New Amalgam Comics: The Intermaggia Picture

The Intermaggia: (The Maggia + The Intergang) The most dangerous crime syndicate on Earth, stemming originally from Switzerland and now based in the city of New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), New York. Lead by Moxie Fisk, aka The Bosspin, the Intermaggia frequently comes into conflict with superheroes like Doctor Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite), the Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman), and the Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman).

Top Row, L-R:

The Bosspin:
Amalgamation Of: Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk + “Boss” Moxie Manneheim
Real Name: Moxie Fisk
Biography: Moxie Fisk was an overweight child growing up in New Metropolis, but his ruthless intellect and physical combat prowess proved himself worthy of the crime boss he joined with in his teenaged years. When the boss was killed in a gang shootout, Moxie murdered the successors and took control of the gang. When the Intermaggia set up a new base in New Metropolis, Moxie's gang merged with them and, eventually, Moxie rose to the top and became the leader of the Intermaggia, taking on the new name of The Bosspin. When the superhero known as Doctor Dare waged his one-man war against the Intermaggia, the Bosspin gave the assassin Deadeye (Bullseye + Deadshot) cybernetic implants to enhance his skills to kill the hero, though he failed. The rivalry between Doctor Dare and Bosspin lasted until their deaths; Tasmia Fisk is Moxie's descendant from the year 3099, and she became the heroine Nite-Devil (Daredevil 2099 + Shadow Lass), a member of the Legion of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy + Legion of Super Heroes).
Powers: Above-average strength/durability/stamina/combat prowess; commands vast criminal resources and minions; high intelligence; use of concealed weapons (such as a firearm inside his cane).

The Ugly Rose:
Amalgamation Of: Richard “The Rose” Fisk + Bruno “Ugly” Manneheim
Real Name: Bruno Fisk
Biography: Bruno Fisk, the son of Moxie Fisk, discovered that his father was the criminal mastermind called the Bosspin and was determined to atone for his father's wrong-doings. When Bruno was killed, he was brought back to life by a vision of Cain, the first murderer in Earth's history. Now obsessed with the Cult of Cain and the Bible of Crime, Bruno Fisk adopted the new identity of The Ugly Rose, a masked crime lord working with the Intermaggia. The Ugly Rose gained followers (by threatening to kill and eat those who didn't join him) and manipulated the events of the Intermaggia businesses in order to eventually topple the Bosspin's regime as head of the crime syndicate. Discovering a prophecy that required a sacrifice of “the daughter of Cain” to gain absolute power, Bruno had his minions kidnap Melina Kane, who was also the superheroine Iron Succubus (Iron Maiden + Batwoman) so he could plunge a ritualistic dagger into her heart. Priscilla Montoya, who had become the vigilante called The Problem (Scourge + Question) tried to save Melina, but as the life drained from her, the magics of the ritual caused Bruno to grow to gigantic size, leading to a tremendous battle with the heroic Super-Soldier (Cpt. America + Superman). Melina was saved and Bruno was stripped of his power and sent to prison. Bruno never learned that the vision of Cain was actually sent by Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid), an alien supervillain who used Bruno and others to undermine the super-beings of Earth he considers a threat to his plans.
Powers: Highly intelligent strategist; magic temporarily infused him with superhuman size/strength/stamina/durability.

