I'll become a True Sniper King! Picture

art by Oda, One Piece , last page of ch 596
colors & effects by Katzztar

An amazing page many fans of One Piece fail to recognize for its future impact. For one the dawning for the transformation of Usopp from his previous self to a warrior.

here Usopp fits some mythic sterotypes= the village boy that played at being a warrior sets out to be a real warrior but didn't have the training. As such he suffered many misadventures from lack of fighting skills, at first this lack isn't really noticed as he was surrounded by stronger warriors but after somethign separates him from his companions, he finds an aged warrior-wise man-hermit in an area away from civilization (no distractions) who finnaly agrees to teach the boy how to become a warrior.

When the boy reapper, it is when he reunites with his collouges and he has become a man both in mind & body. He is a warrior of strange and unique powers-fightign skills.

...wait a minute.... I've heard that description before...
Oh my... Oda better call the lawyers! He's made the Usopp-Hearcles angle by coping the Luke Skywalker-Yoda mentorship!!

LOL actually the Luke/Yoda is based on models from folklore of a type of hero.... forgot how Joseph Campell described actually in his books of Mythology (was it Mythic Connections? forgto the books/lecture series name) think it was similar to 'questing hero' or something similar to that.

I'm bad at drawing (trying to improve) anyone able to take a challenge in drawing Usopp as Luke Skywalker?
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