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So, I made it after some days work. Not a single one was made "on place" but are characters that I made earlier. Planned, scrapped, some I wish I never created. (many of these have never been outside my sketchbooks, so coloring them was a pain too.)

But I'm gonna list everyone here, so prepare for a very long description people:

Omega Entity (kingdom hearts nobodies):

1 Exevilan
*Chocolatecrazy leader of the entity. Mostly extremely happy or extremely angry.

2 Harxlec
*The cool second in command, likes to go on adventures.

3 Xanan
*The third in command, pretty timid and forgets things easily. (yes, she is supposed to have makeup all the time, but I guess she just usually forgot about it.)

4 Sirbex
*The ga... pretty man of the entity. Wants to prettify and adores long hair.

5 Rexveng
*The smart old guy, the saying goes when you see his smile, the world is going under.

6 Zkinx
*The inventor, thinking so much on machines, he don't really think much of what to think of anything else.

7 Xatikarna
*The crazed motherf*cker who loves to blow sh*t up. She apparently has a big fear of heights.

8 Nexil
*Pretty much in the background, she always thinking and fearing on feelings and situations.

9 Xarmint
*Alway wants to be the biggest, strongest and loves to boss around. This also leads to him getting most in the dirt.

10 Lord Evell the third and followers
*Computer generated programs created by Zkinx. Used to guard treasures, but after an unfortunate storyline, they are out out of commission.

Undarosa (A fantasy story following a guy who moves in a castle where he learn more about the worlds mysteries)

11 Vesiruusu
*The lord of the castle, while apparently not being a lord at all. He is happy and optimistic, and want things his way.

12 Dezill
*Coming from a sheltered life as a dark being, he found his was to being human and fled from his previous life. A bit easy too fool if you ask me.

13 Leryn Kristallsköld
* The youngest in the castle, moved in when her brother move there. She love to dance and hanging out with friends all day, and rarely seen home during daytime.

14 Enuar Kristallsköld
*Leryns older brother, she is very protective of his sister but also very proud soldier of the Kristallsköld familys ranks. Loves food and bragging about how strong he is.

15 Michael Reinberg
*Friend of the Kristallsköld siblings. He moved in soon after Kristallsköld did, as he have a crush on Leryn, Enuar is aware but still his friend, warning him he will not tolerate an relationship between them. Michael is usally hotheaded and gets into fights alot.

16 Andor Tornøye
*Old friend of Vesiruusu, most of the time quiet and spend his time studing his holy magic. If a mage under the Helisken family who are famous for the excellent ways of finding and disposing of dark creatures and mosters.

17 Gertrud Blåtörn
*Caretaker of Vesiruusu since he was small, is nowadays taking care of all the paperwork and such. Is an old mage who uses crystal-magics and worked once for the royal family. When she is around she usually "educating" everyone in the castle on manners and such.

Untitled story (story that revolves around a magic school set in a fantasy world)

18 Öde Bitterjuv
*A magic crystal user. She fled from home to "save the world", she hides in her old school while thinking on hwo to proceed. She is very self-centered and think of herself as perfect.

19 Uva-Cripsa Ribes
* The hotshot of the in-famous brother knights of the Ribes family. He hates to lose, and is seen as the lowest of the 3 brothers. The brothers being childhood-friends with Öde, he hates her the most for being an egoist that only causes trouble. Swears he gonna find her and drag her home.

20 Nigrum Triston Ribes
* The greatest of the brothers, he generally doesn't care much of others and cares only to get the job done. He is a very good secretkeeper since he isn't too talkactive. Rumors tells about a secret romance...

21 Rubrum Ribes
*The most famous of the brothers, love being around women and cares a lot of his looks. He have been criticized for flirting with both nobles and commoners, but his philosophy is that there is no class differences, only beauty in heart and soul. He is also the laziest of the brothers.

22 Era Dunkelström
*A darkmagic user, she is feared by many but is very kind and caring. She uses her dark magics for good, but usually avoid showing it because of others fearing it. She is traveling the world looking for something...

