Edo Marvel: Gods Picture

Superhuman beings considered and worshiped as gods in the 1640s of this Marvel Universe.

Top Row, L-R:

Counterpart of: Odin
Biography: Izanagi is one of the Eternals, the first beings spawned by the balanced forces of Creation and Negation. He and the other Eternals, including Iehova, Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, and others, created the Earth and its entire people, from humans, plants, and animals to demons and spirits. They then created the afterlife, which was divided amongst themselves and split into three parts: the place of rewards, the place of judgments, and the place of punishments; in Izanagi’s territory of the afterlife, these places were respectively named Yahirodono, Sabaki, and Yomi. When it was time for the islands of Japan, Izanagi’s domain of mortals, to be forged, he and his wife Izanami seized the Spear of Heaven and stirred the ocean, causing the islands to rise from the seabed. Over the next thousand years, the two gods took in the spirits of many exceptional mortals, making them into the Shinto Gods of Yahirodono while Izanagi and Izanami ruled as the Kami. Izanami perished as she gave birth to their son Kagutsuchi and they were both dragged to Yomi by demonic forces. Izanagi traveled to the underworld to bring her back, but she informed them that they had already feasted on the fruit of the underworld, and can no longer return to the heavens. Unable to see in the darkness of Yomi, Izanagi lit a torch and saw the vile beasts his family had become; screaming in horror, Izanagi ran for the exit. Disgusted by her husband’s betrayal, Izanami swore to destroy him and his precious, beautiful humans. When Izanagi returned to his kingdom, the underworld toxins he washed from his face became his new children and the new Kami, the Gods Susanoo and Tsukuyomi and the Goddess Amateratsu. Susanoo became the God of Storms, Amateratsu the Goddess of Light, and Tsukuyomi the God of Shadows. When the child-gods were still young, their father lost a mystical game of Shogi (Japanese Chess) to the dragon Kyumin, which allowed him to access the Flames of the Dread Dragon Faltine; Kyumin would later be defeated by a group of good dragons and later the human sorceress called The Stranger. During a feast prepared by Uke Mochi, the Goddess of Food, Tsukuyomi got indigestion from a dish she made and he killed her in secrecy. Tsukuyomi framed his arrogant brother Susanoo for this crime, and Izanagi banished him to live in a human body as punishment. Later, Susanoo, as a member of the heroic Regalia, discovered the truth and revealed his brother as the culprit. Izanagi punished Tsukuyomi by banishing him to the moon that orbits the Earth. After spending time on Earth as a hero, Susanoo returned to Yahirodono to save his father’s life, so he couldn’t stop a villain from claiming the Infinity Gauntlet for the horrid Mikaboshi
Powers: Immortality through advanced aging; superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/senses/reflexes/durability/aim/intelligence/healing; great combat skills; powers of energy and matter manipulation, illusion casting, levitation, telepathy, and teleportation, all of which can be channeled through his Spear of Heaven.

Counterpart of: Balder
Biography: Originally a mass of toxins from the underworld, Amateratsu, Goddess of Light, was born from the left eye of her father Izanagi when he cleansed himself of Yomi’s poisons. She grew up in the heavenly kingdom of Yahirodono with her brothers Susanoo and Tsukuyomi and forged a magic weapon to symbolize peace and knowledge: the mirror “Yata No Kanagi”. Together with Susanoo’s sword “Kusanagi No Tsurugi”, which was created from the death of the evil serpent Orochi, they created a third mystical item: the jewel “Yasakani No Magatama”. During the first war between heaven and hell, the magic jewel was lost to Earth and found centuries later by the mortal Taichi Sakamoto, who uses it as the power source for the wearable weapon system that makes up his heroic Armored Man identity. Amateratsu was the only goddess to sense a disturbance in the spiritual balance and foresee an evil force coming, so she traveled to Earth to find a hero worthy of holding the Mirror. A terrorist group, also called OROCHI, was attacking the human city of Edo (now Tokyo), so Amateratsu bequeathed the Mirror to the samurai Shinobu Yamashita, who used its power to drive away the invaders. The Goddess then explained to him about the great darkness coming, so Shinobu became the heroic Captain Japan to form the Regalia, a team of superheroes, with Susanoo and Armored Man. Currently, Amateratsu is the heir to the heavenly kingdom after the passing of her father, which doesn’t negatively affect her brother Susanoo (who would rather stay on Earth and fight evil) as much as it does their brother Tsukuyomi (who is now a villain, banished to the moon for a heinous act).
Powers: Immortality through advanced aging; superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/senses/reflexes/durability/aim/intelligence/healing; great combat skills; control of light and many sources of light; generation of intense heat and flame; invisibility; flight; communication with any living thing; teleportation; danger sense.

