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CLIFF NOTES VERSION: This chick is crazy.

Born in a small Russian town, Irina Fedorovna Hvorostovsky was raised with the importance of family and hard work along with the small mindset of becoming a perfect wife with lots of children. Due to both these morals and the fear of nuclear warfare, Irina became a mail order bride at 18 to an English man ten years her senior, thus becoming Irina Carroll. Her husband put Irina through nursing school in order to live comfortably with a double income. Caring in nature, Irina took to the idea of helping people in the medical field but was not used to the idea of being a working wife and instead insisted on trying for a child before she made use of her education. When all attempts failed, Irina becoming pregnant seemed impossible. However, worse happened when she got what she wanted because it wasn’t more than three months pregnant when Irina miscarriaged. Slipping into depression, she spent her days surrounding herself with literature. Irina especially enjoyed mythology, fairytales, and reading about other cultures and traditions as such literature was often forbidden by her father for being the “work of dreamers.” Becoming highly superstitious as a result, Irina convinced herself that she had an Ogbanje* living inside her. When her husband became ill, Irina believed her Ogbanje was terrorizing their family again and was now afflicting him. Irina took care of her husband, yet he became more ill although his pain lessoned. The mystery behind this: convinced she could rid her family of the Ogbanje, Irina killed her husband by overdose. Perhaps it was the isolation and lack of affection as a child, the confusion and stress of moving to a foreign country and marrying at a young age, not having a say in any decision of her own life, the death of the child that never was and the misery that followed along with pleasant thoughts of escaping to worlds of literature, the murder of a husband she never really loved by her own hands-whatever caused it-Irina embraced insanity. Ready to be reborn and realizing she would never rid herself of the Ogbanje (as it was hers, not her husband’s whom it had only terrorized in order to hurt Irina), Irina gave herself to spirits and demons in a ceremony she frankensteind the procession of from all the stories and odd cultural traditions she had learned about during her depression. So finally: at this point, Irina thought it fitting to finally actually go to work as a nurse. Irina takes the lives of children in a fashion akin to how she murdered her husband. While a rational person would classify such behavior as Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome** or any disorder similar to such, Irina and the mentally vulnerable children of Lark Rise see this crazed nurse as taking pain away so that she can devour the child’s soul to feed her Ogbanje (which lives inside her) and the demons she gave herself to while also creating the illusion of becoming the mother of that child by having their soul. Skillful in her craft and never getting caught, Irina has become the mother of many.

* An Ogbanje is a term in Odinani for what was believed to be an evil spirit that would deliberately plague a family with misfortune. Its literal translation in the Igbo language is "children who come and go". It was believed that under a certain amount of time from birth (usually not past puberty), the Ogbanje would deliberately die and then come back and repeat the cycle causing the family grief.

**In MBPS, an individual-usually a mother-deliberately makes another person (most often his or her own preschool child) sick or convinces others that the person is sick.
If you survived the wall of text, I commend you (and get ready for another one). Haha but really, I just wanted to flesh out Nurse Carroll’s character enough so that someone else would be able to write her. Speaking of which, while completely bonkers, it’s important to note that she is at peace with her insanity and is thus actually a pleasant person to be around normally and is very calm and sweet. At least on the surface (and she has convinced herself she is this way), making her less suspicious. I say this just to let it be known how she acts on a daily basis (trying to make her easy to write). Still-while soothing and mellow, she is creepy. But uh yeah! I was so glad that this contest was extended. With the basis of the story being a home for the mentally vulnerable, I had to enter a crazy character, a trait shared by most of my oc’s haha. I contemplated making a crazy child (whether violent or kooky), but I feel like Anouk should hold that special spot haha. I’m always fascinated by psychology and odd disorders/syndromes and thus formed Irina with the basis being MBPS, a syndrome I’ve actually been studying for another character from Hack Girl (my comic). While I’ve built more off of that and strayed from its definition (Irina doesn’t really want the attention so much as she believes she is “mercy killing”/becoming the child’s mother), it’s been a sort of inspiration for her way of thinking. I wanted to make an antagonist and I feel as though the best antagonists are those that gain other character’s trust only to take it away, hurting them more than they could have when not having their trust (Irina takes away their pain only to kill them etc.) Even with that, Irina is all the more crazy because she still believes she is helping them after she has both overdosed them and devoured their souls because she thinks that she becomes their caring mother by doing so. And with everything, serial killers are always fun to write, at least in my experience pfft. And drawing wise, 1960’s nurses are also fun C: Oh and I did a lot of research for her, but I had to assume that Lark Rise was in the UK. Correct me if this is not the case! Also-I don't know why I made the file so small. Sorry about that. I'm tired and probably made a lot of errors in writing this! I’m sure there’s something else I wanted to say, but I’ll leave it at that.

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