:BA: Choel Canterville Picture

Name: Choel Canterville
Age: 17
Powers: Summoning Lilith (female demon), using her powers
-Self defence arts
-Supernatural studies
Dorm: Norwood Garden

Personality/ Description:
Choel real name was Choel Norrington until he was adopted as a child of Christian Canterville.
He is arrogant, sarcastic and sadistic guy who enjoys people's suffering.
He is smart and always predict steps of his enemies. He hates when somebody shown up better than him or is one step forward.
He was raised as a spoiled brat and the most favourite adopted child of Christian.
He is used to other people is scum and he has a noble blood, so is better than anyone else.
There are high expectations from others Cantervilles that Choel might be another body which will carry the soul of Christian and will be his reincarnation.
He is also Cinkl's step brother but hates her for betraying the family and always calls her "You scum." or "Trash."

Weapons/ Fighting style:
Choel's power is to summon Lilith - female demon which always appears with black wings, blonde hair and crimson lips.
Her main power is to causes and heals diseases but also awake in humans lust or desire.
Choel uses mainly her power to cause and heal diseases. He can infect a person just with one touch and also heal him with a touch.
Lilith as a demon is rarely seen and shown up just in the time when her master needs her for a fight. She can turn into the shape of the snake with wings.
-Choel also uses a sword for his fights, which was a present from Christian. He is very good in swordplay.
He loves fights, doesn't really care if somebody will get hurt or not.

Choel was born in London to the middle class family, but always felt like he is not destinated to be there. His mother was ill for so long time and when she died, he decided to find a job even if he was 8 years old.
But he ended in stealing things, but still acting haughty to others.
He was able to see demons, ghots and others supernaturals from the very low age.
Thanks to that he was able to put Lilith under his control and make a contract of summoning with her, using her powers.
He was found by Christian Canterville on the street in the time when Choel killed a drunk man who was troubling him.
He took him to his mansion and adopted him as another Canterville child.
It's known to the every member of Cantervilles that Choel might be another body which will carry Christian's soul and became his reincarnation because he spent the most of time with Christian himself and is very similar to his personality.
When Cinkl ran away from Cantervilles, he swore he will make her suffer.
Why he joined Baranthia is still unclear.

He was drawn by me a long time ago..well not really long time but about a month..
Because I wanted this guy to appear in Black Event's last chapters.. I was not able to wait..really no and had to submit him now..
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