23 Greven Grönmoss
*A teacher at the school who teacher theory and history behind magic. he is usually seen with a frown on his face and criticizes everything around him. But he takes his job very seriously and spend most of his days reading. Is a man of many secrets.

24 Martii Mittentag
*Teacher who teaches physical offense and defense both with and without weapons. He is pretty carefree and is seen hanging around everyone, even Greven. He feels sorry for the guy for being such a loner, but is most of the time making Greven annoyed. He is still thinking on a plan to cheer the bastard up.

25 The self-proclaimed dragon-soldiers
*A small group who believes dragons still exist somewhere, leaded by the dragon crazed Amme they search ever book and crook they can to find any clues. Most people call them mad.

Corrupted crystal "temporary name" (A story in a city, where one day some crystals appears and wreak chaos)

26 Birgitta Liljevall
*A mute girl who communicate mostly with body language and writing, she avoids sign language since people seem to think she's deaf when she does and get really annoyed at that. But generally a sweet caring girl, even if she don't talk at all.

27 Rosa
* One of Birgittas two magical protectors, she uses magic but explains since she is pretty much a child, her magic is weak. She have found a deep love for sweets and pretty much lives on it.

28 Ronny
*The second of Birgittas protectors, he hates being called a child and jumps into battles with his sword and shield. He have gotten found of video games and can't seem to quit playing once he begins playing.

29 Björn Kämpe
* A down-to-earth boy who hangs most around his own trusted friends. He sees anyone as suspicious and is pretty smart for his age. Now if he only was smart enough not to wear that hat during summer...

32 Hero
Björns magical protector. he is a very loyal dog who follows Björn around. He is very wise and collected and never act without Björns permission.

31 Måna Berggren
* She moved to the city not to long ago to help her sister business out. She don't believe in fortunetelling and sees her sisters business as unneeded. But she have her nicer perks as she not only decide to help her sister, but the neighboring businesses from going under.

32 Höstlöv
* Månas magical protector. He hates being ordered around and just wanna be free, but being a protector he is stuck with this. He generally acts cocky and is indeed a very powerful being, when he wants to help. Though there is much joking around his "flaming" hair much to his annoyance.

33 Sola Berggren
Månas sister, has a foretelling business which aren't selling much. She is very shy which also doesn't help her place selling. She avoids to do fortune telling too much since her tellings mostly covers the optimistic side and might hide bad things that's gonna happen.

34 Vårbris
Solas magical protector, his offence is very low but he has the ability to get glimpses into the future. He is very protective and hates Höstlövs bad attitude against the position he is in, after all, he is gifted with powers Vårbris wishes he had himself.

35 The other shopkeepers
* the two other shops that left in the area, a game shop and a tattoo shop, who is own by Andreas (game) and Ida (tattoo). The buisness is very slow and does anything they can to make it go around.

36 Johan Nilsson
* A famous model who lives in the area. He is very active in all kind of organization that helps people, maybe too much since he can't really see the difference between truth and fraud. But he wants to do what's right to any price.

37 Angel
*Magical protector of Johan, she is invisible and doesn't say anything. Only Johan can hear her and feel where she are, and not much are known of her. Even if her slashing power is weak, she have the huge advantages of being unnoticeable.

38 Inga Weiß
*Daughter of a rich family. She have a huge ego, always get what she wants and will eliminate anything in her way. It doesn't help that she is extremely spoiled and easily angered.

39 Inge Weiß
*Ingas twin brother. Compared to Inga he have a more powerful tone in his voice and isn't as easily aggravated. But his face tell you you shouldn't get in his way. He and Inga is very close.

40 The faeries
*The magical protectors of the Weiß twins. They have taken she shape of faeries and doesn't have any attacks at all. They instead have another unusual power...

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41 Pi-Ulrik
* Mythology tells of an old guardian who uses fighting techniques. Legend says only a touch from his fist would make anyone cry in pain and kill himself.

42 Mi-Erik
*Mythology tells of an old guardian who uses magic techniques. Legends tells about a magic only he could master that would set anyone to sleep and slowly kill them in their dreams.