Morgan Manfredi:
Amalgamation Of: Silvio Manfredi + Morgan Edge
Biography: Hailing from Sicily, Italy, Morgan Manfredi started off as an accountant for the crime syndicate called the Intermaggia, which was named for it being the inner circle of European crime syndicates based in Maggia, a municipality of the city of Ticino, Switzerland. Morgan climbed the ranks and became a lieutenant in the gang, and he moved to the American city of New Metropolis when the Intermaggia was forced to relocate there. As a wealthy businessman, Morgan Manfredi bought a multimedia empire that included the Planet Bugle newspaper (Daily Bugle + Daily Planet); Morgan became friendly with reporter Clark Rogers (who is really the Super-Soldier), but could never see eye-to-eye with editor-in-chief J. Jonah White (J. Jonah Jameson + Perry White). Morgan's businesses are a front for his illegal activities with the Intermaggia. Planet Bugle photographer Connor Parker discovered Morgan's connection to the crime syndicate and once again became the heroic Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy) to bring him to justice. Morgan revealed himself as a cyborg with built-in weapons, and was destroyed in the fight with Spider Boy. Morgan Manfredi returned, revealing that the one Spider Boy destroyed in a fight was cloned from his DNA and posing as him, clearing him of any charges and connections to the Intermaggia. Once again, the evil alien Deathseid used the Intermaggia to undermine the heroes of Earth, creating Morgan's cybernetically-enhanced clone to do so.
Powers: Highly intelligent businessman and strategist. His clone, called “Silveredge”, was equipped with cybernetic implants that enhanced his strength/speed/stamina/durability and gave him several deadly weapons.

Amalgamation Of: Hammerhead + Hellgrammite
Real Name: Joseph Rose
Alias: Mister Dobson
Biography: The man who became Hellhammer was an Italian immigrant who legally changed his name to Joseph Rose. He was abused by his father growing up, and eventually became a scientist working in the field of genetic engineering. He began working with another scientist at LexCorp, an R/D company owned by the civilian identity of the evil Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor). Someone with a grudge against LexCorp attacked Joseph and left him brutally mutilated and near death, but his fellow scientist saved his life through gene manipulation and fusing his shattered skeleton with an durable organic metal. Joseph seemed alright at first, but the gene manipulation, which was conducted using insect DNA, mutated him after he recovered into an insect-like creature. He went on a rampage until he was stopped by the Super-Soldier. After regaining his composure, the scientist who changed him into this bug-monster helped Joseph escape prison with help from his other bosses, the Intermaggia. Now calling himself Hellhammer, Joseph Rose climbed the ranks of the crime syndicate, becoming a lieutenant under the Bosspin himself. He battled Super-Soldier again, and also faced the tag team of Iron Bat and Rodentia (Squirrel Girl + The Creeper), a member of the Great Lakes Justice Avengers (Great Lakes Avengers + Justice League). Hellhammer was believed to have been killed in a battle between the Intermaggia and the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), but the villain Nega-Light (Mister Negative + Dr. Arthur Light) saved him in exchange for his loyalty.
Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina/leaping; lightly armored skin; super-dense metal skeleton; hand-to-hand combat; use of a sub-machine gun; secretion of various chemicals from his body, such as acids, adhesives, and a mutagenic compound that temporarily changes people into subservient mutants.

Middle Row:

Count Zeus:
Amalgamation Of: Count Nefaria + Maxie Zeus
Real Name: Maximillian “Maxie” Nefaria
Biography: Maxie Nefaria concealed his high-ranking position in the Intermaggia by assuming the facade of a philanthropic millionaire and college history professor. When Maxie's wife was slain in a gang war between the Intermaggia and their rivals, Maxie had no choice but to give away their newborn daughter, Medea, so she too isn't killed in the unending violence. Grief-stricken, Maxie disappeared from the outside world to devote himself to the Intermaggia. He took on the identity of Count Zeus, named after the king of the Greek gods, and had a scientist genetically alter him to give him superpowers. Count Zeus' powers make him a major threat to two major superhero teams, the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) and the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol), who barely managed to defeat him each time. Count Zeus would later form a team of inhuman-looking supervillains he dubbed the Olympimen to aide him and the Intermaggia. Maxie later was reunited with his daughter, who had taken the name Whitney Kyle; agents of the defense organization Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X) raided the compound, causing an explosion that scarred Whitney's face, leading her to becoming the villainess Madame Cat (Madame Masque + Catwoman), a romantic interest and nemesis of the Justice Avenger called Iron Bat. Eventually, the REAL Zeus, a nemesis of the Justice Avenger known as Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman), learned of this mere chaos-wreaking mortal, one nowhere near worthy of his name, and evaporated him into ionic energy as punishment.
Powers: High intelligence and vast wealth; superhuman strength/stamina/durability; flight; electricity generation.

