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Name: Kyanite (goes by Kyan)
Age: Somewhere in his twenties... only his mother knows for sure. D:
Hometown: Oreburgh City

Personality: If one word could describe Kyanite, it would be persistent. While Kyan probably wouldn't be the kind of guy you'd approach for change of 1000 pokeyen, he is actually a kind-hearted person who often puts the needs of others before his own. He is a focused individual who gets completely absorbed by the task at hand, a state that can sometimes be hard to snap him out of. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, he rarely forms lasting relationships with other people, being a wanderer at heart and never settling down in one spot for too long. While his normally quiet demeanor makes him seem lost in his own world at times, get him talking about something like geology or old legends and he'll never shut up.

Despite his normally reserved attitude, he seems to have inherited the anxiety issues his mother has. Likely triggered by the theft of his first Pokemon, he worries almost excessively about both his human and pokemon companions, fearing he will be unable to protect them the same way he failed Larvitar all those years ago. While he prefers his pickaxe and books to battling and contests, he will not hesitate to fight back if someone threatens another person's or pokemon's safety. Although he's never really considered himself a trainer, he does train his Pokemon hard as he feels that taking low level Pokemon with him on his digs would only be endangering their lives.

History: Born and raised in the small mining town of Oreburgh City, Kyan lived a relatively normal life until he was four, when a cave-in occurred in the Underground section where his father was working, killing him and his team when rescue operations failed to get to them fast enough. His now single mother made Kyan promise not to go near "the dangerous mines," and while he kept his promise for the next two years, his natural curiosity led him to the outskirts of Oreburgh Mine. As the child pondered what it would be like to go inside, a strange man bumped into him, dropping a red slab in the process. As the man offered his apologies, Kyan turned examined the plate -smooth with etchings in one side- asking who he was and what this strange object was. The man chuckled and said he was "no one special, just a wandering philosopher," and that the plate was "part of the creator." Confused, Kyan asked what he meant, and the man told little Kyan of the creator Pokemon, Arceus. As the man spoke to him of ancient Pokemon that formed the continents and split time and space, Kyan hung on to the man's every word, eager to hear more about the old myths of the worlds. Pleased to see such a young child so genuinely interested in the mythology of Sinnoh, he gave little Kyan the red plate he had seen when he first met the man as a parting gift, saying he had no further need of it. Turning the mysterious object over in his hands, he felt as though the ancient legends of Sinnoh itself were daring him to come and uncover their secrets, and from that day on, Kyan had been ingrained with a passion for seeking knowledge and truth.

His tenth birthday came and passed, with Kyan choosing to continue his schooling rather than becoming a Pokemon Trainer. While he was content to spend his time poring over his books and visiting the local museum, he did wonder what it would be like to have his own pokemon instead of reading about them. However, his first attempt at catching a Pokemon was... disasterous, and he might have been seriously injured had it not been for the then new gym leader Roark's timely intervention. He sympathized with Kyan's loss of his father years earlier, his own father having left him and his mother to become the gym leader in Canalave City, and gave him a Pokemon Egg on the condition that he "care for the pokemon as he would his own family," a condition to which Kyan unhesitatingly agreed to. While Kyan panicked at first after the egg hatching, noting that the newly hatched Larvitar's colors were different than those he'd seen in his precious books, Roark explained that while "shiny" pokemon were unusual, they were as strong and healthy as any other. Through this act of kindness, Kyan decided that he too would become a great miner just as Roark, and his father, had been. At seventeen, while not ready for high end excavations, Kyan had become a decent miner in his own right, with Larvitar happily helping out alongside him as usual, a true part of the family just as he had promised Roark when he took that egg.

However, unknown to Kyan, an unidentified person(s) were interested in his Larvitar, shiny pokemon having long been highly sought and prized for their rarity. Under the cover of night, as Kyan and Larvitar were heading back from the mines, he was ambushed by a trainer desirous of the shiny Larvitar. Despite the fact that Larvitar had been with him for years, Kyan had had little experience with battling and thus was quickly and easily defeated by what looked like a dragon type pokemon, but blacked out before he could fully identify it. By the time he awoke, he was lying in his room with his mother in a frenzy and being told to relax by a doctor who assured her her son's injuries were mild at worst and would heal in no time. Although Kyan frantically asked around the city if anyone had seen a suspicious person with a dragon type pokemon recently, no one was able to answer, and it appeared to the devastated teen as though his stolen Larvitar was gone for good...

Years later, Kyan has become an accomplished digger in his own right, having had left Oreburgh City and exploring many regions, searching for new discoveries and artifacts lost in the annals of time. During one of his brief respites, he sees the large floating billboards for something called the Big Sky Carnival, and scoffs at the thought of someone flaunting their wealth by putting on such a gaudy show. However, as he returns to the Pokemon Center to rest before continuing his journey, Kyan gets a call on his room's phone from an unknown person, taunting him about his failure to protect his Pokemon all those years before, and claiming his "important thing" is waiting for him at the Big Sky Carnival, IF he has the guts to go there. His determination rekindled, Kyan quickly tosses his belongings into his bag, takes his rested pokemon from the center's nurse, and rushes out the door, thoughts of finding his old friend the only thing on his mind...

Other info:
-His hair is a sort of bluegreen/dark green color. Well, think of it as corbomite: it becomes whatever's necessary to advance the plot.
-Tenses up around dragon types (but not to the point of being terrified).
-Is always stocked with potions and camping necessities as he travels around all the time.
-Is never seen without a hat. Ever.
-Is a total momma's boy.
-Favorite places are Canalave Library, Iron Island, and of course the Underground, and he'd be right at home in almost any cave or mountainous region.
-Is pretty much a nerd that goes outdoors.
-Regularly donates fossils and artifacts to museums.
-Had to leave most of his mining equipment behind since they could be seen as weapons. He is not happy about this.
-His other Pokemon are a Glaceon, Rhydon, and Yanmega. He once owned a Graveler he practiced with as a gym trainer in Oreburgh gym (before he started traveling) and left it with Roark when he departed, where it evolved into Golem. He also caught an Electrike and Buneary which were promptly snatched away by his mother to be used in contests (but he isn't worried since Buneary evolved under her care and she treats them like family).

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