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Name: Han Mi-Ran. As is custom among Koreans, her family name is written first.

Nicknames: Mi-Ran, Miran, Jade.

Age: 92

Physical Age: 21

Height: 5' 3"

Hair: Dark brown.

Eyes: Really dark brown.

Faction: Insurgent.
Mi-Ran is extremely bitter towards Basileus for bringing her to Sybal Heim. She doesn't believe Basileus should be in charge of deciding who gets to see the travelers forest, and get to Sybal Heim. She's tried desperately to leave the city for years. With no luck, around the age of 75 she stopped trying. Believing that in the time of her absence her family must have perished. Even if they where not killed for their escape attempt, slaves don't typically have a nice long life. Mi-Ran has been an Insurgent ever since. She hadn't joined earlier because she hates relying on anyone but herself. If there is any way to go back to the time that she left, she knows that it's through the secrets that Basileus holds. To take on the Organizer she needs help though, and that's what she joined for. Mi-Ran contributes mainly by supplying any funds she can gather from selling her pottery. She has also managed to design and make quite a number of special figurines and pot with secret hiding places. Only the insurgents know of these, and she makes them on requests to be used as hides or dead drops for the cause.

Occupation: Artisan Potter
Her family was potters before her, and she carries on the tradition in Sybal Heim. A potter of some acclaim, Mi-Ran prides herself in her abilities. Celadon, white porcelain, Buncheong, she does it all, and she would say, she does it best. She is extremely passionate about her work, always pushing herself and trying new ideas and techniques. She owns a climbing kiln near the Uferlos river outside the city walls in the Heilig district. Mi-Ran lives in a small quaint house nearby.

Sybal Form: The Jade Pegasus
Standing 5' 3" at the shoulder, (not including the plate) Han Mi-Ran's Sybal form resembles an eight-legged Pegasus from Korean mythology. Her skin looks as though it's made of Jade, and is similarly hard. Both her mane and tail are made of fluctuating, semi transparent, light as air hair. This gives it the appearance of a twisting wind. Each foot has a sharp, white plate, resembling a stylized wing, with her front legs having two additional plates at the top, and her hind legs having three. Her head and back both have three sharp plates which are each made up of two sides joined together. While the edges of them are very sharp, the sides or face of the plates are a quite brittle. Hitting the sides of the plates with a hard blunt object will break them. This causes Mi-Ran pain, the bigger the plate, the greater the pain. It won't kill her, but it will immobilize her if the pain becomes too intense. Think of each one as an external bone. Go breaking a bunch of them, and that's a heck of a lot of hurt. In the morning she would still be really sore, but otherwise unharmed. On her next transformation into her Sybal form they would be back to normal. If she feels threatened she paws the earth in preparation for a good old trampling. You do not want to be ran over by eight strong legs, each complete with a functioning blade. Mi-Ran can run 50 miles per hour while she's the Jade Pegasus. If she's really pressed she can squeeze out 60mph for short distances, but it is not a sustainable pace. Mi-Ran is stubborn, and doesn't like depending on anyone but herself. Her sybal shows this with her hard, seemingly "unfeeling" skin of Jade. She does have a big attachment to her family however, and any perceived affront against them hurts her deeply, just like her fragile plates.

Sybal Power: The Flight of the Cheonmado
Like the Cheonmado of legend, Mi-Ran can fly with the same speed and grace as when she runs on ground. Think of one of santa's reindeer, she flies in a similar fashion. The faster she runs, the higher she can fly. When she slows down or stops, she sinks back to earth, sinking faster the slower she goes. She can also fly while carrying a load. This is obviously more effort, and tires her more quickly then when she's bare.

Docile or Feral:Docile.
She isn't physically aggressive, but she is much more likely to speak out about things she doesn't like. She can come across as a bit derogatory at times. Mi-Ran isn't much of a fighter. She doesn't like pain, and tries to avoid any situations that could bring her harm.

Personality: Stubborn, Loyal, Passionate, Protective, Calm, Observant, Distrusting, Skeptic, Realist.
Mi-Ran rarely, if ever, asks for help. She wants to be strong enough to do everything herself, and by accepting help she would be admitting she's not as independent as she would like. She doesn't trust others not to mess things up. She is typically very calm and patient. Only a few things get under her skin, vandals, fickle customers, insulting her abilities, and breaking pots. Do not break her pots. She is very passionate about her work, pouring her heart and soul into each piece. Break a pot, break her heart. She will shout you off the premises, and it make be weeks before she lets you back again, if it was an accident. If you break stuff on purpose... Well that's another story entirely.