The Olympimen:
Amalgamation Of: Ani-Men + New Olympians
Biography: A group of superpowered humanoids with animalistic features and unknown origins, these four villains were hired by Count Zeus, a lieutenant of the Intermaggia, to serve him in his battles against the superheroes who oppose him and the crime syndicate. Their team was dubbed the Olympimen and they were each given codenames derived from beings from Greek mythology. They battled the Justice Avengers and also the Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders). The Olympimen disbanded after Count Zeus was killed by the actual Zeus, but retained their codenames and would sometimes reunite for their own criminal enterprises, such as trying to kill the hero Dr. Dare.
Phenix: Flight on wings; flame generation; wields a hammer.
Agrius: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability; strength raises as contact with planet is sustained.
Sphinx: Superhuman speed/agility/reflexes; claws and fangs; darkness generation.
Amphisbana: Superhuman agility/reflexes/senses; shape-shifting (such as elongation and growth of functioning wings).

Bottom Row, L-R:

Amalgamation Of: Gladiator + The Key
Alias: Dr. Potter
Biography: Known only as Dr. Potter, the Invader started out as a scientist working for the Intermaggia, seeking to enhance the physical and mental attributes of the gang's thugs through psycho-active chemicals. He experimented on himself and became a superhuman calling himself the Invader. With battle armor and a bevy of drugs and poisons to use against his enemies, he battled and came near to defeating Dr. Dare, a frequent heroic nemesis of the Bosspin, leader of the Intermaggia. He was nearly killed in a battle with Dr. Dare and subjected himself to a drug-induced coma to heal. After a year, Invader rose from his coma, discovering that he had developed telepathic powers; he was able to brainwash several members of the Justice Avengers through chemicals and telepathy, but couldn't sustain their fantasy worlds long enough to steal their headquarter's technology for the Intermaggia.
Powers: Limited telepathic powers; enhanced senses; master chemist and scientist with an arsenal of mind-altering drugs; use of an energy rifle, armor, and blade-mounted wrists; combat skills; aided by robots provided by the Intermaggia.

Tobias Slug:
Amalgamation Of: The Slug + Tobias Whale
Real Name: Tobias Lugman
Biography: Tobias Lugman, a morbidly obese albino, is a major gangster from Gothton, Massachusetts, and the liaison between Gothton’s rackets, including the Intermaggia and the terrorist organization HUNDRA. Traveling to New Metropolis, Tobias Slug and his minions battled Thunder Woman, Dr. Dare, and the man who would become Lightning Strike (Thunderstrike + Black Lightning), a member of the Outer-Warriors.
Powers: Tobias Slug is possibly a metamutant, which would explain his ability to survive his own massive girth. He can’t move without a special chair, but he has massive upper-body strength and can smother his enemies with the folds of his flesh. His fatness also allows him to float in water and harmlessly break down poisons in his system.

Delilah Drakon:
Amalgamation Of: Delilah + Constantine Drakon
Biography: Greek-American assassin Delilah Drakon, who started killing for cash at age 10, is the bodyguard and chief enforcer for The Ugly Rose, a lieutenant of the Intermaggia. In her first mission for the Ugly Rose, she was sent to assassinate Star City police officer Brian Nital and frame Intermaggia lieutenant Hellhammer for it, all a part of Ugly Rose's plan to take over the Intermaggia. Delilah was foiled by the heroic archer Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow) but she defeated him; she spared his life, however, because she wasn't being paid enough to start killing superheroes. After the fall of the Ugly Rose, Delilah Drakon hadn't been seen until she was hired by the crime boss Bronze (Bison + Brick) in a bid to eliminate their nemesis Hawk Arrow. Delilah and Bronze were defeated in combat by Hawk Arrow while his partners helped take down the other supervillains hired by Bronze.
Powers: Above-human strength/speed/stamina/durability/agility/reflexes/senses/aim; martial arts mastery; can use any object as a deadly weapon.
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