Kamen Rider Ace Vengeance Mode Picture

An OC Rider I made for a fanfic I plan to do, a shorter one than I normally make that'd be "movie" length. Anyway, moving on:


Name: Originally: Katsu Hitoshi, Renamed: Norio
Age: 23
Animal Base: Thunderbird
Personality: Norio was originally a reserved, kindhearted individual, very intelligent as well. However, after what happened to him, he's become quiet and cunning, plotting vengeance on those who have done him wrong, rather cold. However, he's has always had a sense of justice that will not allow him to permit anyone to suffer if he can help it.
History: Katsu Hitoshi was a Japanese scientist, fresh out of Collage before getting a job offer in the US at a laboratory. However, he soon discovered this was all a ploy by a gang of genetically enhanced criminals known simply as the Renegades. The Renegades leader, named Adrian, used his wife as a hostage to force Katsu to do what he was told, to steal a batch of experminental weather control nanites from the lab they'd set him up to work at. While he stole the nanites and made it to the meeting place at a Native American bural ground, he discovered Adrian had lied and already had his wife murdered in coldblood. Having been lied to, Katsu tried to flee but was killed by the Falcon Renegade, who knocked him off a cliff. However, Katsu took the nanites with him to the grave.

The Renegades thought he was dead, that was until the Falcon Renegade found himself staring down the gun of the very man he believed he'd killed.

While the Renegades returned to Japan to plot their next crime, something strange happened. The mystical energies of the Native American artifacts surrounding him reacted with the nanites he took with him, rebuilding Katsu' body and imbuing it with the power of the mythological Thunderbird. Rising from the grave, Katsu renamed himself Norio (Man of the Law), swearing to never let the Renegades hurt anyone again. He returned to Japan took on the mantle of Kamen Rider Ace, seeking to bring the evil Renegades to justice, one by one.
Ace Buckle: The thunderbird based buckle that allows him to transform.
Elemental Power: Kamen Rider Ace can use the weather control nanites to use the power of wind and lightning to assault his foes.
Aero Revolver: A pistol that he reconfigured by the nanites and mystical energies giving him his powers. It is capable of channeling his wind powers to let loose pressurized bullets of air capable of shattering concrete.
Storm Rider: His motorcycle, based off a classic chopper.
Finishing Moves:
Storm of Vengeance: Surrounds himself in a vortex of wind, lifting himself in the air and surrounding himself in lightning before delivering a flying side kick to the oppponent.
Lightning Crunch: Charges electricity into his fist and delivers a lightning infused punch to the enemy.
Piercing Cyclone: Spins the revolver barriel on the Aero Revolver, sucking win through the vents of it into the chamber. He then lets out a thin, concentraited cyclone through the opponent's body.

If he manages to find something other than his revenge to fight for, he'll transform into Kamen Rider Ace Justice Mode, gaining a lighter color scheme and a boost in power.

I chose the darker colors because unlike most Riders, he's not a straight up hero in this form, he's an Anti-Hero.

Kamen Rider belongs to Toei! Kamen Rider Ace and the Renegades are mine!

UPDATE: Changed color scheme and also added a cowboy hat in place of his head crest, think it looks better.
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