Heryshaf [16 Souls OCT reference] Picture

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Current Name:
Heryshaf (Hurr-i-ee-sha-f)
Nicknames: Sha, Shia ,Hery,
Species: Kelpie, Kirin/Quilin crossbreed
Subspecies Category: Shape-shifting Water Spirit
Age: ???
Weight: Heavy (Around 1,010 pounds)
Height: 17 1/2 Hands at withers (Five ft. eleven inches)
Gender: Female.
Alliance/Teammate: Oba the mummy Griffin

Personality: Rather mellow in terms of temperament, while not necessarily a malevolent or evil creature Sha is not a benign spirit either. Heryshaf walks a delicate balance outwardly and inwardly. For example: she has a very limited conscience, especially towards were her next meal is coming from. She may want to lure humans but instead end up luring away cats because of a physical limitation or inner voice. Shia simply tends to conform to things rather then try to stand against them. Making her mellow personality actually seem emotionally distant or like she just doesn't care. Actually she's judging you, as she can sense not only a sinister act from a person but their negative intentions. She is constantly going back and forth with the scales of judgment in her mind and actions that aren't clearly cut as good or evil tend to confuse her. If someone is committing an act against someone just as unjust as one the other person committed she visibly can't find a right or wrong in the situation and will not interfere. And until she makes a final judgment on you, for better or worse, she'll remain rather indifferent but social to other presences. Shai's intelligence is average but prey like instincts tend to prevail with her, often getting spooked by things she happens to notice out of the corner of her eye or movement that just in that specific moment didn't look right. Though its curbed for many years Shia is social, only feeling particularly safe when she has a companion of some kind and is rather friendly and happy to communicate with others. Self preservation with her however does take top priority even if she's strongly bonded with someone and her response to danger or dangerous situations in a social group.


  • Blue Fire Breathe: Shia can breathe flames that are white hot and capable of incinerating objects and beings in a matter of seconds. The severity of its effectiveness however depends on the person its aimed at and acts they've committed in the past. It can also be used as method to purge or destroy cursed or evil objects. (Five small bursts or two long breaths max. Dry form only.)

  • Walking on water: Shia can walk on water barely disturbing the surface below. However she only does this to avoid getting wet or to escape a land predator. Or if she really wants to show off.

  • Negative emotion/intention sensing: Shia has the ability to sense and feel not only if someone is having negative emotions but also devious intentions in general. However she cannot tell what kind of intentions they might be, only that they intend harm. She can however at times go into great detail about sinister actions someones made in the past, particularly if they feel guilt about what they did.

  • Adhesive skin: Shia's skin can release a mucus like substance that sticks to almost everything even when wet or completely submerged in water.

  • Limited Shape-shifting: When Shia gets wet her form naturally changes to match her environment and becomes more aquatic based. Her main turns into a long spine like dorsal fin and tail and back legs fuse to make a very powerful fish like tail. Along with this physical change her coat color will also change in order to match the murky dark water she was born in. Shia can also transform into a human but very very rarely ever does because she finds it exceedingly uncomfortable feeling and sees little use in it. (If someone needs a reference for her water form or human appearance I'll make one.)


  • Abnormal strength: Due to her bloodline, Shia possesses the strength of an animal far larger than she actually is. And uses it to her advantage as a kick from her could easily break bone and a bite, with or without her fangs, could do permanent harm.

  • Semi Aquatic: Shia is a powerful swimmer and can hold her breath underwater for hours if necessary. Her nose is placed slightly higher than a normal horses and her nostrils can close and seal themselves so she doesn't inhale any water.

  • Appearance: Shia’s horns cannot easily be seen by most humans without the aid of gold, iron, or a spell breaking object. To adults she is described as nothing more than a white mare. This often gives her advantage in luring humans into situations where she can attack and kill them as she comes off non-threatening. It is unknown to her if animals or other creatures can see her horns as she's never asked.


  • Prey Instincts: Despite being a creature well versed in misguiding and hunting others, Shia still has prey animal reactions and can spook at anything. If she’s spooked her first reaction will be to bolt which normally attracts other larger predators as she’s off in a panic and not paying attention to the noise she might be causing.