43 Fi-Aldrik
*Mythology tells of an old guardian who uses sword techniques. A song describes a legend where he under a fight splits an mountain in half.

The higher beings. Nothing more to say.

44 Vinter
* An egoistic being who laughs alot and loves being mean to others. She personal motto is "A stolen candy from a baby a day, keeps boredom away" Hates Sommar the most.

45 Sommar
* A godwilled being who loves to help others and his motto is "A good deed a day, keps evil away". No matter how much he tries to care he hates Vinter in his whole soul. He swear Vinters motto is just something she made up to mess with him.

46 Stjärna
* A motherlike being who seems to make people show their bests sides, even Vinter. She loves to wander around and sing songs she have heard from all kinds of places and languages.

47 Gudas
*The oldest and the only one who experienced a time when there were more of them. He personally trains every single one of them and is very wise. He hope to have finished his job before his time is due.

48 Lilla
*The youngest and least experienced of them. She is very naive like kids usually are and is really unaware how she would soon create something very bad...

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49 Vandros
* A famous knight who comes from a neighbor country. He doesn't like people at all and to his annoyance have many "fangirls" who want to be his girl and even some fanboys who all want to beat him. No one knows if he ever been beaten in a sword duel, and rumors tells that the king of his country sees him as the greatest of them all.

50 Adel Fijerne
* A holy magican and fighter who hangs around Vandros. They are seen many times travelling along since Adels sense of finding dark creature is really good, and her other ability is morphing herself, so Vandros usually uses this by making her transforms into him while he escapes the fans (until the fans notices the only thing Adel can't transform, her mask).
She hates him for this, but seeing how this job is really well paid, she puts up to it.

Unnamed si-fi story.

51 Zink
*An really good engineer who build robots and programs. He is really proud of his work and wants perfection in everything he does.

52 Koppar
*A doctor who not only have knowledge in the human body, but are a hacking genius (and wants to make a artificial brain in the level of a human one). He "helps" Zink by finding weak spots in his programming and wreaks havoc by doing so. Even if he is a awesome doctor, all of the staff avoids going to him, guess why...

53 3x
* The best solider on the fleet who has a very big mouth. She hates robots and only sees them as stupid tools. She check in by Zink only to tell him how huge of a nerd he is, then proceed asking him how the weapon-development is going. Ego much?

54 Felicia (AI ZSF54471)
*A robot Zink and Koppar have been developing together, and is the only robot Koppar haven't had go havoc even if he finds errors in Zinks coding. With a mysterious piece of program (named Felicia) Zink have had around after his grandfather, she gives a feeling of being more than a robot...

55 Grumper the 13th.
*The captain of the ship, he was promised a fleet with the best people in the ranks, but as he have to scold everyone on the ship he wonders if they messed with him and gave him a kids playground...

Continue the magic school

56 Veila Törnrot
* The archer teacher of the school, who teaches all forms of distance weapons. She doesn't seem to care of her students aren't listening to her and can keep on talking no matter what anyone else does. This leads more than often that her students aren't doing well on tests. But she sees this as knowing who is truly dedicated or not.

57 Våga Åflod
* A teacher who teaches general magics. She is very kind and motherlike, but refuses to go outside her room without her makeup. Greven often questions her if she really is making her students not working hard enough since everyone seems to pass them.

58 Engela Freueleim
* Teacher who teaches about strategies around battles. It's really hard to see her eyes, and keep on a smiling face trough all times. She originally came from another country but temporally working at the school as a project of hers.

59 Sländan
*A dark beast who is said to feast on living humans. She's been around for as long as anyone knows and even if she is slayed, she return after a decade or two. No one knows how to truly defeat her.

60 Flamman
* Another dark beast who lives on spreading fires and suck her living energy of the fires that she spreads. Like Sländan she is able to returned after been slayed but she is currently being kept imprisoned and lives, but can't escape.

Early characters I gave up on

61 Emanuel
* or Lord Evell the first. I didn't really like this character so I renamed her Emanuel, and later scrapped her. One could say this would be an self-insert heroine in an original story that never even began. But she was basically a lazy bastard.

