Castles: Patrick Picture

Have you ever questioned your life?
Have you ever wondered why?
Have you ever seen in your dreams,
castles in the sky?

Oh tell me why
do we build castles in the sky.
Oh tell me why
all the castles are way up high.
Please tell me why.

~ Castles in the Sky (extended mix)
by Ian Van Dahl
featureing Marsha
from Trance Nation America Two CD


I happened to get the urge to draw Patrick from my Denver Bear series as an adult. Slapped in a trance/techno song called Castles in the sky and this happened. Not as good as I'd like (the line quality is horendous) but better then I thought.

I'm entering it in
Name: Patrick
Age: 18-19
Hieght: 5' 7"
Hair: Dirty Brown
Eyes: Red
Nationality: Irish-Americian
Likes: Mythology, kids, old toys
Dislikes: Snakes, brussel sprouts, and bullies
Physical Description: A tall and lanky young man. All limbs and akwardness but with a quiet, hidden strength.
Personality: Quiet but polite and friendly in his own way. Often lost in his own world, but much more observant and smart then any one gives hime credit for. Most people consider him stange and avoid him. Kids tend to love him though.
Abilities: Amazeing with most musical instraments with a surpriseingly good voice as well. Also atuned to the element of earth and the spirits of inadamate objects.
History: Patrick comes from an Irish family that emigrated to the USA during the 50's and 60's. Strangeness seems to run in his family as he had an aunt and uncle that got lost to the hippies of the 60's and thier son was raised by an old Japanese man. This cousin of Patrick's eventualy moved to Japan himself and joined up with a group of people that called themselves "Paranormal Investigators". This cousin died before Patrick was born, but his parents wished to insure he didn't follow in his cousin's footsteps. They took a very strict but loveing aprouch to raiseing Patrick, imphasizing proper behavior, responsability, and education as the driveing forces in his life. Though Patrick excelled academicly, he was failing socialy the older he got. He had developed a tendancy to talk to inadamate objects and the more his parents tried to discourage it, the more 'strange phenomanon' happened in thier home. This all seemed to stop when Patrick reached his teens, much to his parents' releif, but he also became sullen and withdrawn. So much so that in desperation, his parents sent him to study abroad, hopeing the change of atmosphere would bring him out of it. It was while traveling that Patrick met Luna, and started to discover his other abilities.

Sketches of Patrick as a kid in the Denver Bear story:
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