Mi-Ran was born to the Han family in 1578, during the Joseon dynasty, in Hanseong (now Seoul) Korea. The oldest of three sisters, she lived happily with her parents, and grandfather. Both her father and grandfather where skilled potters, and Mi-ran loved playing with the scrap clay and making her own "beautiful" creations. By the age of 14, she was getting pretty good at it, making some pieces that where nearly as good as her father's. As there where no sons in the family, Mi-Ran was trying her best to make her parents proud by carrying on the family business. She still had to help her mother around the house by watching her little sisters, Ok-Eun who was nine, and Bora-Jin who was 3. She didn't mind though, she loved playing with them.

One morning, Mi-Ran was watching her sisters in the garden. They where trying to find mantises to keep as pets. Not finding any in the garden, Mi-Ran decided to look in the woods out back. Ok-Eun found one first, but Mi-Ran was determined to find a bigger one. Can't be shown up by your little sister now could she? Ok-Eun was teasing Bora-Jin with hers. With all of her squealing they didn't hear their mother calling them. Finally their mother found them in the woods. Mi-Ran new something was wrong the instant she saw her mother. She didn't say anything then, but hurriedly rushed the girls inside the house. The entire family was gathered there. A heavy weight hung in the air as Mi-Ran's father spoke to them. The year was 1592, and war had come to Korea.

Normal life was over. Mi-Ran's father left to fight off the invading Japanese. The only man left at the house was Mi-Ran's grandfather, but he would be of little help if the Japanese ever made it this far inland. Most of the business dropped off at the kiln. There wasn't much demand for artisan pottery during war time. The family was struggling to make do. Mi-Ran wanted to protect her family, but what could she do? She took to keeping a knife with her at all times, but it ended up of no help. On June 10, 1592 the capitol of Hanseong fell. The king had fled the day before, leaving all the citizens behind. The sound of gunfire, screaming, and fires filled the air. Mi-Ran's family fled to the woods barely ahead of the Japanese forces. As they fled Mi-Ran was devastated. She was fleeing from her family home. The Han family had lived there for generations. Now it was being looted and burned to the ground. She could hear the sound of pots shattering and exploding in the intense heat of the blaze. There would be nothing left of the beautiful pots, just broken shards of the whole. Just like her life. The family continued to flee north, away from all the terror. She never saw her father again.

There wasn't much hope to look forward to as a refugee. She was just one of thousands who had fled the conflict. There wasn't much food, and the long journey had been tough with the family of five. Mi-Ran's aging grandfather fell ill and didn't make it out of the city of Pyongyang. She assumed he was killed when the Japanese took it as well. Four years later with the help of the Chinese, the Koreans had managed to reclaim some ground, and had entered into negotiations with the Japanese. Mi-Ran was hopeful that the war would be over and they could return to their home town and rebuild. Their flight had not been kind to their mother, who was now frail and withdrawn, a shadow of her past self. She tried to put on a brave face for her daughters, but Mi-Ran could tell she had not much left to give. Unfortunately the negotiations between nations broke down. Japan rebounded their invasion. When the Japanese came to where they where staying, their mother was too petrified to flee. Mi-Ran couldn't stand the thought of losing her mother as well, and stayed by her side with her little sisters. The familiar terrifying sound of screaming, gunfire, and shattering pots rose into her ears. She held her sisters close, Ok-Eun now 16, and Bora-Jin 10 years old. The Japanese found them huddled in a dirty hut. They ripped the girls away from their hysterical mother, carrying them away. Mi-Ran wanted to fight them, but knew that would just make things worse, her sisters needed her to protect them.

The three girls where brought back to Japan as slaves. For a while they where just kept with all the other captives. Apon learning that Mi-Ran was a skilled potter though, they separated her from her sisters and sold her to a Japanese lord to work at his kiln. The Japanese would never admit it, but they envied the skill of Korean potters, and Mi-Ran was as skilled as any. Mi-Ran hated having to share her family's secret techniques with the enemy, but she didn't have much of a choice. She was a slave in a strange land, separated from her only remaining family. She wouldn't sit idly by though. She watched everyone carefully, scoping out the guard's routines, and the best hiding places. She knew she didn't have much time. The Japanese where selling slaves to the Portuguese as well, and she would not be able to find her sisters if she waited too long. She eagerly awaited the opportune chance to escape. So on the next moonless night in 1598, she left.