62 Linuell
* or Servant Karre the first, sister of Emanuel. Like Emanuel was renamed and later scrapped. She was a pretty timid character, with her sudden burst of anger every now and then.

63 Dezill
* Dezill of the Undarosa was based on this character, but this one was a guardian of Linuell and was a baby dragon who used the apperance od a human.

64 Desmond
* Pal of Emanuel. Very cheery and happy all the time. He and Emaunel loves to go and prank people, and probably do something completely crazy.

65 Early Zink and Evell
*If Emanuel are Evell the first, than this Evell and Zink are beta. During my early teenage years this two was my angel and devil, Zink being the good and Evell the bad. I actually used Zink as username long before Evell, but as time went by, seems like the bad guy won. I don't complain, I got lots of cookies for joining the dark side.

WTFGranted (a series there all the characters were based on teachers and students in my school, and set in a fantasy world, but with jokes as the group "World of Wardrobe" who are always taking about equipment, raids and quests and how the "Springnet" water magic communication system was corrupted.)

66 Kyn
* The loudmouth in town, who always says mean things and always carves coffee and Meatball sandwiches. he loves spreading trouble and saying meaningless random lines on important occasions.

67 Isp
*The serious guy who always arrange meeting and make sure stuff happens. Well, not that he actually does anything, he just makes sure someone does something about it.

68 Xel
*The leader and the priest of the World of Wardrobe group. He loves Kebab, and will do anything in the world to get a good serving of delicious Kebab. Even if he is very serious, his motto is always "...but first, we have to eat Kebab!"

69 Dlan
*Part of WOW group and always seems to get in trouble, the first story in WTFG was about his Great Sword of Hymn that was lost.

70 Ina
*Stabbing-loving small elf. She is always flinging her knifes around, and loves them most in the whole world. She is always stabbing someone, no matter if it's intentional or not.

71 Slaught
* A black mage who is very close friend with Ina and brings her along on her adventure. She is also part of WOW and takes it very seriously. Only she deserves the best equipment!

72 Fronk
* Another mage who in the first chapter of the story gets killed when he hurries Slaught to cast a spell, which backfires and vaporizes him instead. He is later reincarnated as a undead and wreaks havoc on the town.

73 Even
* A bard who is always tired and have a cat hanging along. usually she is dragged into the story by Ina in one way or another, but is always drowsy even in the most pumped-up fights.

74 Birg
* Sees himself as Kyns nemesis, and also like him are a very foulmouthed person and will do anything to get better than Kyn at it. Usually though, he misses his chances to show who is boss, like sleeping at meetings and forgetting events and such.

75 And
* A man who loves society. Whenever someone talks about the subject, his shirt flies of to reveal his awesome body who shiney over only the thought of society's winders

The 3 (a trio I created of boredom)

76 The blonde
*The tallest and always keep and eye on the other two. He sees himself as the mature one and tries to keep the other two from problems.

77 The redhead
*The shortest and most tempered of them. He always flies around, talks before thinking and get himself in trouble.

78 The dark
*Even if he looks calm, he likes to hang around whatever the readhead may be doing. He is smoking alot and is probably why he keep such a calm composer even at the weirdest of times.

legend of jewels (a scrapped fantasy story about a journey finding the legendary crystals and using them to get any wish fullfilled)

79 Sern
*A proud warrior from an nobel family. We own the dark crystal which he is unable to use. His family is know for doing horrible things to people, and is wondering if that is really who is truly is.

80 Ulrika
*A mage who is really defenseless. Owns the Light crystal which she is unable to use. Even if she know she is weak she sets on a journey to find the rest of the crystals, and is saved from bandits by Sern. And they decide to journey together.

81 Alf
*An elf who got kicked out of his tribe, the reason him being an halfdark elf. He decided to take the tribes earth crystal which he can use, and journeys to find the rest.

