TToA: Tin Picture

Woohoo, it's a new character for the Tales of Atomos! You've probably seen him if you saw my journal in which I went "Guess this mystery element!" Of course, this guy is Tin. *points to the deviation title* It's exactly as it says on the tin. /brick'd for the lame pun

I kind of listened to this on repeat as I made the drawing:…

Yup, you can tell from his outfit that he's one of the officers as well. Again, the color scheme was changed to suit the element itself; particularly, it's pretty monochrome because of how I was inspired by the two allotropes of tin: white and grey tin. I also finally designed a proper badge for the Atomos Police. That star thing I always drew before was... kinda just a stylized placeholder lmao xDD

Anyway, the reasoning behind him being a cop? Well, tin is also alloyed with lead in making some bullets. The cops of Atomos are, again, those elements used in bullets-- and, well... tin is one of them. xD Truth be told, I bet the only reason why he himself decided to join the police force was because he either followed his big bro figure Copper, or his "she totally acts like my big sister even if we look the same age" figure, Lead. Aaaand both of them are police chiefs, so yeah!

Personality-wise, Tin is a pretty optimistic, annoyingly lucky, and fun-loving guy. He's quite jovial (hehehe-- tin is associated with the planet or Roman god Jupiter, also called Jove!) but despite the mythological role of Jove himself, Tin's clearly not the leader type. Tin's known as the jokester and storyteller (and baby since he does look and act the youngest) of the police station. Also, he may be pretty foolish on the surface, but he does know how to handle work well. Unlike the more gutsy and headstrong Antimony, Tin is generally more cautious and restrained. Though he's generally a happy ball of sunshine and he doesn't get mad so often, you could totally bring out the worst side of him if you try to make him do something he deems too risky and foolhardy. He really won't like that!

His favorite drink and food respectively are beer (even though he's like, 17 years old in appearance-- shh, this is because "tin" is also slang for a beer can and hey he's really like 2000 years old) and canned goods in general. No, really. He's known for bringing canned goods into the police station for lunch. He probably stacks them into buildings and laughs when they fall down.

Also, he's a musician (thanks to the history of tin being used in flute-like instruments-- and the pipe organ too) who's specifically known for playing the tin whistle. Still, he does play a variety of other musical instruments as well, even if they don't contain tin. He's just musically inclined like that. xD

He totally hates cold weather. He just doesn't tolerate it well. The reason for that? With regards to the real element, white tin often becomes grey tin in low temperatures (such a phenomenon is called tin pest), and grey tin is brittle! Then again, tin's melting point isn't so high either... well, let's say he probably doesn't like weather that's too hot or too cold in general. xD

Man, that's pretty long-winded, but I'll end by explaining that jester hat inside joke (if you saw my drawing of him in my journal): I actually based him very loosely on Trinculo, the jester character from Shakespeare's The Tempest. I ended up jokingly telling lcynthos "Trinculo --> Tinculo" and, unbelievably, I went /serious/ and made Tin the legit jestercop. Goodness gracious!


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