Hikaru Yuki - Bearer of the Pheonix Crest Picture

Name: Hikaru Yuki

Age: 16 (Pt.1 and 2)

Crest: Crest of the Pheonix, symbol of him being the reincarnation of the flame god of Amarune.

Powers: Pyro-kinesis, manipulation of fire from his body and overall control of heat. The flames are strengthened or weakened depending on his emotional state, and he has three main forms:

Standard Mode: His regular orange flames

Pheonix-Flame: The wing crest on his back expands across his body and creates actual wings, that amplify his speed and mobility. His flames change from orange to red and burn with more ferocity than his regular flames. He can only enter this when he's extremely exhausted or injured, just like how the actual fire bird in mythology rose from the ashes.

Blue-blaze: Hikaru's personal and most powerful form that he has created. He produces the hottest flame known to man: the blue flame that will melt anything and sear anything to the point of leaving no ashes behind.

Description: Hikaru was born July 8, 2146 and is the bearer of the Pheonix crest, which symbolizes him as the reincarnation as the Flame God and leader of the Elements. Hikaru lives in the nation of Fe Rune, in the town if Amaridia. On his 16th birthday he awakened as the flame god and the wings of the Pheonix appeared as a tattoo on his back symbolizing his rebirth. Being the flame gods descendant he can manipulate fire at will from any part of his body, making him impervious to bullets and even swords.

Personality: cheerful, hot-headed, intelligent (Engineering wise), street smart, street brawler.

Skills: Fighting, and building machines
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