size and form depending on her preference or mood; she usually prefers to be covered at all times, but every so often removes the cloak and dons a loose chiffon gown with a plunging V-neck. Her body is pitch-black when covered by clothing, as seen when her hands are visible under the fur dress. She prefers quiet and solitude more than anything else, but provoke her and you'll be dealing with the mother of all apocalypses when that tongue begins to fly. She hates both birds and fish, and if presented with sheatfish or a smoke formed by burning fish, she'll run like hell
      Eating habits and favorite foods: She rarely eats (Deara need no sustenance) but she likes sweets, including red velvet cake, cherry pie, devil's food cake, dark chocolate, grapes, strawberries, maraschino cherries, black cherry yogurt, margaritas and bloody marries, strawberry rhubarb pie....anything red. She generally doesn't like cold foods, preferring hot foods and sweets instead.

Physical Traits: Long and lanky, Asmodeus stands seven feet nine inches at her tallest, not counting the horns that can spiral a good 2 feet above her head. For the most part they appear smooth and ringed, but can form shapes very similar to antlers. Her skin is pure white when uncovered by clothing; when she wears her cloak of fur, her body turns so black you can see nothing but the outline of it. Her hands retain this appearance even when they peak out from under the sleeves. Despite her heavy dress giving her a rather shapeless, androgynous form, underneath Asmodeus has a powerful, muscular hourglass figure, considering she's the demon of lust. Her fingers are long and she has six of them instead of five; this is not always drawn. Some notable features are the fact that she has no ears and no nose, and no orifices to indicate the ability to smell or hear, yet she is capable of both. Her forehead is quite prominent and her eyes deeply sunken into her skull, with high and heavy lids, and are powerfully slanted and narrow, and a pupilless white. If she's really pissed off, they turn black. She has black feather-like eyelashes than actuall grown in a fine, thin line under the eyelid in a sweeping curve; she has no eyebrows, due to the dramatic shadows present from her forehead alone, and the flat plane that serves her for a nose merges with her upper lip. Her lips are long, wide and thin, black, usually pursed in a frown, and can open wide enough to bite a basketball in half to reveal a mouth of shark teeth.

Powers: Capable of unleashing mass, cataclysmic destruction as the mood strikes her, Asmodeus is every dark desire mankind has ever had. Her powers extend from the manipulation of sexual lust to bloodlust, gluttony-lust, you name it. Of course, she does not have as much control over, say, bloodlust as Satan would, but even so she is quite powerful in all forms of longing and desire. She chooses not to appear as an object of lust and desire herself, but rather embodies the darker aspect of the sins, taking on a frightening and inhuman form to show the evil it can cause, while still retaining some form of beauty. She can twist and warp people's fantasies, read, enter, toy with and break minds, and manipulate time and space to her advantage. While Eridanus powers are a matter of Will Rank, the only sentient Deara are the Elder Born and any demons directly descended from them. The rest of the Deara are a collective mass of seething instinct, rage and evil. They have no desires, no thoughts, they know only the sins the Elder Born stand for. Asmodeus is not just a creature of desire; she is quite powerful in physical combat and absolutely vicious. Her preferred weapon is her magic and a spear; her next best is a bow and arrow, for long range, and she never misses her target. She can withstand the most extreme temperatures, from scalding heat to frigid cold, and fashions her body armor out of lead forged from the heart of the earth's core, so dark it has never seen light and absorbs all light that strikes it. She also wears armor made of pure silver and inlaid with magic. If she so chooses, touching her could reduce you to a pile of ash. She can summon storms, burn whole islands, and her magic has a blackish-purple hue and is an acidic fire. Asmodeus gives off an otherworldly black, smoky glow that warps the air around her like a heat wave, and gets steadily darker, larger and more distorting the angrier she is or the more agitated. Unlike Senra, she does not radiate any temperature, and is always the same temperature as whoever touches her, so that it feels like she has none at all. If she's mad enough, touching her will do horrible things to you. The ground is usually covered by a weird black mist where she walks that dissipates after several seconds, but leaves behind eerie shadow-spots in the ground that take hours to fade completely, and can resemble anything from damp earth to spots of blood, but are not actually wet. Like all Elder Born Deara, she can sprout wings, horns, armor, claws, fangs, all of the above, you name it.



    Asmodeus was the second Deara to rise from the darkness. God said 'let there be light' and there was the force that would form Senra, and from that accompanying darkness Asmodeus and her ilk were born. Asmodeus was partnered to Lucifer, the first Elder Born Deara, for a long time, and bore him 7 daughters. Early on in the Great War, Lucifer defected from the Deara to plot his own rise to power, planning to swoop in when the Eridanus and Deara were both weak from fighting one another and take over. After he left Asmodeus partially lost interest in the battle, and due to a less malicious nature than her counterparts, she adopted a stance of neutrality. The Eridanus destroyed as much of the Deara as they could, but could not change the seeds of evil they had planted in the hearts and minds of mankind, and like the other Elder Born Asmodeus sought refuge in the sins of men, believing the Eridanus could not reach them there. Then God sent the great flood, and the Deara were forced back into the corporeal world, to be imprisoned in Hell for eternity. Asmodeus escaped imprisonment but remained wary of using her powers in case Senra sensed her; several years after the war, Lucifer banished her from hell to another astral plane, calling her a traitor, and six of her daughters refused to acknowledge her as their mother. The Eridanus immediately noticed and Asmodeus hid among the lesser demon, adopting the name Byracruse to avoid detection. When the Second War came about, Senra called on Asmodeus for counsel, and she returned to fight for the Eridanus .

More info:
Eridanus Breedsheet

Passable Traits: Black skin when covered by clothing, white when note, pupiless eyes.

Genotype: NONE

Mother: NONE
Father: NONE
Breed: Evil demon

Breeding Status: CLOSED.


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