wavy Picture

I had to edit so much in my story and change so many things around. Some decisions I'm proud of, others slightly disappointed, but, it worked out in the end. orz;;

It's named "wavy" because of her hair, haha~ It's so long it reaches the ground. It's really fun to draw and colour~
S-Sorry if that's doing a lot. ;; A ;; //

Unfortunately I'll have to make Sveta's story the second point of view in the Bakugan-R comic that I will be starting in due time, mainly because of complications with characters and how everything will play out. I really wanted Sveta to have a love interest in the comic, but realistically working it didn't work too well. It wasn't her personality or anything, it was what will happen in the comics... e A e ~

Gahhh, perhaps I overthought it, but I think it'd be a bit better this way. ; u ;
Don't worry, I'm not getting rid of Sveta, or any of my characters, or anything like that.
She just lost her love interest and now remains as a very important character! xD;;

But this is Ah-hin! I love her design so much.
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