She new where all the hidden spots on the estate where, and silently slid from one to another, keeping out of sight of any Japanese. She ran along the roads, being sure to dodge of into the woods whenever she heard someone. She had not been sent very far away from the original place where the slaves where kept. It was nearly mid-day when she got to the slave quarters where she last saw her sisters. She hoped beyond all hope that they where still there. Mi-Ran had stolen some coin from her captives and was planning to bribe some sailors for passage back to Korea, if she was caught that is. Otherwise she just planned to stow away and use the coin in Korea. When no guards where looking she slipped into the midst of some of the other slaves who where working the fields. She managed to find little Bora-Jin pretty quickly, but couldn't find Ok-Eun. Mi-Ran asked around the other slaves if they knew where she had been taken, desperate to find her sister's whereabouts. Maybe too desperate. She had found out that she had just been sold to an European trader and was on her was to the wharf, but not without drawing the attention of a keen Japanese guard. The guard yelled at her. Startled Mi-Ran looked up and immediately wished she hadn't. The guard recognized that she wasn't one of the slaves who was originally working the field and tried to grab her. Mi-Ran was too quick, and dodged out of his grasp. She ran for the woods, pulling Bora-Jin along with her. The guard called others, and where on their tail in a moment. Mi-Ran ran. She ran faster then she had ever had. the sticks and stones cut into her feet, but she didn't feel them. All she could feel was her heart pounding in her chest, and her sister's grubby hand clenched tightly in hers. She wanted out of here. She wanted to find Ok-Eun. She wanted her parents and grandfather. She wanted to be home, molding on the potter's wheel with the cool clay oozing through her fingers. She wanted to be safe.

In an instant Mi-Ran felt her little sister's hand slip from hers. She spun around to grab it again, determined not to leave her behind. To her horror, Bora-Jin was gone. She had been right behind her, hand grasped in hand, and now she was nowhere to be found. Frantic, Mi-Ran raced around, calling for Bora-Jin. She couldn't recognize the path she had taken through the woods. Granted she hadn't been paying attention to the scenery, but she felt completely lost now. The trees where odd. The plants where odd Nothing was where it should have been. She kept looking anyways. Finally saw something different. The forest was clearing to a field, but there where no slaves in it. Just one lonely man, a European looking man, not Japanese. She quickly dodged behind a bush. The man called to her, he had seen Mi-Ran before she ducked. Theo, the man called himself, didn't seem angry, but she didn't trust him. The only Europeans she knew of where traders, and Ok-Eun had just been sold to one. The more he talked however, the more she was convinced that he wasn't the slave trader, that he was simply mad. He spoke of a grand city where people lived forever, turning into magic creatures at night, ruled by a benevolent leader. Yeah, he had to be crazy, and Mi-Ran didn't have time to listen to his prattle, she had sisters to find. Mi-Ran ran back into the woods, ignoring the consoling pleas of the man. She continued searching, yelling for her sister. Nothing would stop her from finding her sisters. Nothing. Not even the other two people Theo sent to watch her in his stead, not even night beginning to fall, not even the sudden aching feeling in her body, not even the two people following her changing into terrifying creatures. Ok, maybe those last two stopped her. Mi-Ran was terrified. Her body seemed to be rebelling against her, it felt as though she was getting all twisted up inside, and the two beastly figures where standing over her, coaching her on. She felt her body changing, growing, getting stronger. Scared as she was, she tried to keep her head. Evidently the crazy man hadn't been so crazy after all. Mi-Ran new she had changed. She didn't know what she had changed into, but she still had legs, all be it an excessive amount of legs, so she was going to use them. Despite what the others said about her arriving alone, she just knew that her sister had to be here too, just as scared and even more alone then she was. So she kept searching.

Eventually Mi-Ran had to come into the city. Broken, and sorrowful. Bora-Jin hadn't been sent with her. What joy was there in a city of eternal life if she couldn't bring her sisters into its safety? Why hadn't Basileus brought her Bora-Jin? She had been holding her hand for Pete's sake! People said that it must have been because she was too young, being only 10 years old. What right did Basileus have to decide that 10 years was too young to enjoy life in the city? He should have showed the city to her too! And now both of her sisters are alone in the world. One a slave aboard a traders ship. The other surely recaptured, thinking her big sister abandoned her. It was just too much. For years Mi-Ran searched for a way out, back to her sisters with no luck. She didn't trust the insurgents, but her chances of going back to the time she left, or even bringing her family here where better with their help then without. She's never regretted her decision to join the cause.

Additional Info:
Mir-Ran holds to Confucianism. She's not sure what to believe beyond that. Even before she came to Sybal Heim she was always confused by the multitude of religions being taught in Korea. With all the new ones she has been introduced to since arriving, she tends to disengage whenever people start discussing religion.
The sound of glass or pottery shattering puts her on edge. She stays anxious and aggravated for hours afterward.
Mi-Ran carries two small daggers on her person. One tied to her ankle under her sock, and the other on the inside of her jacket.
The jade ring she wears is the only thing left from her life before Sybal Heim. She treasures it dearly, and takes care of it well.
She shuffles her feet when she's nervous, both in her Sybal and human form.
Mi-Ran loves visual art. Paintings, Pottery, Sculpture, and Architecture, all peek her interest. She loves talking about them.
Her braid goes down to the bottom of her jacket, tied with a ribbon that matches her bow.
She has a few different outfits, depicted here…
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