MCA Application: Syir Lyiandai Picture

Name: Syir Lyiandai

Age: Appears to be 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'2

Weight: 100 lbs

Personality: Syir is quite the loner and tends to be rather dull unless he is spoken to or is playing a prank on some person. He can be rather sly and playful at times but he knows how to keep serious for school. He is kind at times but tends to tell others to back off from him if he's in a bad mood. However, due to some events that happened at the school, he locked most of his emotions away for a long time. His playful manners seemed to vanish. Syir also grew violent due to those events. If he felt threatened or spooked, he’d do anything to get the person who was responsible. It usually resulted in his tail spades stabbing into the enemy. Over time though, he has grown to trust other students and even started to smile once again.

History: Syir was born into an average family for the most part. His mother was a Monochromatic and his father was a Chromatic. However, due to his Mother having a strange condition, it caused him to be rather short and rather light {Weight wise} than everyone he knew. Though, it didn't affect his health or anything. It just made him look younger than he should have. Growing up, the little demon was very close to his Grandfather for they both shared the power of being empaths. Sadly when Syir was just six years old, his grandfather passed on. In his will, the old man had left Syir his soul, so his father constructed a soul pendant for him to wear. A final way to remember the relative who loved him most. As he grew older, Syir began to drift away from his father’s wishes, which only caused drama in the once happy household. At age 11, Syir stated he wanted to become a soldier for the MC army, not an alchemist. Such words enraged his proud father! No child of his would serve under that awful Dictator; he would spout out in anger. But soon, yelling became beating. That was when he knew he had to get away. One day his mother, Rosalyne, got a letter of acceptance to the Monochromatic Academy for her dear son. Although she didn’t want her precious child away to attend school, she knew it was what Syir wished for. She had no right to hold him back. And so, Syir left for the school at age 16.

During his first year of school, he enjoyed it very much. He trained in his classes and even made a girlfriend. However… soon everyone he knew and cared about left the school. He was left alone. As new students joined, he felt as if they weren’t here to train. Just to goof off. Back then, Syir always seemed to get caught up in Headmaster’s experiments as well as the other lucky few. It scarred him for life. Almost losing his leg in one of the battles, he locked himself in his dorm for a whole year. When he heard rumors of the classes finally ending, he decided to reveal himself once more. Even with that life scarring event with the tar monsters, it helped toughen him up. He wasn’t afraid anymore. Meeting up with the new students, the demon finally began to open up his shell. All he wanted now was to continue school in a normal fashion. To return to his old self once more and make new friends. Thankfully, it seemed to work. Syir gained a good amount of friends. He smiles more now and still struggles with his emotional outbursts but over time, he knew he’d get better. Sadly, he still gets bitter when people mention a certain someone’s name.

Dorm: Onyx

Classes: Magic Combat, Art, Astrology/Mythology, and History

Skill: Syir has the power of empathy. He can sense people’s true desires as well as emotions. While being around people, he will often take in their negative emotions. The emotions stay trapped in his mind, building greater until he finally snaps from the depression. The power can be so strong on his consciousness that it could very possibly kill him one day if he isn’t careful, as it did to many other great empaths he used to read about.

Syir is also learning how to manipulate souls into animated images. It’s a fairly new skill he learned so he isn’t very good at it yet and it takes a lot of his energy. He’ll use it as a distraction during fights or for a way to bring back a memory. Keeping an image animated for three minutes can be enough to cause him to almost pass out in exhaustion.

Bitter souls
Being alone

Jerks who shun him off
Jesan’s biting habits
Being caught up in people’s games
His Father
Spicy food
Being called cute
Talking about his past
Tripping over his tails


Well, here is Syir's new app for the revamp! It's hard to believe I've been in the group with Syir since the beginning. He's changed so much since then and I like him this way a lot better!

His new outfit was something random I threw together but I thought the addition of the 'Averus swirls', as I call them, made it stand out a little more.

Hope you enjoy!

Syir belongs to me:
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