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It took me almost four days to finish this sheet! I didn't like how Mayu came out, but I loved how Meguri turned out even if I thought of her design to the last minute. My friend said that if Megumi is going to be with the lancers, she should change her outfit. So I did! Her latest outfit is more practical than lolita clothes. I'm going to explain Megumi's counterparts biographies. Their story might change according to the story flow of arc-v.


Name: Miyu (Beautiful superiority) Kukihane (Air feathers)
Deck: Gusto

Miyu's family came from the commons until Kayo (her stepmother) got a high paying job. Kayo disliked Miyu and his younger brother Maki because they are not her children. Kayo left them to the commons as her family started to live in the tops. Osamu (their father) can't do anything. He was forced to leave them to the commons, but he secretly sends money and food to Miyu and Maki. Miyu was exposed to the reality of life at an early age. She secretly holds a deep grudge to Kayo and his father. She learned to steal from the city for survival. When Miyu was dueling a gang, a man called Gallager noticed her dueling skills. He promised Miyu that she and her brother won't be hungry anymore if she accepted his offer. She dueled in the underground arena. Miyu was defeated by Shun.


Miyu has a fiery personality. She is stubborn, rude and self centered. Though she shows a different personality to her brother,Maki. The reason she acts like this in front of people is she doesn't want to be seen as weak. She wants to be strong enough to protect her brother from the cruelty of their world.

When you get to know her, she's a caring and sympatethic person. She wanted to duel again to make her brother and everyone smile, but she thinks it won't happen anymore.

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