DP: Elysia Lichtenberg / ThunderBird Picture

Name: Elysia Lichtenberg // Thunder Bird



Halfa (accidental)

Powers (if ghost or half-ghost) :
*Standard ghost powers (Flight, intang, invis, etc.)
*Super speed
*Electric powers
--Electrified ectoray (ThunderBolts)
--Formation and manipulation of electric energy
--Electrical immunity
--Electric Constructs (mainly able to form weapons out of electricity)
--Electrical Force Field
--Quintessence Force (Ability to generate and control a limitless amount of energy from her body)

Awkwardly weird geek girl

Era of death (if ghost/undead) :

Cause of death (if ghost/undead) :


Relationship status:

Seeking out knowledge, discovering new things, identifying rocks, photography, cold-reading, pyrotechniques, lockpicking, writing fanfiction, puzzle games, cupcakes, puns, fossils, dolls, creepy stuff, scary stuff, horror movies, film noir, spiders, and folklore/mythology. Also playing drums and banging cymbals.

Snakes, being judged, injections, cosmetology, yo-yos, cats, small spaces, completely flat areas, English, politics, peanut butter & jelly, walnuts, supermarkets, people who think that she is a paranoid conspiracist, people who thinks that her dad is crazy, and the Guys in White.

Curious, courteous, ambitious, trusting, typically honest, loyal, affectionate, observant, spiteful, overly dramatic, impatient, arrogant, lazy, and socially awkward.

Johann Lichtenberg is a very strange man. He used to live up in Canada for most of his life, working for the government by creating machines and chemicals. But he was also a lonely man. None of his creations could get rid of that loneliness... and so he turned to the internet. Over it, he met a woman. They eventually met up in person, and Johann tried his very best to not be as socially awkward as he usually is. Elysia's mother toughed it out for awhile, but after their daughter was born, she packed her bags and left. Johann tried to raise his daughter to the best of his abilities, but it seems that she takes too much after him in personality. When she was still young, her father packed them up and moved to Amity Park to have a fresh start. Plus, no one there will know that the mother just up and left. Elysia loves to help her father around the house, and just hanging out in his lab in general. One of his experiments included using ectoplasm as an infinite source of power, with the help of a little electricity. Elysia was changing the lightbulbs for Johann to analyze, when it broke in her hand. The electrified ectoplasm shocked her entire system, fusing the ectoplasm with her on a molecular level. Her father, hearing her fall down, raced into the room to discover that his daughter looked entirely different. Her hair, standing on end, was black with a streak of white in it; her skintone was now a dark grey. She had lightning bolts coursing down her body, connected to her glowing yellow eyes. Her eyebrows, as a result of the shock, were completely gone. Elysia woke up in her bed some time later, and discovered that she could manipulate electricity after accidently making the lights in her room explode. Now, Johann and Elysia keeps this a secret, fearing that if the government hears about it, she will be taken away. All the while her fathers takes notes on Elysia's powers in his lab, whilst unbeknowsnt to him, she sneaks out at night and becomes ThunderBird, and kicks some serious ghost butt.

-Johann Licthenberg (Father), unknown/unnamed mother
-Arachne (Female blonde taruntula pet)

Interesting Facts:
-Elysia is from the Greek word 'Elysion', which means 'struck by lightning'. Lichtenberg comes from a phenomenon known as the Lichtenberg Figure, which is basically 'branching electric discharges that sometimes appear on the surface or the interior of insulating materials.' (Source: Wikipedia. [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lichtenb…. So, her name is basically a nice subtle pun on how she got her powers and a visual pun considering the lichtenberg figures on her everywhere!
-Elysia is mixed. Half Native American, half whatever her father is. Still need to figure that out.
-The name Thunder Bird comes from a myth that basically says that thunderbirds could become humans should they want to. Also that they were just plain awesome. Elysia discovered this due to her love of folklore of every nation. Came in handy when she was creating her ghost fighting persona.
-Elysia, after many trials and tribulations, hand stitched the symbol on her jacket herself. It's basically a pi symbol combined with the common symbol for lightning. The hoodie itself came from Flamed Subject, which also came with matching arm bands.
-Though suffering from asthma, Elysia does still use her super speed to get around. That, combined with her skates, results in extra super speed. However, eventually she has to stop and use her inhaler.
-Her eyes glow in the dark when she is in ghost form, as well as the lightning scars all over her body. Fun fact! The scars on her ghost form is what they originally looked like and the scars on her human form is what the looked like after they healed.
-Has had no contact from her mother in years, so she is really close to her father.
-Taught herself how to lockpick doors when sneaking out at night... before realizing that, duh, she could turn intangible and fly. This took a while to sink in.
-Sometimes carries around a camera and takes pictures of everything, makes a hobby of it. Usually takes pictures of ghosts or strange things.
-The wings on her skates have been hot-glued on, though occaisionally they do have to be re-glued.
-Fighting style is: Get in there and start punching. No plan of action before hand, just skate right in there and give that ghost a boot to the face. With an electrically charged boot.
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