Guan Yu:
Counterpart of: Hercules
Biography: Huang Yu is the Jade Emperor, the Eternal creator of China and king of the Chinese Gods, and his son Guan Yu is the Chinese God of War. During the turbulent civil war known as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan traveled to China from the heavens in a mortal disguise to lead a rebellion against a tyrant in the northern territories. Born with an unbreakable golden mace in his hands, Guan knew only of warfare throughout his 100s of years in existence… that is, until he saved a group of Korean people from being sold into slavery by Chinese thugs. Among these saved people was an orphan named Cho, a boy born of scholars, who lost his family during China’s second invasion of Korea in 1636. Guan became Cho’s guardian as the boy taught the god about the ways of the mortals and the ways of peace. But when Guan began sensing the quaking of the Heavens, he had to leave and resume his godly identity, promising to return. He sought the help of his rival, Susanoo, Japanese God of Storms, to prevent a villain from wearing 10 mystical rings, lest he free an evil beast from banishment. When The Mandarin found all ten rings, the dragon Xhan Taanu, was reborn. Flying towards the Kingdom of Heaven, Xhan was confronted by Guan Yu and the Regalia, and was finally destroyed by the Armored Man. With the god’s love for battle reinvigorated, Guan Yu and Cho now use their talents to bring peace to the lands of mortals.
Powers: Immortality through advanced aging; superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/senses/reflexes/durability/aim/intelligence/healing; great combat skills; use of an unbreakable golden mace.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:
The Densetsu Sannin (The Warriors Three): The Sannin were the first Ninja, spies and assassins for hire, and creators of the Ninja Arts of Ninjitsu (spirit arts), Taijitsu (body arts), and Genjitsu (mind arts). When they perished in battle saving their lands from a horde of demons, they were exonerated and made into gods by Izanagi. They now travel the lands of the heavens, slaying invading demons and fighting evil alongside Izanagi’s son Susanoo.

Counterpart of: Frandal the Dashing
Biography: Tsunade the Divine is the beautiful leader of the Densutsu Sannin and creator of the Art of Ninjitsu. She is an irrepressible swashbuckler and romantic. Her bravery and optimism often puts the group in highly disadvantageous positions, as perennially pointed out by the gloomy Orochimaru. Tsunade considers herself the consummate lover and is often depicted with a bevy of swooning young men. Despite these flaws, she possesses an excessively noble spirit and will protect her fellow Sannin without thought to her personal safety or prosperity.
Powers: Above-human strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/reflexes; use of a sword and other ninja weapons. She is the creator and master of the Spirit Arts of Ninjitsu, which infuses her spiritual energy with the world around her to manipulate it to her advantage; use of these arts range from creation of weapons and tools to summoning slug spirits to do her bidding.

Counterpart of: Volstagg the Valiant
Biography: The eldest of the Densetsu Sannin, Jiraiya the Gallant is the creator of the Body Arts of Taijitsu. He will often be the cause of more problems than the solution, he likes consuming large amounts of food and drink and is very boastful about those abilities. Despite his flaws, Jiraiya is a skilled fighter, trusted member of the Sannin and a great ally to Susanoo.
Powers: Above-human strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/reflexes; use of ninja weapons; superhuman consumption; creator and master of the Body Arts of Taijitsu, which allows him to manipulate his body through his spiritual energy, resulting in various effects like enhanced strength, duplication, and size control; he also has the ninjitsu power to summon toad spirits to serve him.

Counterpart of: Hogun the Grim
Biography: Orochimaru the Gruesome is the third member of the Densetsu Sannin and creator of the Mind Arts of Genjitsu. He is primarily characterized by his brusque, taciturn, and often short-tempered demeanor. He is the brooding pessimist of the group, and usually the voice of reason for the Sannin. In the living world, his homelands were decimated by the demons controlled by the wizard Mogul; when Tsunade’s and Jiraiya’s lands were threatened as well, they traveled to the wizard’s mountain fortress and slew him, absorbing his magic and creating the Three Jitsus. The demons then returned to slay the three heroes, but the ninjas sacrificed their lives to destroy the beasts. In the end, they were made into gods by Izanagi for their heroism.
Powers: Above-human strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/reflexes; use of a mace and ninja weapons; creator and master of the Mind Arts of Genjitsu, which allows him to manipulate his mind and the minds of others, resulting in effects like enhanced perception and illusions; he also has the ninjitsu power to summon snake spirits to serve him.

Mentioned Characters:
Yahirodono: Asgard
Kagutsuchi: Surtur
Izanami: Mephisto
Susanoo: Thor
Tsukuyomi: Loki
Kyumin: Dormammu
The Stranger: Dr. Strange
The Regalia: The Avengers
Mikaboshi: Thanos

Kusanagi No Tsurugi: Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer
Armored Man: Iron Man
Captain Japan: Captain America

Huang Yu the Jade Emperor: Zeus
Cho: Amadeus Cho
Xhan Taanu: Fing Fang Foom
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