  • Food: Shia does need to eat and hunt in order to sustain her abnormal strength and size. Being a carnivorous creature she will seek out smaller, weaker, or easier tricked creatures. However since she cannot physically harm certain beings (see Myth Laws.) and instead will have to rely on trying to lure creatures into the water to drown them. This method proves far less effective and if on her own will mean she won’t be eating.

  • Gold/Gold plated objects & Pure Iron: Shia is burned by certain metals like acid. Namely gold and pure iron. If she comes in physical contact with either it will burn her and having even a small amount will ward her off and keep her from approaching you.

  • Myth Laws: As a creature of two separate mythological status, the laws of Heryshaf's clashing heritages tend to paint her in rather delicate corners. While she can find ways around them and has attempted to ignore them, she's as of yet never completed a task that would break the laws bred into her. And subconsciously fears what the result of breaking them might be. Though that's not to say in the past she didn't try. The biggest and most easily exploited weakness that she tries extremely hard to keep to herself being; she physically cannot harm a being that has not committed an injustice or sinister act. Her horn will not piece them and her fire will not burn them. However they can harm, injure, or even kill her. Similar rules include, virgin women, pure humans, and small children being able to see her horns and what she really is. Having to obey the laws of bait where if a man stands before a tree she must charge. And her Kelpie half allowing her to be injured by her fire or her own horn because of the malevolence in Keplies.

  • Cursed/Impure water: If she remains in impure or tainted water the effect will slowly make her sick. Cursed water causes a much more violent reaction from her like extremely strong poison. Effects of either can last for any amount of time based on the severity and how much contact she has with it.

  • Water: The shape shifting which occurs when she comes in contact with water, takes awhile to reverse and can leave her more vulnerable as she cannot use her fire breathing to defend herself from a distance. Allowing potential dangers far to close for her own comfort.

  • Bridles/Halters/ Ropes: If she is bridled or tied, the person holding the rope/reins will have full control over her until it's removed leaving her indefinitely trapped.


[Newspaper Articles and Clipping search results for: Mysterious Attacks and disappearances]

October 4th 1982: A father and his three children are being hospitalized tonight after an attack from a pair of possibly rabid horse like beasts. He describes them to be possibly a pair of white gypsy vanners, one slightly smaller than the other possibly indicating it to be a foal. The larger of the two horses had apparently herded his ten and seven year old sons and twelve year old daughter towards the fast moving river by their home which was normally fenced off but was being replaced at the time. Though he attempted to frighten the animal away, it ultimately charged after him causing him to fire his gun off in the panic injuring the larger animal. Though the two boys escaped with only minor injuries the daughter was hospitalized and is currently undergoing treatment for an injury, which she claims to be a bite wound, on her arm.

April 19th 1994: Local farmer reports several missing lambs and a prized ram mysteriously vanishing. The animals supposedly began the disappearing last week on Monday morning when a pair of lambs went missing. Assuming the animals wandered off the farmer began looking for them but to no avail and as it grew late he was forced to return home. When he came out the next morning yet another lamb short he began to grow concerned a predator might be the cause. After three days he did not find any remains of the missing animals and believes something more sinister to be going on. In his statement to the police the owner claims to have seen a white horse wandering around the property. The mare seemed to be socialized and allow the man near however his attempt to catch the animal failed and caused it to flee. The next morning the flocks ram had gone missing.

At this point he claims to believe someone has possibly trained a horse or other animals to lure away live stock animals and possibly sell them at underground auctions or to slaughter to earn some quick cash. He’s left a warning on all neighboring farms to report any strange activity to the police and cash off any animals that don’t match the description of the ones missing. He hopes that in doing this he can prevent any over local farms suffering the financial losses of losing their prized animals that his is currently facing.

June 30th 2005: Silver alert: An elderly man has been reported missing. He was last seen walking off into the woods around a camping site. Caucasian with brown eyes, dark hair, in his late forties. He was last seen wearing a grey sweatshirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

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