82 Theodore
* An theif who stole the fire crystal, but the crystal was cursen and turned him into a furr.... half-fox. Sicne halfbeast are hated in the world he had troubles because of that and decide to steal the rest of the crystals. He tries to steal from Ulrika and after a series of events, he joins them (secretly planning to betray them)

83 Vera
* An evil sorceress who hold a power crystal, she used her power to try and defeat an famous old wizard and steal all his magic secrets to take over the world, but the wizard outsmarted her and turned her into a little weak girl. Furious she find the only was to turn back is to find the crystals, and when she find Ulrika and Sern she immediately join them, planning to kill them all and take the crystals once they found them all...

Uncategorized characters

84 Karpanen
* A legendary sorceress who legend says to created everything magical and wonderful. This is actually a joke character, based on the most common and weirdest misspelling of one of my last names. It's keeps occurring at random place with my name on and I think they simply must have mistook me for this awesome mystical god-thing.

85 Jack (currently named after a youtube comment)
* A theif who loves being evil, which is also while the get laughed at for his very... nonthreatening hairdo. But he won't give up for anything.

86 Carola
* Teamed up with Jack, she is smug and deceiving, and unlike the aggressive Jack, she can fool anyone that she is their friend and proceed to steal all they have.

87 Fenali
* A nun who is completely colorblind and can only see the colors of the worlds though those ridiculous magical red glasses.

Ace attorney fan characters (I just had to add them, just to showcase their stupid names)

88 Wanabe Law
* A attorney who like to think himself as "hero and savior of those unable to defend themselves". Has a huge ego and refuses to lose no matter what (though one time was close when he was really hungry and the Prosecutor bribed him with a hot dog)

89 Emfiryn Malaizer Sodavop
*A information researcher expert and helps Law when he needs it. Her earrings are actually working mini-computers who uses voice-commands. But Law have to keep and eye on her since she have an habit of breaking the law and hacking into the prosecutors computers.

90 Barell Rooll
* A Prosecutor who it isn't going so well for, his goal is to beat Law and get his respect back as the one who broke his record.

91 Ricky Rooll
* Barell Roolls brother and detective. He hates getting out of clues and are know to collect a lot of crap into the station to investigate. He refuses to assist Law in any way to help his poor brother out.

92 Imonai Rooll
* Brother of Ricky and Barrel Rooll. He is a famous star and is very lucky with everything he does. His brothers of course hates him because for his success on doing pretty nothing in their eyes.

Addition to the magic school

93 Globe
* A summon who looks like a ... living globe. He is made entirely of steel and can roll in incredibly speeds. But make him mad and he jumps on your toes. Ouch.

94 Femell
* A summon who doesn't really seem to have any kind of power, he just hanging around, chilling usually. He is somewhat of a mascot and a favorite at the school, specially with the girls...wait, what?

Mary Sues (this is a collection of before and early teenage selfinsert characters, and you know how they usually are...)

95 Fluffy
Okay, not really a mary sue, more of a race I created as a kid... extremely similar to care bears...

96 Sailor Moon
OMGEEE I'm like you lost long sister aaaaaaaw, can I lolz, be with you too, I look pwetty and everything! *shutters*

97 Digimon
Squeeeeeeeee! I'm lost here too, and look, I got a crest of trust! I have to go with you now! WIEEEEEEEEE DIGIVOLVESHINYPRETTYOVERLOAD!!! YOU ALL LOVE ME NOEW!!!! *...shutters even more*

98 Pokemon
LOOK YOU, I gat all the pokemanz and you suck! I already beat everah single soul and everyone lovahs me, YAAAAAAAAMWAHAHAHA!!!! EVIL EVIL EVIL TEAM ROCKET LOVE! And even if I done horrible tings to you YOU STILL LIKE EM!!! BAAAAAW*...okay, I developed little evil here, but still... *shutters**

99 Harry Potter, who should not be named.
I just... I just cry every time I think of this one. An emo little shit who get pitied by everyone who have hair parts and eyes that shifts color and of course she is the key to saving the magical world from a disaster with sparkely dragons. And there was a love story to DON'T REMIND ME!!!
I blame my young teenage isolated years. If I ever shoot myself in the head it will be to get this character out of it.

And finally... 100 MR E!!!! In a Sailor Suit! Oh, because it's fine when he wears it XD

Oh god... writing this took hours... I'm going to die now. *falls on keyboard*
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